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$2000 Challenge News

What Would You Build With $2015?

We're looking forward to next year's Challenge and we already have some news and updates.

Win a Welder at the $2015 Challenge

Miller Electric will be giving away a welder at this year's Challenge. Join us in Gainesville, Florida for your chance to win.

Register for the $2015 Challenge Online

We now have easy online registration open for the Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge.

We Challenge You to a Rematch

We're issuing an open invitation for all past $2000 Challenge cars to return for the 15-year $2015 Challenge anniversary.

$2015 Challenge: 1-Month Warning

The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge is one month away. There's still time to sign up.

The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge Is this Weekend

We have a nice large field lined up for this year's low-buck challenge.

Book Giveaway at the $2015 Challenge

We have a lot of duplicate automotive books. Pick a couple up for free this weekend at the $2015 Challenge.

$2015 Challenge: Celebrating the Country’s Top Low-Buck Builders

The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge brought some major budget masters to Gainesville, Florida.

Register for Our $2016 Challenge

Registration is now open.

Interesting Entries for the $2016 Challenge

We have 23 entries so far. Come see what they're bringing.

$2016 Challenge Early Registration Discount Ending Soon

Have you registered for our $2016 Challenge yet?

$2016 Challenge Entry List Released

From minivans to Miatas—and a "Ghettocet"—this challenge will have it all.

Reader's Ride of the Week: Not Your Grandma's Studebaker

This might be the fastest Studebaker Lark you've ever seen.

Reader's Ride of the Week: Challenging 2002

Rust? That's just nature's Loctite.

Sit Back and Enjoy Our $2016 Challenge Online

We'll be streaming the fun online.

$2016 Challenge: Celebrating the Country’s Top Low-Buck Builders

The Grassroots Motorsports $2016 Challenge brought some major budget masters to Gainesville, Florida.

$2017 Challenge Registration Is Open!

Save your spot for the $2017 Challenge today.

Smith College Gearing Up for the Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge

Smith College enters the Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge.

Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge Plans On Track Despite Hurricane Irma

After a wild ride during hurricane Irma, we have things mostly cleaned up and are back to business as usual.

Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge Entry List Released

The field includes a little bit of everything.

Follow The $2017 Challenge Live Next Weekend

Even if you can't make it to Gainesville, Florida, you can be part of the event.

This Weekend: The Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge

Tune in for live coverage this Friday and Saturday.

$2017 Challenge: Celebrating the Country’s Top Low-Buck Builders

The Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge brought some major budget masters to Gainesville, Florida.

Your Projects: A Shelby Dodge Rampage

This ute gets the turbo treatment.

Grassroots Motorsports LIVE! on Wednesday November 15: $2017 Challenge Recap With Jason Cammisa

He was the concours judge at the Grassroots Motorsports $2017 Challenge wearing the name tag "Media Darling."

Gainesville Raceway Schedules Track Repaving in Preparation for $2019 Challenge

One of the most famous drag strips on the planet is repaving just for us.

Time to Register: $2018 Challenge Early-Bird Pricing Ends Friday

You've only got a few days left before registration gets more expensive.

Reminder: We're Giving Away a $2000 Miller Welder

The winner of the $2018 Challenge will receive a Miller Multimatic® 215 Multiprocess Welder with TIG kit.

Live Coverage: $2018 Challenge

We'll be broadcasting for the duration of the event.

Valve Cover Racing at the $2018 Challenge

We're bringing Valve Cover Racing to the $2018 Challenge this year.

Photo Gallery: Circuit Motorsports Wins $2018 Challenge

One Mustang, one Subaru Justy, and an impressive victory.

Tonight on Grassroots Motorsports LIVE!: SCCA Runoffs Preview

This week we'll get a sneak preview of the 2018 SCCA Runoffs with Heyward Wagner from Huffaker Racing's garages.

Win a Miller Welder: $2000 Challenge Registration Open!

Register your creation made for the $2000 Challenge today!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Us A Match! GRM Launches Forum for Pairing People With Cars and Cars With People

It's like Farmers Only, but with brake dust. Maybe the occasional farmer.

Check Out Our New Small GRM Sticker!

It's too legit to quit.

$2000 Challenge Improvements Announced

The $2000 Challenge will be even better this year!

$2000 Challenge Field Swells to Nearly 70 Entrants

This year is looking to be much bigger than last year!

Don Garlits to Race at $2000 Challenge

A-Games will be required.

Sneak Peek: $2000 Challenge Trophies!

Made with love by forum-member Stampie.

$2000 Challenge Prizes Arriving!

You're going to love them.

Who Has the Best Community? We Do!

Good deeds by good people.

From the $2000 Challenge: The Motorized Sofa

It really ties the room together.

In GRM’s PRI Show Booth: Ed Malle’s 11-Second $2000 Challenge Mustang

Come visit us at PRI, and check out Ed Malle's LS-powered, turbocharged 1995 Ford Mustang.

$2000 Challenge Registration Open for 2020, and We Have Our First Entrant

Registration just opened for next fall’s $2000 Challenge, and we already have our first entrant.

GRM: Open for Business at the PRI Show

Team GRM is on the ground at the PRI Show, the biggest thing going on in Indianapolis this week. We're in Booth 3133 in the Yellow Hall.

Remembering Kirk F. White, Motorsports Icon and $2000 Challenge Judge

Kirk F. White, motorsports icon, shall remain part of GRM lore.

