Apr 17, 2009 update on YaNi's 1987 Mazda RX-7 GXL

Suspension work

Had the day off work and only 1 evening class so I tore into the front suspension. The subframe is out and everything is disassembled; the front control arm bushings were also removed. The front bushings took under a minute each to remove; the rear bushings are a PITA. There is a metal sleeve encased in the rubber bushing and I can’t get a puller on it, so they will need to be burned off.

I bought a vibratory tumbler from HF and 5lbs of media and tried it on some bolts and misc brackets. I threw in some Eastwood Metal Wash and some water into the mix and let it run for 12 hours overnight. Click on the link for pics; the parts turned out darn good. I need to find somewhere to get them replated now.

The front wheel wells were degreased and cleaned. They just need to be scuffed and are ready for paint


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