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Aug 06, 2011
1974 Mercedes-Benz SLC

Not anything like Joe Alexander’s yet. Will be a resto rod with a very teutonic twist; This one donated an aluminum hood to Joe’s car which is where it really belonged! The AMG wheels are courtesy of Joe, it all …

Apr 22, 2011
1970 Mercedes-Benz 250

The Joe Alexander / Mark Dawley ProRally car from 1978-1981. Died a natural (for rally cars - rolled) death in 1981. We even won some money once at 100 Acre Wood. Mostly we had a lot of fun even competing …

Jul 25, 2011
1960 MG A

Owned since ‘75; driven college years then dissasembled - will get back to it someday….

Jan 24, 2010
1966 MG BGT

Metal dash good running Arizona car complete with non-sync 1st (and pretty much 2nd) gear. Interior turned to dust by the Sun but no rust other than some surface stuff. Probably going to drive it as is for a while. …

Mar 21, 2011
1957 Berkeley SE 328 project

Another project just hanging around the shop……I think I will upgrade the power from a 13” diagonal to a 27” diagonal. Originally bought it as spare parts for Bizzerkeley, but would rather see it be put back on the road; …

Jan 24, 2011
1993 Jeep YJ

4 cylinder, 5-speed About the only thing that handles / rides worse is an older Jeep; but it is incredible in the boonies! Highway travel is akin to driving a pup tent through a hurricane…..

Feb 17, 2011
1989 Mercedes-Benz 300TE

By specification it’s faster than most of our sports cars. AND sometimes it rains. Now with 250K miles; barely broken in……

Sep 27, 2018
1998 Mercedes-Benz SLK

Wife’s ride and long distance traveller. NOTE: only the Germans have the ability to make a car leak oil from the roof, thus assuming the leak throne from the now (nearly) defunct English car industry!

Aug 06, 2011
1947 Hot Rod & Custom International KB-1

283 Chevy w/ auto & Nova rear end; otherwise pretty stock so do not pull out in front of me when I have a load in it… General work truck that doesn’t depreciate

Feb 16, 2011
1971 Cadillac Eldo Cabrio

No racing history yet. 8.2 Litre, 365 HP (so what?) but 535 ft/lbs of torque. Chevy Suburban substitute at our house.

Dec 23, 2010
1968 MG B

Franken B. ‘68 shell, ‘65 engine, ‘78 OD tranny, ‘70 rear bumpers, ‘72 dash and so on. Not a straight panel anywhere. Paid $125.00 for it in 1978 (blown engine); driven regularly ever since. Most Fun Car ever.

Aug 11, 2011
1967 Jaguar XKE Coupe

Triple carb / toggle switch but no glass covered headlights….but I’m not complaining! Bosch alternator, Pertronix spark, transistor fuel pump, Benz cooling fan etc. - just a driver. Wonder if I can put a trailer hitch on it; the Eldorado …

Mar 29, 2011
1958 Berkeley SE328

Original except for the tube safety / chassis reinforcement and a 1000cc Turbo-charged, fuel injected Kawasaki bike engine. Went for another 50 mile outing with the local Brit car club; as usual, no problems. Back to beer runs for a …

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