The Nelson Family Enters $2000 Challenge With 650-Horsepower Eagle Talon

The Nelson family has just officially entered the $2000 Challenge with their turbocharged, LS-powered, front-wheel-drive Eagle Talon.

25 Brave Souls Have Entered the $2000 Challenge Presented by CRC Industries and eBay Motors. Will You Be Number 26?

October 23-24 marks the 2020 running of our Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge presented by CRC Industries and eBay Motors—and there's still time to enter.

Your Projects: This Lexus LS400 Is What You Get When You Ignore the Red Flags

What do you get when you ignore that gut feeling that tells you something is off with that car you are about to buy? Apparently, this Lexus LS400.

The BMW 528i $2000 Challenge Car of Onofrio Pollock Racing Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Look at that, the $2000 Challenge was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.

The 2020 $2000 Challenge Recap | Coming Soon To an Issue Near You

Miss out on the 2020 $2000 Challenge? We have a full recap for you in the upcoming April 2021 issue of Grassroots Motorsports.

This Just May Be the First-Ever Model of A $2000 Challenge Car

Something we never thought we'd get to check off our wishlist: a faithful, small-scale replica of a $2000 Challenge car.

Reservations for the $2000 Challenge Host Hotel Are Now Open

Looking for a place to stay during the $2000 Challenge? Reservations are now open our the host hotel.

Where Penny-Pinching and Extreme Speed Meet: Join Us This Fall at the $2000 Challenge

The 2021 running of the $2000 Challenge presented by CRC Industries and eBay Motors is closing in faster than an LS-swapped BMW 528e. What are your plans to participate?

Registration for This Year’s $2000 Challenge Now Open

Now open: registration for the 2021 running of the $2000 Challenge.

An LS-Powered, Front-Wheel-Drive Eagle Talon | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Ever seen a V8-powered, front-wheel-drive Eagle Talon run a nine-second quarter-mile?

The V8-Powered Morris Minor Lives On | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

The V8-powered Morris Minor from the 2013 edition of the $2000 Challenge is coming back for 2021.

LMP360: How To Turn a Subaru 360 Into a Le Mans Prototype | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

What does nocones plan to enter in this year's $2000? How about a Subaru 360 turned into an Le Mans Prototype?

A Miata Named Olaf | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Half the challenge with this Miata was just getting it during a pandemic.

This $450 Honda CRX Is Gearing Up For Battle Once More | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

This CRX is no stranger to the $2000 Challenge, and its getting ready to duke it out once more.

An LS-Powered, Corolla-Bodied, Tube-Frame Racer | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

It might look like a Corolla, but that body hides an LS-powered tube-frame racer.

How to Build a Carbon Fiber Wing | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Forum user Robbie's Datsun Roadster will return for 2021, but this time with a new, custom-built carbon-fiber wing.

This turbo V8-powered, $500 BMW is coming back for more | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Forum user crusiermatt has plenty of upgrades planned for his BMW to be even more competitive at the 2021 Challenge.

A turbo Ford Ranger with a personal connection | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Sometimes projects can serve as a connection with a person or place.

How to fit a Nissan VQ engine into a Dodge Neon | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Forum member Run_Away has proved that a VQ engine can fit in a Sentra, but what about a Dodge Neon?

$2000 Challenge articles

Drivetrain: From the Vault: The Top 10 Basic Driving Mistakes (And How To Correct Them)

From The Vault at the Home Office in Holly Hill, Florida, It's The Top 10 Basic Driving Mistakes (And How To Correct Them)

Features: Civic to Subaru

How to transform a Honda sedan into an all-wheel-drive Subaru Impreza homage in 555 easy steps.

News and Notes: Sights from the $2016 Challenge

Oh the things you see at our $2000 Challenge.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Goes Like Wood

$2001 Challengers recount their struggle to produce a fast, faux-finished Omni.

Features: Millennial Falcon: Meet Calvin Nelson and His Studebaker Racer

The second generation of GRM $2000 Challengers arrives to win.

Suspension & Handling: Suspension Mythbusting: Solid Axle vs. IRS

We often see solid-axle cars keeping up with or even outrunning their IRS-equipped competitors.

Features: Unholy Trinity: A Wartburg Tries to Complete Three Grueling Events

"Driving this Wartburg is like being waterboarded."

Features: The Tale of Two Killer $2000 BMWs

Two ’80s BMW icons rock the GRM Challenge with very different approaches

Features: Rise of the Sunbird: An Unexpected Drag Racing Champion

A Forsaken Pontiac Autocrosser Is Reborn With V8 Power for Our $2014 Challenge.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: Endurance Racer Sentra

This GRM $2000 competitor has Playboy Endurance Cup heritage.

News and Notes: Great Moments In $2000 Challenge History: Fiberglass MR2

This budget MR2 added some unique lightness and color to the $2003 Challenge

News and Notes: Great Moments in Challenge History: Pontiac Firefly Turbo

How do you make a turbo car faster? Yep, more boost.

Features: Two Grand to Tango: The $2000 Challenge

Twice the Turns Flavor the Fun at the $2000 Challenge

Features: Racing Spirit: Turning an AMC Spirit into a $2000 Challenge Car

This $2017 Challenge AMC is the result of some much-needed garage therapy.

