Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson

I’m the advertising coordinator here at GRM, which means I make sure advertisers send in new ad creative and it gets placed in the magazine and online. I’m also one of the people who answers the phone if you call the office, and sometimes you’ll see me at events working the booth or registration.

My maiden name is Suddard, as I’m Tim and Margie’s daughter. Since it’s a family business, I got roped in back in high school. What started as a summer job moved to an internship and eventually ended up as a full-time position when I moved back to Florida in 2018.

Since then, I got married in 2022 to Miles Wilson, a former GRM staffer you’ll recognize if you’re a regular at our events. Changing my name means people no longer ask if I’m “The wife? The daughter? The sister?”, and it had the added bonus of making it look like the company is no longer 40% Suddards.

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