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Sep 24, 2012
1971 Fiat 850 Sport Coupe

71 Fiat 850 Series-II Sport Coupe Everyone tells me that they used to have one of these, This was in fact my first car, I’m just stubborn enough no to have sold it. Restoring my Fiona has always been a …

Sep 23, 2012
1985 Mazda RX-7

SBF / Built AOD

Sep 22, 2012
2007 Porsche Cayman

2.7L 5 speed, Accusump, Motorsport AOS, 3rd radiator, RSS LCAs, 996 oil cooler, Tarret toe & sway bar links, TPC sway bars, Softronics flash & plenum, Fabspeed maxflo exhaust

Sep 22, 2012
2007 Nissan 350Z Grand Touring

It is a 350Z that is all i need to say

Sep 22, 2012
2012 Ford 2012 F-150 FX4 4x4

As of 9/21/2012 the worlds most powerful EcoBoost F-150. 374hp/506tq…….at the tires!

Sep 22, 2012
2012 Ford 2012 Mustang GT Vert Brembo

Loaded up daily driver with mufflers.

Sep 21, 2012
1987 Dodge shelby-csx

Been sitting for a few years. Its in fair condition considering. Hopefully start complete overhaul in the next few weeks.

Sep 21, 2012
2000 Toyota Camry

5 spd manual just like the project car. Original owner 134K miles

Sep 21, 2012
1998 Toyota Camry

CE, V6, 5spd Recently wrecked and totalled out, great car with pretty good gas mileage and lots of fun with a manual trans. Can’t wait to see the new GRM project as it progresses.

Sep 21, 2012
2005 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE


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