Features: Great Moments In $2000 Challenge History: `87 Chevy Cavalier Z24

With Registration For Our $2000 Challenge Now Open, We Think It's A Great Time To Highlight Some Previous Entrants.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: `90 Audi 90

With Registration For Our $2000 Challenge Now Open, We Think It's A Great Time To Highlight Some Previous Entrants.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: `72 Datsun 240Z

With Registration For Our $2000 Challenge Now Open, We Think It's A Great Time To Highlight Some Previous Entrants.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: `66 Corvair V8

With Registration For Our $2000 Challenge Now Open, We Think It's A Great Time To Highlight Some Previous Entrants.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: `79 Mazda RX-7

With Registration For Our $2000 Challenge Now Open, We Think It's A Great Time To Highlight Some Previous Entrants.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: '73 AMC AMX

With Registration For Our $2000 Challenge Now Open, We Think It's A Great Time To Highlight Some Previous Entrants.

Columns: The $2000 Challenge: 20 Years Of Wild Budget Builds

Eighteen Challenges, Eighteen Winners.

Features: Great Moments in $2000 Challenge History: The Condor Speed Shop DTM-ish E30 BMW

Back in 2007, Carlos Mendez and James Hageman made their first Challenge appearance with an E30-chassis BMW fed by a Volvo turbocharger.

Shop Work: DIY Project: Turning an Ordinary Couch Into RaceCouch

Some couches can recline. Others sport a built-in refrigerator, cup holders, and a little cubby for the TV remote. Georgia Tech’s Wreck Racing built a couch that can go nearly 20 mph.

