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Features: How to talk brakes | Ways to turn desires into hardware

Understanding how to talk upgrades with braking experts–and how to get the parts you need.

Features: This Camaro body hides a powerful stock car chassis

Looks like a 1967 Camaro at speed but–surprise–it’s really a repurposed stock car.

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ASA Stock Car project car updates

We acquire a Camry suit for our ASA stock car chassis

You ever wonder what happens to all those old race car bodies when the rules change? Yeah, us, too, and we were secretly hoping to leverage that unknown quantity to …

Why are we considering an automatic for our ASA stock car?

Actual wrenching progress on our former ASA stock car project has been slow.

Honestly there’s a LOT of research to do before we break out the socket set …

Measuring our ASA stock car chassis: Square or not? And what can we do if it’s not? | ASA tube-frame racer

What’s the most important part of building a race car that’s also perhaps the least exciting? How about accurate measurements?

No, wait, keep reading.

We’re bringing a long-dormant tube …

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Robert's ASA chassis vintage Trans Am/IMSA car project
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Feb 17, 2023 by robert777
2005 None Roller

ASA stock car chassis #ASA9415. Do not know exact year. Will be rebuilt into a vintage trans am style car with a 67 mustang body and boss 302 engine.

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