360 articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

360 articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Your Projects: Ben_Modified Is Turning a Subaru Microvan Into a Hayabusa-Powered Rocket Ship

Ben_Modified is putting a Hayabusa engine into a chopped Subaru 360 van.

LMP360: How To Turn a Subaru 360 Into a Le Mans Prototype | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

What does nocones plan to enter in this year's $2000? How about a Subaru 360 turned into an Le Mans Prototype?

The Subaru LMP360 story continues, now with more engine | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Part Le Mans Prototype, part Subaru 360, nocones’s LMP360 is one of the most ambitious $2000 Challenge entries to date.

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Features: LMP360: How to build the ultimate Subaru for only $2000

Inspiration plus innovation–and more than a bit of hard work–turned this once-discarded Subaru microcar body into a fast, low-slung special.

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