$2000 Challenge Forum Topics

Thank you GRM, from an employed Aggie
1995 Camaro Z28 Challenge Project, The White Trash Camaro
The Official Challenge Rules Questions Thread
1992 Civic Hatch- Reborn Challenge Car
$2014 GRM Challenge Parts Swap and Sell?
$2014 Challenge Event Schedule
Let's try this again! Parking lot Challenge build anyone?
Attention $2014 Challengers:
Challenge car safety essentials--IM A NEWB
Cornhole at the $2014 Challenge?
$2014 photos and updates link
Chump/Lemons/Challenge Miata NA - $2014
Live feed from the Challenge
A big "High Five" "Atta Boy" or just "How the Hell did you keep in it?" to the Challenge Drag Racers
Number request for $2015
If you're going to start a new thread about the $2014 or $2015 Challenge...
$2014 Challengers on the road
Thanks for another great event!
Challenge results?
15" Hoosier Drag Slicks and Set of 16" Transam Rims with Used A6 and V710s in Wakefield RI
2014 Challenge Pics
$2015, it's our event, we all need to bring a friend
My (stalled) Project '98 Ford Escort ZX-2 - Dayton, OH -
For Sale:$500 '95 Miata
V8 MGB Drag Run
What Transmission?
possible $2015 '98 Pontiac Bonneville
Photos From the $2014 Challenge
FS: Goodyear Ultra Grip WINTER/SNOW Tires
2000 Toyota Echo & 95 Toyota Tercel
'86 MR2, $1000 manual NMNA
challenge and 3D printers?
What engine would you swap into a 91 MR2 Challenge car?
WTB: 1980s corolla 4 door sedan
Please somebody make this a Challenge car...
Facebook page for Challengers, past, present, future and maybe
2000 New Beetle - 2.0l - 5spd - Bunch of random spares - located in CT
$2015 Challenge Questions from a rookie builder
Thinking of building a challenge car, some questions from the new guy
91 Miata for $2015 Build
$20xx challenge question
Camaro and Miata
$2015 E46 330 Build thread
1997 Nissan 200SX SE-R Raleigh NC
2 1/4" and 2 1/2" Mild Steel Mandrel Bends - Free - Atlanta
$2015 Challenge: Needed Value for Parts
Another Spitfire build
(mine) Audi 90 20V Quattro, challenge potential
WTB used road racing tires "r compound" for 15x7 rims
2001 BMW 330i(E46): Parting out Interiors
2001 BMW 330i(E46): Parting out Interiors
Need Roll Cage Tubing
$2016 Challenge- 86 Ford Thunderbird
1998 Neon ACR Fuel System
10 Years After....Or Part 2
98 Eclipse ATL southside. Friend owned. cel. runs drives. nice interior.
Challenge Car in March 2015 Mustang Driver Magazine
What van? (Band edition)
1991 Pontiac Firefly Project Build for sale (Geo Metro)
HARBOR FREIGHT COUPON For Haul Master 1195lb Capacity 4x8ft Foldable Trailer
Kumho Ecsta V700 185/60R14 NOS - $80 obo
3" Air-to-Air intercooler: $10
FS: Kart Parts/Engines: Kt100 WKA Sr. Pipe with Starter, KPV complete,
FT/FS: 2006 Mazda 5 (5 speed Manual) Get your The Millenium Falcon!
created Vintage racer?
Quick Challenge Question
FREE! - Ford 2.3 Turbo Coupe engine
Anti-sway bar end links
Teach Me Lancia Zagato
Circle Track / Prepared Class Parts
1987 Toyota MR2 MK1
2001 Honda Civic EX 2 Door 5 Speed Manual_OHIO
nitrous fuel supply versus the fuel pressure regulator
Another Challenge Question
1984 Mercury Capri, Much suspension, Little price. Seattle
1998 Dodge Neon ACR - Rochester NH - $1200
My DD is near Challenge money
Porvette (1985 Porsche 944 with Corvette LT1 engine) - $1,000
$1500 Corvette
Learn me Holset Turbonators....
1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula
"Almost" Dune Buggy Frame: What do you see?
1987 Toyota Supra Project w/ Lexus V8/W58 5-speed - Tampa, FL
1999 Saab 9-3 Turbo - Ontario - NMNA - Go head to head with bgkast in specSaab class!!
Potential $2015 challenge car (just add motor)
1969 Datsun 1600 Roadster 2,000 dollar car challenge
returning old challenge car
1st Gen Neon Stuff - Konis, springs, rims...
2000 Focus Sony Edition w/ Zetec powah
Help with Tire choices for my challenge car
Tire recommendations for Challenge
FS: 94 Honda Civic
93 Honda del Sol - Mine
Challenge Content - Hauling parts from York, PA to Gainesville, FL or back
DC Metro to Gainesville Wheel Transport
Another What Car Thread
Craigslist: Nashville/Donelson, TN 87 E30 BMW for $750 NMNA
1986 Toyota MR2 Hardtop 2-Tone Bare Shell (Damaged) - FREE - NYC Area
Good body (bad motor) E28 528e CHEAP!
Last minute challenge car anyone? 2007 Caliber - no title - best offer
Really bad challenge idea: May need assistance.
Classic Saab 900 turbo
Save this for 92 C Package 3/4 BBS Miata $1200 OBO
2012 Victory Kart W/ Briggs and Stratton 206
2004 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor - $1k OBO - Tampa, FL
help with tuning ITBs
1996 Chevy Lumina APV GTP - $2016 Soccer Mom Challenge
Hello I am new and I have a great 2016 chalenge car 1999 Mustang V6 with and IRS
DIY piston coating
Free Fuel Injectors
03 Saab 9-5 $2016 Spousal Commuter Challenge
Challenge Candidate - A pair of Fiero GT's and V-8 Conversion kit CHEAP - NMNA
new members $2016 Challenge build
BMW 325i .... With Ford 5.0 V8 for Conversion
2002 Toyota Echo
Team T-Bone 1995 Camaro Z28 $2015 Challenge Rebuild for $2016
1995 LS400 $2015 Challenge car
Ice is slippery
427 Cobra chassis ERA #254
2015 Challenge 1995 Maxima, VA Beach, $1000
1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z and loads of extras only $1500 (Florida)
Anybody with a trailer want a Florida Keys vacation?
Nissan Frontier V.S. Toyota Tacoma
OH: 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback $1300
Kart Garage clean up
Andy's $2016 build thread and beyond
GRM $2016 Challenge Build - 91 Honda CRX DX
99 NB Miata, Blown head gasket, aftermarket suspension/wheels - NMMA - Tampa, FL
need a little help with megasquirt
should I buy this LSD from japan?
'86 Hyundai Pony 1400 - NMNA
'91 Audi 200, $400, Western NY
FS:4cycle White Chassis,kart stand, extra bodywork
Can we please stop posting Engine and Transmission bell housing drawings?
1980 Ford Fiesta Road Race Car
'95 M-B SL600 V12 Manual, parts car...
Challenged NA Miata - located near Worcester, MA - $1000
$250 Formula 440 in Madison, WI, a bit rough: NMNA
FS: G-Force Pro belts and harnesses... cheap !
Anyone in DFW/Texas want to put together a challenge car?
