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In the October Issue | Meet the Bergsteiger, the Most Radical E36 Ever

This Insane E36 M3 Devotes Its 1000-Plus Horsepower to a Single Mission: Climbing Pikes Peak.

BimmerWorld's Bergsteiger breaks the 1000 horsepower threshold

Now with a freshly built BMW P63 powerplant from Roush Engines, Bergsteiger hits the dyno one more time before heading to Colorado.

Questions about Bergsteiger? BimmerWorld has answers.

Questions about Bergsteiger, Pikes Peak or something else? Ask, and you could win BimmerWorld Pikes Peak 2021 goodie bag.

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Features: Meet the Bergsteiger, BimmerWorld´s 1000-Plus Horsepower E36-Chassis BMW M3 Pikes Peak Racer

The most insane E36 ever? Perhaps. BimmerWorld's Bergsteiger is capable of more than 1000 horsepower and 3500 pounds of downforce.

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