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Porsche to debut hybrid 911 on May 28

Porsche has confirmed not only that a hybrid 911 is in the works, but that it also plans to debut the car later this month.

Is this one of the “most extreme” 911s ever?

The 911 GT3 R rennsport is apparently what happens when you let Porsche build a race car without having to follow any regulations.

Come see us at this weekend’s Radwood at The Amelia, see two of our raddest project cars

This Saturday, we'll be showing off our Volkswagen Rabbit GTI and Porsche 911 Carrera project cars at the Radwood event during The Amelia's Cars & Community.

Radwood at the Lake Mirror Classic Concours & Car Show | Live Thread

Some of our favorite moments from the event–and in real-time, no less.

Celebrate Radwood with GRM this weekend at the Lake Mirror Classic Concours & Car Show

Come see us at this weekend’s Radwood event at the Lake Mirror Classic Concours & Car Show.

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Buyer's Guides: What's the best first-time Porsche to buy? We ask the experts.

Want to get into Porsche ownership, but don't know where to start? Here's what the experts recommend as a perfect first Porsche.

Columns: Could you be happy with just one car?

True happiness always seems to be just one more car away, but is the opposite actually true?

Buyer's Guides: How to keep a 996-Chassis Porsche 911 GT3 running like new

We get the inside scoop on the track ready Porsche 911 GT3, and what to look for when buying one.

Features: Why an air-cooled 911 is the rad-era legend we really wanted

The GRM staff knows rad-era cars, as we’ve been driving them since they were new–like the Porsche 911 Carrera.

Features: Porsche 911 driving tips from pro driver Patrick Long

The Porsche 911 has been one of the most dominant platforms in motorsports. Former Porsche factory racer Patrick Long has some tips for extracting maximum performance.

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What broke now? New Stoddard door striker plates for classic Porsches

Hands up if you love finding a broken part when prepping your car for a big event. Exactly.

While getting our 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera ready for …

Giving our Porsche the quality shocks it deserves

Perhaps it was time for new shocks on our Porsche 911: The fronts leaked fluid, while someone had inscribed the rears with April 18, 1995. That was a while ago.

Selecting and installing the right brake pads for our 997 Porsche

At our first track day in our Porsche 997, we began to run out of brakes. Despite Porsche’s reputation for superior stopping performance, the FIRM can be a …

When it comes to air-cooled Porsches, what’s your favorite?

Have a favorite Porsche? Our local PCA chapter will celebrate it.

The group meets once a month in Orlando, with each get-together celebrating a different model or group of …

When you have good friends, you can do fun car stuff anywhere

Planning the ultimate experience with some fellow car buddies? Whatcha doing? F1 race at some far-away track? RV setup at Le Mans? Weeklong drive through the Alps?

With good friends, …

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