Challenge tire questions, ideas and opinions
4-cam Ford for challenge
$500 OBO - 4x114.3 wheels with an fc3s chassis attached
CJ-5 Jeep frame, Random CJ-5 parts, Zetec, 4 speed RWD Trans, $500, WI
'94 Miata with '99 Engine in NC
200k mile Miata with turbo and ECU $2500
275/40/17 - Hankook Z214 C71 - Set of 4
Almost Challeged Priced: The $2800 Porsche Boxter
Challenge '94 Miata - No need to click on this thread.
chassis certification
Valve Cover Racing at the $2016 Challenge
Rules on "free" vehicles for the 2016 (2017?) challenge.
Turbo Dodge 600 race it or buy and part out
custom steel fuel tanks and transfer pump
Callenge budget questin...
Porsche 944 - LeMONs cars
1978 Fiat Spider -- Halfmoon, NY
2003 MINI Cooper no drivetrain
1978 Fiat 124 runs and drives, Dallas, Tx
Challenge Rule Changes - 3 year freeze ending?
1st gen maxima with roller cam 5.0l
The challenging journey on the Crown No-so Victorious
Teammate/driver/banquet ticket for the Challenge, where to buy?
Andy's $2017 challenge build
Photos from the $2016 Challenge
1978 Honda Civic CVCC
What Was the Greatest Challenge Build of All Time?
Is it worth holding onto?
Free Nissan 240sx S14 shell
NMNA Free Mail Jeep (Southern MD)
1993 Lexus LS400
Free NA Miata misc. suspension parts/hardware
$600 Turbo Dodge
1975 mercedes 300D W115 in FL
GRM turbo Van?
Headman S-10 V8 Headers
Warm vs cold oil change: is my logic flawed?
Future Challenge Car: 1991 MR2 with Toyota 1MZ V6 (just needs to be installed)
Discount if you take two or more! - NMNA
Stripping grass?
1991 'Players Challenge' Camaro Build
NMNA: 2001 Toyota MR2 needs engine $1000.00 Washington DC
2004 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon - Ithaca NY - $1100
Need help picking a base car for the GRM Challenge
Indy's Answer ---> Challenge (aka Roadkill Style) - NA Content
Cincinnati-ish area GRMers - Interested in the $2017 Challenge?
Unusual Challenge budget question
Challenge ...... just checking in.....
Anyone else having problems with the $2017 Challeng Budget spreadsheet?
1958 Vespa 400
AW11 MR2 with 20v silvertop swap, NMNA $2k asking price
The Challenge Autocross - Unlimited runs for the 1st hour
NMNA - Swift GT
Yesterday THIS showed up
Z31 300zx VG30ET donor or race as is Maxima turbo 3.0 L
94 Civic $400
$2017 Challenge Build: Honda CRX
Post Challenge Life: Bugzilla Rises Again
NMNA: $2017 Truck Class Easy Button
MINE: 1986 Toyota MR-2 Automatic [ : ( ] $600
$867 left to make it a Challenge Car!
Introducing the "Toy-let"
$ GRM Challenge SVO - Team Cobra Kai
$300 240sx FL NMNA
2001 BMW 325i/330i project car - $1500 (Orlando) NMNA
The Challege Needs more q45s! very nice example for $780
Datsun 240 Z suspension cash or trade
1984 Toyota Supra $ 800.oo
$800 99 Miata for sale 162k NMNA
Fly in and Drive? 1999 Audi A4 1.8T modified $1700 NMNA
How to find out how much cars sold for on CoPart?
'89 Volvo 240DL, mine until it's yours
Smith engineers $2017 Challenge
79 Volvo 262C Bertone, $250.00, Owensboro, KY
PACC Racing's new website
S-10 Blazer V8
NMNA- $1800 1992 Corvette - challenge potential?
2001 e46 BMW 325i sedan roller
RX7 FC S4 tail lights
Fess up. Who did this?
1991 Mazda Miata, 99k miles, 5-speed, has some needs but would make a great race car (Ann Arbor, MI)
This thing really needs to be included in the 2017 Challenge
Selling my 2006-2008 Challenge car - Thunderbird Turbocoupe powered Spitfire
!974 Saab Sonnett $1250.00 - NMNA
2000 Miata rolling chassis + extras - $700. Mine, affiliated, all the way live
Hood Pin Question | Skip the hinges?
Cherry Bomb: High School Class
Floral City, Florida - Who can put eyes on a car?
Has anyone ever used PayPal to send a deposit for a car?
Project Hazmat '09 Honda Civic Si
Learn me drag radials (Mickey Thompson ETs)
Suspiciously cheap e46 330i ($500, NMNA, PA)
2002 Jaguar XJR-100 NMNA. Texas
FMV on an L98 Chevy small block?
Oh Deer! It's a Jaaaag. '01 XJR
NA & NB Miata Hard Dog M1 Hardcore Double Diagonal Roll Bar
Jaguar S-type R supercharged - $1800 - Atlanta NMNA
Free Z
1981 Plymouth Champ - Yes that Plymouth Champ - FREE, need gone by this weekend Atlanta area...
Who do we like for aftermarket timing and head gasket kits?
Budget question with parts lot
$2000 Challenge Registration Open
Memorial Day Public Service Announcement
FMV Hondata Flashpro
Rally car candidate wanted!
Challenge Boxster?
Friday Night Drags - Electric Exocet, a Challenge Car, an El Camino, and a Broken Tow Dolly
Have you seen the Holley Clearance page???
Wetsanding and buffing single stage paint
What about this trade?
Ormand beach/ (cough cough) Holly Hill -Hold A Tranny.!
$400 LeMons Alfa Romeo, Austin TX, NMNA
Volvo S60 Parts -- Amherst, MA
Gastropod E36, building a $2000 challenge car, then going wheel to wheel racing with it?
What can you do with EXACTLY one can of spray paint?
Opinions on this tire: Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ A/S
1997 Lexus ES300 Texas ($2000 or trade)
NHRA regulations thread
budget question parts cars
The hunt for a rally car continues...
C4 Lemons
1990 Miata turbo sort of (Wilmington, NC) NMNA $1300
Potential Challenge Candidate in DFW
Lets talk about crankcase oil capacity
Saw Karl, an MR2, some vines (another MR2?), and stood in for a pretty Native American Archer.
92 Mustang LX Foxbody Coupe
So we heard you like small stickers...
Number on Challenge Car ?
Yet another Challenge Gastropod entry...
Spoil Me Rotten for the $2000 Challenge
Budget question - free beater
Budget - Can you sell a 'traded' part
1999 Saab 9-3 "Ute" aka "Texas Edition"
Drag Radials! Nitto NT555R 245/45R17 on 17x8 wheels (5x114.3) - $100 pair
Cheap drag tires for sale
NMNA: $1500 AW11 MR2 Silvertop in Colorado Springs, CO
Judge me hard on this nitrous fuel tap
Which year of the $2000 Challenge was your first hearing/reading of it? First car that stuck out?
I bought my wife a $2000 Challenge car! And she does'nt know yet...
MONZORA redux: ‘65 Corvair + ‘94 Corvette mashup for 2019 Challenge
1994 Mazda Miata, mine
Trouble in Paradise
Parking lot build
WTB Hoosier A7 245/40-17 and 275/35-17 Detroit-ish
