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’85 Ranger-bodied Ford Taurus police car wins $2000 Challenge

Katie Ortengren and her team Material Girls Racing secured the 1st place overall finish in the 2024 Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge presented by Tire Rack.

Live Thread: 2024 Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge

Follow this thread for live updates from the 2024 Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge presented by Tire Rack.

$2000 Challenge: All cars are welcome at Hagerty Cars & Caffeine

On Sunday during our Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge presented by Tire Rack, Hagerty will be hosting a Hagerty Cars & Caffeine–and you're invited.

$2000 Challenge: Free-to-attend swap meet on Sunday

Looking to score a deal? Don't miss out on our Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge presented by Tire Rack swap meet.

$2000 Challenge: Cars built for more than $2000 are welcome, too

Want to find out if a car built for more than $2000 is really faster than one built for less than $2000? Here's your chance.

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$2000 Challenge articles

Columns: How to win the $2000 Challenge? You have to be there to find out.

What started out 25 years ago as a simple way to prove racing can be done on the cheap has exploded into a wild, motorsports-fueled family reunion.

Features: $2000 Challenge: Like a fast family reunion for hardcore car nerds

Is our $2000 Challenge transitioning? Entrants seemed to place even more emphasis on welcoming new people to the sport, from the next generation to old friends.

Features: Make your project car faster | Advice from a Formula SAE team

Need help sorting and developing that current project? Florida’s Formula SAE squad–one of the top teams in the nation–to the rescue.

Shop Work: How to turn an ordinary couch into a RaceCouch

Georgia Tech’s Wreck Racing transformed a couch–itself a team member of long standing–into a motorized piece of living room furniture.

Shop Work: #TBT | The epic tale of an ice resurfacer turned autocrosser

This $2000 Challenge entry met the rulebook approval by combining a Zamboni ice resurfacer with parts from a Mazda Miata and a Ford Mustang.

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$2000 Challenge project car updates

A friendly reminder: cars are meant to be driven

Has our M3 been sitting too much lately? Well, you could say that.

Since purchasing our 2004 BMW M3 in the fall of 2016, we have put …

How to complete a weekend of motorsports? Even more track time.

What’s the best way to recover after the automotive festival that is the Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge Presented by Tire Rack? More track time, of course!

We …

Super-easy car show prep that’s super easy | Garage Rescue Miata

The new format has opened our $2000 Challenge to all cars, including our Garage Rescue Miata. We showed it off on Sunday during Hagerty’s Cars & …

Is our Garage Rescue Miata faster than the reigning $2000 Challenge champion? | Garage Rescue Miata

There it was, sitting on grid just a few spaces away from us: Chris Brake and the Bradley-bodied, Ford Panther-chassised creation that took top honors at last year’s $2000 Challenge. …

$2000 Challenge Forum Topics

MONZORA redux: ‘65 Corvair + ‘94 Corvette mashup for 2019 Challenge
1985 Ford Ranger body swap 2013 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor - $2024 Challenge Entry
2008 Mazdaspeed 3, $1500 Bowling Green, Ohio
Post your photos and stories from the $2000 Challenge here!
Challenge Part Failures- What broke and what did you learn?
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$2000 Challenge Readers' Rides

Jan 30, 2021 by Floating Doc (Forum Supporter)
1963 None Minor

Originally built by GRM forum member Tripp, competed in the 2013 Challenge. Sold to me in Jan ‘21, Challenge use stipulated. The Morris body is on an Chevy S10 xtreme …

May 13, 2022 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
2003 None GS430

Traded an $800 Tahoe for this. I overpaid.

Nov 13, 2019 by surfshibby07
1992 None Mustang LX Coupe

2019 Challenge car. 5.0 5 speed car. trickflow top end, nitrous, and baby suspension upgrades.

Jul 06, 2019 by spkorb
1973 None Fiat 850 Spider

$2012.00 for a $2015 Challenge with Cookie Monster seat covers, Googly eyes and a scant amount of rust. Frozen brakes kept me from getting to full speed but... full speed …

Nov 09, 2021 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
1958 $2000 Challenge Panhard Dyna Z

It's old. It's rusty. It's really a 4 door Miata.

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