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May 08, 2016
1974 Jensen-Healey MK II

For Sale

Jan 17, 2015
1974 Jensen-Healey Mark II

Meet my street car’s stablemate! This is a 1974 Jensen Healey Mk II, it’s a pre 5 speed car. I got this as a free rolling chassis with the cage already installed, that cage was pro built by a shop …

Nov 28, 2013
1974 Jensen-Healey Convertible

Lotus 907 with Dellorto Carbs

Nov 22, 2013
1973 Jensen-Healey JH5

Just starting complete restoration..

Feb 03, 2012
1974 Jensen-Healey JH5

Pulled from a junk yard and raised from the dead

Nov 09, 2012
1973 Jensen-Healey MK1

Race car in progress

Sep 01, 2009
1974 Jensen-Healey Series 2

After 35 years I know (and have replaced) most every nut and bolt. A totally under-appreciated car with absolutely no rust protection but a 4 valve all aluminum DOHC Lotus capable of modern hp.

Sep 09, 2010
Jensen-Healey JH5

1974 Jensen Healey JH5, stock 907 Lotus engine with twin 45mm Dellortos, stock J-H headers, Bassani exhaust, Toyota Supra 5 speed transmission, Delta Motorsports springs and anti roll bars, KYB gas shocks, urethane suspension bushings, braided stainless brake lines, TR6 …

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