Learn me - drag racing technique with nitrous
Too much?
2004 Jaguar XJR - $2000 obo - NMNA
You'll Never Guess Who the Challenger Judge at the $2019 Challenge Will Be
Re-engineer this front suspension challenge!
Fair Market Value ------
Below average 1994 Miata is still for sale!
NMNA: M113 5.4L V8 for $500 (Mercedes ML55 AMG)
$2000 Challenge "Cop Car" 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Build
Learn me convertible top cleaning and maintenance
Overanalyze These Drag Slips
Tube Frame Miata with 5.0 Mustang engine and trans ZAMBONI GRM challenge car
Saab Ute rally conversion
Measurements and opinions on 6MT shifters
NMNA LTD 5.0/5spd $2k
Decal Placement Guide is Up
Need a E36 M3ty hand drawn team logo? Step inside.
Question: best CL free items for sheetmetal harvesting
06 P71 $1800 - all mine
Coming October 7: Price Increase and No More Number Requests
Challenge Smack-Talk Thread
In case you were wondering what a 12-point concours car looks like....
Mercedes 300D
A ZX2 to Learn Me Challenge basics
Announcing the $2000 Challenge Cook-Off
Audi Hydraulic Clutch Slave / Throwout Bearing Question
Important Note: You Must Bring Your Challenge Car Home With You!
Stampie, you need another Challenge car?
Coming October 17: Price Increase and No Food?!
2004 Maxda RX-8 GT manual in Orlando - Mine - $3000, but flexible if you're looking to Gastropod it.
NMNA - 1.6 Turbo Miata (CT)
Anybody recognize this old Challenge VW Rabbit?
Local Pepboys closing. Cheap Oils and such...
Last Minute Challenge Prep Questions/Advice
Challenge Shirt Design
This year’s $2000 Challenge Ford Crown Vic Cop Car is (will be) for sale.
Taurus SHO with NOS - $1250 - NMNA
Help for a first timer
Have you seen the $2000 Challenge updates page?
2019 Valve cover racing
Post your photos and stories from the $2000 Challenge here!
Challenge Troubles?
The Parking Lot builds thread
Ride Share at the Challenge
Let’s Thank the BW Gateway Grand
*clears throat* It's never too early to start preparations for the 2020 Challenge T5, AWD, M/T $850
List of the Pro Drivers?
CHEAP 1990 Mazda Miata - $1100 - Madison, AL - NMNA
Radwood Class $2020 Craigslist Finds
$2000 Challenge Concours Judging Breakdown - 2019 Edition, you asked for it
2020 Build started
Price of Challenge Car seats have gone WAY UP!!!
My 2019 GRM Challenge pics dump
Don't Tell Dusterbd
You-Pull-It - $50 for everything that you can carry 15 feet.
2006-2015 NC MIATA TOCHIGI FUJI SUPER LSD 4.10 W/4.10 Gears
Tough life choices 1G DSM Radwood challenge attempt
NMNA - $600 Jaguar S-Type R - Wisconsin
$5 eBay coupon, what challenge part to buy
NMNA - V8 Manual Swapped Ranger, Toledo $1300
Team Alavanche 2020 challenge build - say it ain’t so
All right, which one of you did this?!?!?
1970 MGB GT - $1500 NMNA
2006 Porsche 944
Ford Festiva powered by a Mid-Engined V6 found in Jamestown, TN
2004 Crown Vic Convertible/ $2000 Challenge Car $1195 on eBay
EP3 Civic Si $1000 Eastern PA
2002-2005 Civic Si and 1994-2001 Integra
NMNA Nice looking Radwood contender 91 626 GT Turbo COS, CO
Tire Trailer Deal
Triumph TR4: 2020 Challenge build!
$810 Challenge Priced C4 Corvette Roller. NMNA. - Katy, TX
Challenge Cop Car ends today on eBay
2005 Challenge winning 1988 Mazda RX7 10th Anniversary V-8 swap
Trashccord- A $2k challenge Radwood BTCC Homage Build.
Proposed 2020 $2000 Challenge Rules
$2000 Challenge Rules Will be Finalized Monday
1995 Probe GT - (NMSA) - FREE! (Massachusetts)
98 Corvette?
85 volvo 240 gl market value
NMNA: 14' jet fuel tank! $600 S. WI
Challenge priced 914 roller. NMNA. Spring, TX
NMSA $1500 Honda Del So Si Rolling chassis with LOTS of good parts on and with the car.
Datsaniti + stock G35 susp + snow tires = rallycross? Check my math
Lightspeed Magenta, MG 1100, 2k Challenge opportunity
1998 Neon rallyx car, 2.4 swap, lsd, parts stash, etc - $1500 in SE MI
2 SVTFs for $2000 or trade
Challenge Priced Lexus LS400. Magnolia, TX - NMNA
1985 toyota celica - chevy 6 cylinder vortec engine plus a new Edelbrock - $1000 (orlando) - NMNA
Could there be three Corvairs at the challenge? NMNA $1600
Megasquirt 1 PCB V3.0
Spray and Pray Z28
NMNA - Boxy, but good.
2000 NB Miata 302 swap project - Mine - Gainesville, FL - $1500
2000 NB Miata 302 swap (unfinished) project car - $2000 (Gainesville) - NMNA
Garage upgrades compressor, welder, lift 2020 edition
Buy my broken car for real cheap! Ford Escort LX-E $300 OBO
Talk me down from my namesake.
GM EV-1 Chassis for Sale on GovDeals in Cincinnati OH
WTB - Water to Air Inner cooler
NMNA 1965 Corvair Convertible near Flint, MI $200, soon headed to scrapper...
MINE: 1994 Mustang Convertible 5.0 $2000 FL
WTB : 15”x 8”, 8.5” or 9” wheels
New Orleans
GRM relay request,
BMW/Volkswagen kit car - $600
Please! Someone make this a Challenge car! NMNA: Pink 1953 Nash Rambler wagon $1000
1963 Fiat 500 D
PACCwards - The 2020 PACC Racing Challenge Car
6.0 LS - Complete Engine Donor - $650 NMNA
Challenge Friendly 2002 Ford Focus Zx3 Hatchback track/Race car
QuasiNoShow and the GEtSideways430
Fuel system technical question above my pay grade.
My god, what have I done?
2003 Jaguar S Type MANUAL - $1995 (St. Pete, FL) - NMNA
Steering rack/strut geometry/bump steer question.
XJR - $750 - SuperCharged Jaaag
Strut modification
XJR - Dallas - $1125
Roll bar help (stop me from being stupid)
Vote on $2000 Challenge Sticker Options
How do “self trades” work, and where to list on budget.
$10 Off Anything on eBay (With a Catch)
RWD Northstars
Learn me ball joint angles and reamers.
I am confusing myself.
Should I? $0 budget Boxster.
1985 Shelby Charger - $500 - New Berlin, MI - NMNA
GRM Challege/ Hotrod starter kit
Traded Parts Shipping Cost
2011 M3 roller w/ carbon roof - $2k Challenge or track car
Making a race seat smaller
Volvo S/V 70 T5 Challenge or DD $1500
How are Sport Maxx RT's as AX tires?
2x Ford Escorts, $2500 - Not the one you're thinking of! NMNA
Entrant history broken down by make and model
Windshield Wipers
Incomplete, Inaccurate list of challenge cars: Part 3
Turbonetics T-14414 turbo?
