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24 Hours of Lemons Announces Their 2020 Schedule

Prepare now! Or just wait until the last minute.

The Concours d'Lemons Florida Is Back for 2020

Back again is the real reason people come to Amelia Island: the Concours d'Lemons Florida.

Project Car: Our Fox Rocks

We’ve been busy with our 1993 Volkswagen Fox, and producing content about it, too–stuff to read and stuff to watch.

24 Hours of Lemons Returns This July

24 Hours of Lemons is back, starting with the Pacific Northworst GP at the Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington.

Lemons Adds Two More Events to 2020 Calendar

The folks over at the 24 Hours of Lemons has added two more events to their 2020 schedule: the Rocky Mountain Breakdown Rally and the Rust Belt GP at GingerMan Raceway.

Two Lemons Racers to Run in Two 24-Hour Races During the Same Weekend

As a well-known source of only good ideas, the 24 Hours of Lemons is going to hold two 24-hour races during the same weekend.

24 Hours of Lemons Unveils 2021 Schedule

Citing a desire to pick up “where we left off at most of our Covid-quashed venues from '20,” the 24 Hours of Lemons has announced its schedule for 2021.

That Time GRM Built a Lincoln Mark VII for Endurance Racing

A recent thread on the forum had us reminiscing about the time we transformed a Lincoln Mark VII oval-track car into an endurance racer.

24 Hours of Lemons articles

Features: 24 Hours of Lemons Announces a Separate Class for Electric Cars

Can Lemons get enthusiasts interested in electric?

Features: How Bad Could a Mercedes-Benz Diesel-Powered Mustang Be?

Putting a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine into a Mustang is peak LeMons ingenuity.

Features: Low-Buck Tech: The Flathead Engines of the 24 Hours of Lemons

Simpler, overhead-valve engines can sometimes be the better option, especially in the 24 Hours of Lemons, when winning can come down to who can repair their car the quickest.

Features: Low-Buck Tech: In Lemons Racing, Music Matters

A few Lemons teams have truly their race car priorities right: 1) Add a heavy sound system. Secondly) Play really good/bad songs. C) Win respect/admiration/notoriety.

Features: Low-Buck Tech: Beat the System, Lose the Race?

How to (legally) run a 1JZ engine in Lemons competition? Fit it inside an early Toyota Corona.

Features: Low-Buck Tech | Slow and Steady: Victory in Sight

Race an Insight? Sure, why not. It’s a lightweight, slippery chassis.

Features: Low-Buck Tech: Merging a ´47 Plymouth With a V6 Camaro and a Ford Crown Vic

Just what the endurance racing world needs: a Camaro-powered ’47 Plymouth and a ’47 Plymouth-powered Camaro.

24 Hours of Lemons Forum Topics

1991 Honda Civic Hatch 24 Hour of Lemons
FS used set Bridgestone RE71R 245-40-17
From the Lemons Judges: Here's you how we'll let you race an 8 cyl. swapped Miata in class C
Lemons Racecar 2001 VW Bug

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