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Jan 11, 2015
1924 Vintage Race Cars chevrolet speedster

I had so many parts left over from building my 1934 vintage race car that I decided to use the parts to build another car and perhaps my wife would not notice that I’d bought too much. what I had …

Dec 03, 2009
2001 Toyota echo with a load of 12" steel

45 mpg is enough by itself . It is a great little car that we use a lot. I even put a hitch on it to pull a light trailer with motorcycles….or a load of channel iron as in the …

Aug 01, 2009
1971 Ford F250 pickup

9 mpg says it all. Otherwise a nice truck. They all look the same so who cares about a picture.

Sep 06, 2010
1954 GMC 6400 truck

I used to win cherry truck races with this one. It has a new 292 motor, which helps a lot but it still only goes around 65mph. 4 speed transmission + 3 speed browning + 2 speed rear axle = …

Nov 30, 2010
1941 Honda with buzz bomb

I could not figure out how to delete this accidental entry. So I have loaded the most interesting car photo that I could…good for a laugh at least…and I might say my kind of car.

Dec 11, 2010
1965 Ford mustang

44 years later, I still have it. 289 3 speed and now a 5 speed I drove it solo New York to Seattle in 48 hrs in 1972. It pulled an airplane from Indiana To Oregon in 1999.

Nov 08, 2013
1984 Vintage Race Cars gwynn formula junior

a Datsun 1200 engine & drivetrain. VW front axle a 109 tube space frame in a plastic body both of my design and construction. weight 1050 lbs 4 bar rear suspension (made from tie rods) with panhard rod & home …

Nov 03, 2018
1934 Vintage Race Cars { once it was a post office jeep}

A 1930’s style racer made from a post office jeep. It had to have a 4 cylinder engine older than 1934 to compete[race] with model A based cars so I used an Allis Chalmers engine. I have had several kinds …

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