Have we discussed 345/35R15 Pirelli's?
Big inch + small car
Bent Valve's Cars for Sale
Pre-Order sale for Carbon Corvette wangs.
M44 Engine and Trans
r200 differential interchange pathfinder to car
$2000 Challenge Decal Placement Guide is Live
COVID-19 and the $2000 Challenge
What bushings for cheap DIY engine mounts?
(Mis)Adventures at Harbor Freight (Jackstand Recall)
SMSA: 1979 Datsun 280ZX Lemons Car
1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta - $500 - Jacksonville, FL - NMNA
Vw mk1 race car - $2000 - NMNA
1996 Chevy APV.R - former Challenge "Car"
Porsche 914 abandoned project package
Project D2D, a challenging challenge bound Ford Ranger.
Type 1 vw engine cases and other acvw parts
1986 300zx special - $875 (Ocala, FL) - NMNA
Fiat 500 Abarth, needs turbo and trans, $750!
2020 build, 1995 BMW 325i sedan
1982 VW Rabbit (Mk1//A1) project
Cheap 1990 Miata - Dayton, OH
2007 Mazda Miata motor 2.0 L 85k miles. Comes with A/C,alternator,radiator (Orlando) - NMNA
FMV or Free? New Years Game parts
2003 Ford Focus SVT - $1000 (Port Saint Lucie, FL) - driver's window not working - NMNA
NMNA - 88 5.0 Convertible - $1500 - Omaha
Dune buggy body and vw pan, irs, etc
Driveshaft adaptor Mercedes 190e. Slip yoke to flex joint
1976 Mustang V8 NMNA
Road Trip - York, Pa to Fredonia, NY on Saturday 7/25
Holley Terminator X with Direct Injection control
Must be ugly day on FB Marketplace
Build your own MGB kit - NMNA
Replacing a working part that I broke because I’m a hack
NMNA- 94 Beretta Z26 $1500
93 Subaru Legacy shwagon
1992 Chevrolet S10 ex-challenge vehicle setup for autocross 2.8 V6 5-speed
Trove of Saab 99/early 900 parts
Here’s one for Eastside Tim
I bought a hooptie E28 it going to the challenge.
My First Project - E28
For Sale: 2002 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V, Turbocharged with many extras! $2000 - Greater Boston Area
Nylon Fuel Line Repair ?
No Pro Drivers at the $2000 Challenge?
$100 HEMI - let the minds wonder
eBay 25 year annivesary $25 coupon.
MonZora needs turnbuckle / tie rod with 3/8” heims
Banquet Canceled, $1000 Cash Prize, Refunds, etc. ($2000 Challenge)
Rule Change: Build Books
Who Wants to Make the $2000 Challenge Trophies?
Are You Subscribed to $2000 Challenge Updates?
Need CV interchange info. Where has http://interparts.com/download.htm gone?
Garage clean out! Tpi 350 and 700r4 trans for sale
Parts Car Budgeting Questions
WTB - Z31 300zx Driveshaft for Challenge car
Will There Be a Parking Lot Build This Year?
1998 E36 318i manual for sale.
Win a Holley Terminator X EFI System at the $2000 Challenge
Anybody from Texas....or Oklahoma ........ or Louisiana going to the Challange?
$2000 Challenge Photo Galleries Are Live
Last Day for Mailed $2000 Challenge Decals!
Best inline 4 with rwd potential for under $800
Last Call for $2000 Challenge Hotel Reservations!
IL - $1200 1985 Camaro Z28 rust free roller
2021 Challenge.. Blind "bugeye", Riggamort
19XX Austin Healey Sprite NMNA
Arm restraints window nets and other safety questions for the $2020 Challenge
Last Minute Challenge E28?
Budget Question - Cost of Delivery
"Roll-Ovalon" - $2000 Challenge Toyota Avalon Speedster + Build Party Weekend
Budget questions. Free or FMV?
Racecar color that goes with beige?
ISO/WTB 92-94 Ford ranger alternator bracket
How to Add Crew to Your Registration
Honda Hedder Challenge friendly
ISO: Low-Profile Tire Mounting Locale in/near Gainesville
2020 Challenge Hype Thread
Project Car Fair Market Values
$2000 Challenge Drivers' Meeting Posted
Looks Like I’m Missing the Challenge
Challenge basket package.
$2000 Challenge Slideshow Posted
$300 AMC Gremlin - TX NMNA
FS/T: 2002 Toyota Celica GTS - 6mt 2zz - 135k miles - $2k
1979 Funderbird.
Just a budget question for a challenge build
Challenge price Boxster Near OKC
FMV Fiero ........... again
I just entered my first social media give away/raffle...
Used Hoosier A7s-how to mount?
Caged turbo sonnet - va
So my weekend plans have changed...cuze Covid! LKQ has postponed their 40% off sale!
2021 $2000 Challenge Rules Released
Brake boost/vacuum capacity
A free strut tower bar. Central NC
I almost had you! You never had your car... 2021 Challenge Drag Race trash talk thread.
" I got it one piece at a time"
2021 Year of the Dad Bod Hot Rod
30$ Kirkey Seat near Jacksonville, NMNA
$2000 2009 Civic Si.... trackday gear incl. Hazmat needs a new home and a new motor.
1963 Studebaker Hawk GT NMNA $1400
Wanted: CHEAP na miata front sway bar
NMSA - '77 XJS in NoVA $1200
Head check advice
1984 Jaguar XJ6, running, recent work done, needs tinkering, $1995.00 Moms car.
Almost free Olds 215 V8, Ford 2.3 turbo in NJ
Question on head surfacing for people familiar with machine shop stuff?
Please buy my V8 Morris Minor (must run in the 20xx challenge)
Help walking through clutch plumbing shopping list
When your son asks for a project car and not the latest video game system
THANKS CRC and eBay Motors!!
I got free entry all weekend! That sounded kinda dirty...it's ok, it's junkyard related!
FMV? - 318/904 Combo From Unfinished (10+yr old) Project
Cheap auto union VA
ICYMI: Reservations for Rooms at the Host Hotel Are Now Open
FL- 350Z - Challenge Priced $1500obo - NMNA - Save me from myself
Toyota Echo sporting potential, or not?
Hurricane fund, a V8 Morris Minor redeux
Registration for 2021 Challenge Now Open
GTI $2000 Challenge Car Build Thread
No entry fee at the junkyard and no charge for small parts = Challenge Budget?
Free radiator hose - just pay shipping
Grassroots Trailersports - Open deck edition
$2010 Challenge 1985 Toyota MR2 on BaT, NMNA
NMNA 4 ZR1 Reps in 17X11 for $190 in Fort Wayne
1991 Dodge Stealth Race Car Champcar, Lemons...ect
Build your own LMP360 at home! DIY Paper Car Model
Cheap NA Miata come and get it $2000 to GRMer
2002 Jaguar X-Type Sport 3.0 - manual
My favorite F***book ad
NMNA - MR2 Based Meerkat Project on LocostUSA, $1500
WTB, "Lotus" or other interesting valve cover Kent 1600!
Where to find a cheap 5-point harness?
Emergency Backup Saturn - '02 SC2(K) Challenge Car
my 1988 Mazda MX6- $2000

