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We’re testing a full lineup of project cars this weekend

Not one, but two days of testing project cars at our official test track, the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park.

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Improving our BMW 435i's durability by upgrading the charge pipes

Nothing is worse than putting the car on a trailer early. Well, maybe finding a trailer for the ride home–or trying to exact repairs to get yourself home in a …

How to upgrade suspension without compromising comfort

Maybe the single most tortured descriptor of cars in our world is “dual duty.” It’s typically used to describe a car that’s intended for both street and track, but in …

Cheap insurance: Why our BMW received a crank seal guard

BMWs are 100% reliable, if you fix everything that breaks.

That sage advice comes from our old friend, Rennie Bryant of Redline Bimmer, a longtime South Florida repair …

Can our BMW 435i run with the GR Corolla or Civic Type R?

One of our hopes for our BMW 435i project is not just to build a fun, track-capable car, but to build a car that can actually compete in …

Live Thread: BMW 435i takes on SCCA Time Trials National Tour

After spending a few days with BimmerWorld to get our 435i prepped for time trial duties, it’s time to take our BMW to its first big event:

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