1971 Ford Pinto

Started on Sept. 7 by Pushrod

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Picked up in 2010. California base model, (mostly) original paint, 1600 Kent motor w/4-speed, black interior, 82k miles & only a couple small rust spots. Mods so far are a Kawasaki fuel pump & 36mm bike carbs from a ZX600, custom aluminum intake manifold, ITG air filter, Taylor ignition wires, Pertronix coil & distributor, Piper/105 Speed stainless header & custom 2" stainless system. Shortened & revalved Koni front shocks, Eaton front springs, Koni rear shocks, 13x7 & 13x9 wide steel wheels w/ Yokohama A539s, 1" lowering blocks & de-arched rear springs. Corbeau buckets w/Simpson harnesses & period Wink mirror, Hella H4 headlamps, UP front spoiler...

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Nov. 23

Summertime Pic....

Now that winter has truly set in, here's a summer pic taken in Canby, OR a few years ago to keep up my motivation!

Oct. 23


One of the high points of this past summer was getting the front spoiler into paint. I could've used an automotive paint $ystem, but this car has been a pretty much a poverty build so far, so I went another ...

Oct. 18

Fire In The Hole

Finally got things rolling this summer with the header install. Originally configured for a British Ford Escort Mk II, there were bound to be fit issues... The toughest of which was an argument with the steering shaft. Overcoming this via ...

Jan. 12

Stainless Exhaust Header

The fact that the Ford Kent Engine is about as humble as it gets is also what makes it an attractive engine. It's tough, reliable, and hard to hurt. On one hand, its currently used in generators, floor cleaning machines, ...

Jan. 01

Back At It

It's been awhile w/out an update, and Christmas actually came a bit early this year. Sometimes it seems like all I do is wait for parts - this time, patience really paid off. First up was a Prodbodies fiberglass hood, ...

Nov. 16

Roller Bearing Upgrade

Started gathering the parts for some rear suspension mods this winter. First up is replacing the front eye bushings in the leaf springs...the stock Ford setup uses huge rubber bushings, which is great for NVH, but leaves a bit to ...

Nov. 11

More Road Hugging Weight....

...was one of Ford's more memorable ad slogans from the '70's. In the case of the Pinto, though, it was all too true. During its production span, ('71-'80), it unfortunately gained over 800 lbs (!), making the comparably svelte early ...

Oct. 14

LSD Prep

Had some free time today, so I rehabbed the D4ZZ Ford Equalock Diff that I've had on my shelf since I bought the Pinto. It's Ford's OEM LSD for the 6 3/4" rear axle & I was lucky enough back ...

Oct. 09

Rad Stuff

Split a top radiator hose right at the start of summer. Not good for driving, so I replaced both hoses with new Gates items, and also found some elegant Oetiker stainless clamps to top it off. I also took the ...

Sept. 23

The Search For Supple

Mark Donohue's iconic book, The Unfair Advantage, mentions the breakthrough softer springs gave him in developing the TransAm Camaros. I really wanted to try that approach for myself with the Pinto. It was apparent that cut down OEM coils were ...

Sept. 16

Custom Konis

After chopping the coils and getting the front to sit properly (more or less), it was obvious the stock length front shocks were pretty well bottomed out. As they were ancient Sears Roadhandlers, they were going to need replacing/upgrading anyway. ...

Sept. 14

Pintos are a bit oversprung.

When Ford rolled it off the assembly line, it's load capacity had to accommodate four passengers & luggage, A/C, different engine & transmission weights, etc., etc. etc. The excessive spring rate gave a numb feel to the steering. Worse, the ...

Sept. 12

Hangin' A Wink....

More of a backdate than an update. As this is a '70's ride, I thought a 5-panel Wink mirror would be a nice period-correct interior mod. Old & new Winks come with a selection of brackets & hardware, but I ...

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Sep 18, 2013 6:44 p.m.
Helping Roland with this project was a gas! He is the brains behind the vision and I helped facilitate with the workspace, tools, and tech assistance. Bike carbs?!:-) Who'd a thought it but they will amaze and delight. The suspension work is all but done and the shock/spring rate research done by Roland is paying off with a great ride and road feel. More to come when we do the rear springs and shocks there. Stay tuned! jimmy da K
Sep 20, 2013 6:58 p.m.
Seems that my first comment didn't make it on but this Pinto has been fun to work on and a learning experience in bike carbs. Looking forward to more suspension mods and credit to Roland444 for doing the research and having a dream I could help make a reality. Mustang 24valve in the future? In a car with half the weight!
Oct 25, 2013 8:11 a.m.
a starsky & hutch stripe would set it off. ask me how i know.
Nov 20, 2013 7:49 p.m.
dude i love this EPIC~

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