$2000 Challenge Readers' Rides

Feb 12, 2015 by sumukhavegito2
2001 $2000 Challenge BMW E46 330i

love the smell of burning oil.. :)

Oct 05, 2016 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
1979 $2000 Challenge Fairmonster

Thirty eight years ago the Ford Motor Company released upon the world a revolutionary chassis design that would remain in production until 2005. This amazing chassis was responsible for spawning …

Nov 11, 2016 by chaparral
2003 $2000 Challenge Birel R32/TM K9B

My Challenge-money shifter kart!

Feb 05, 2017 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
2004 $2000 Challenge Mazda RXh8

It's ugly and it's exhaust leaks.

Nov 01, 2018 by cemike2
1999 $2000 Challenge Mazda Miata

Bought this 1999 NB Miata from a towing company right after the $2018 Challenge. It had been in a front end wreck, but the frame was not damaged. Plan is …

Nov 20, 2018 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
1958 $2000 Challenge Panhard Dyna Z

It's old. It's rusty. It's really a 4 door Miata.

Aug 31, 2020 by Daylan C
1989 None Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon

Humphrey the wagon. Formally owned and built by gearheade30. Probably ruined by me.

Jul 06, 2019 by spkorb
1973 None Fiat 850 Spider

$2012.00 for a $2015 Challenge with Cookie Monster seat covers, Googly eyes and a scant amount of rust. Frozen brakes kept me from getting to full speed but... full speed …

Nov 13, 2019 by surfshibby07
1992 None Mustang LX Coupe

2019 Challenge car. 5.0 5 speed car. trickflow top end, nitrous, and baby suspension upgrades.

Apr 04, 2020 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
2003 None GS430

Traded an $800 Tahoe for this. I overpaid.

Jan 30, 2021 by Floating Doc (Forum Supporter)
1963 None Minor

Originally built by GRM forum member Tripp, competed in the 2013 Challenge. Sold to me in Jan ‘21, Challenge use stipulated. The Morris body is on an Chevy S10 xtreme …

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