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Can You Really Build a Functional Wing From Free Plywood?

Can it be done? Of course–if you’re willing to put more than a minute into it.

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Suspension & Handling: Downforce Sorcery: Diffusers Explained

An aerodynamics engineer illuminates the dark art of diffusers.

Features: Aero Mythbusting: Tackling Bad Questions, Bad Info

Aero expert Steve Stafford sets things straight with aerodynamic basics.

Shop Work: How to Counteract Lift | Racecar Aerodynamics

A basic course in racecar aerodynamics: what lift is, and how to counteract it with downforce.

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Examples of how to test Aerodynamics.
i infinity dare someone to put this on a challenge car.
Spoil Me Rotten for the $2000 Challenge
Comparison Testing - How well do DIY Wings Work?
A little light-air reading
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