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Like old school imports? We do, too.

If it was built before the year 2000, it was welcome at the Legends Classic Import Night at Ace Café Orlando.

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What happens to your event when it loses its home?

Word on the street says that Ace Cafe, where we have been regularly joining Orlando Roadsters with our Garage Rescue Miata, is closing its doors. A …

Too early for top-down driving? Not here in Florida.

Some of you are still shoveling snow–but not our fellow Floridians.

We had clear skies and balmy conditions for this Monday’s Orlando Roadsters evening meet, so we …

Have you introduced anyone new to the sport lately?

Your assignment: Get someone new involved in the sport.

A high point of last week’s Orlando Roadsters meet–in addition to hanging with friends, seeing Miatas and taking some …

5 tips that will make any event a success

What’s the path to a successful event? How about sticking with the basics–as Orlando Roadsters did on November 28 to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary of Miata fellowship.

We went to a BMW event last night, so you get some BMW photos today | E46-chassis BMW M3 project

One possible advantage of going to an evening event during light rain? You might get lucky and receive some good light for sunset photos.

As we arrived at Ace …

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