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Sep 24, 2012
1989 Hot Rod & Custom AMAC SR

Runs in DSR.

Aug 17, 2021
2009 Hot Rod & Custom Lotus Super 7

Will be finished with this build one of these days….

Aug 17, 2021
2008 Hot Rod & Custom Corv-Am

V-8 sports racer based on a C-5/C-6 Corvette doner car. Utilizes 6 speed automatic with steering wheel shift controls. LS2 crate engine soon to be upgraded. Wilwood brakes, AFCO shocks and springs, Forgeline wheels, Mavel steering, ATL fuel cell,

Aug 17, 2021
2009 Hot Rod & Custom lotus & BEC

Aug 17, 2021
2009 Hot Rod & Custom La Bala #003

Built from plans found at by Capt Jim. Car is powered by a 2005 2.0L Saturn Ion Redline supercharged engine with a few mods. 240 WHP with a wet weight of 1800lbs. I built the car to compete in …

Aug 17, 2021
1947 Hot Rod & Custom International KB-1

283 Chevy w/ auto & Nova rear end; otherwise pretty stock so do not pull out in front of me when I have a load in it… General work truck that doesn’t depreciate

Aug 17, 2021
Hot Rod & Custom 44 Dwarf

Home built Dwarf car

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