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Drift Appalachia: Using togue to introduce newcomers to motorsport

The flashy cars of Drift Appalachia not only draws attention to their efforts, but also to the sport of drift as a whole.

Kentucky roads–and more–officially open for motorsports

If you're looking for more motorsport events using public roads, Kentucky seeks to be that place.

West Virginia HillFest: A whole festival centered around a hillclimb

West Virginia HillFest seeks to offer more than just a hillclimb. The promoters want to make it festival "celebrating car culture."

West Virginia Motorsports Day: State legislature welcomes motorsport

Some folks in government welcome motorsports with open arms, and the Mountain State exemplified that with West Virginia Motorsports Day.

Looking for international rally flavor? Try the Boone Forest Rally

A small town in the heart of Appalachia hosted stage rally participants from around the world.

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Backroads of Appalachia articles

Features: Drift Appalachia brings Touge-style drifting to America

Drift Appalachia is bringing Initial D-style touge to the mountain roads of Appalachia.

Features: Backroads of Appalachia: Using motorsports to boost an economy

Even without creating new facilities, Appalachia has learned how to lure the motorsports community: with terrific roads and welcoming people.

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