BimmerWorld articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

BimmerWorld articles, project cars, conversations, and more

BimmerWorld News

Win a Free Trip to the Legendary Nürburgring With BimmerWorld

Ride shotgun around the Nürburgring with James (on OPTIMA's dime!)

BimmerWorld to Unveil "Bergsteiger" at SEMA

And they intend to climb a mountain—Pikes Peak.

BimmerWorld Taps Bill Auberlen for New SRO Race Effort

BimmerWorld announces their 2020 SRO driver lineup.

In the October Issue | Meet the Bergsteiger, the Most Radical E36 Ever

This Insane E36 M3 Devotes Its 1000-Plus Horsepower to a Single Mission: Climbing Pikes Peak.

BimmerWorld's Bergsteiger breaks the 1000 horsepower threshold

Now with a freshly built BMW P63 powerplant from Roush Engines, Bergsteiger hits the dyno one more time before heading to Colorado.

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BimmerWorld articles

Features: Das Überwagon: The unique E36 that nears a stunning 170 mph on track

Check out this E36 station wagon that neared 170 mph at VIR.

Features: Why are BMW Cooling Systems so Apoplectically Complicated?

Our BimmerWorld friends walk us through the complex cooling systems on BMWs.

Shop Work: Garage Project: Is Your Clutch Pedal Slowing You Down?

Want to go 3-4 mph faster down the straights after installing a simple $20 part? BimmerWorld offers that advantage.

Features: How BimmerWorld Turned a Wrecked BMW M3 Into an Effective Track Monster

James Clay, the owner of BimmerWorld, developed this E46-chassis BMW M3 as a test bed for new products. The goal: build a capable street and track car with a parts bill of less than $20,000.

Features: How BimmerWorld turned a BMW 335i into an M3-beating track car

Here is how to turn a BMW 335i into a track car capable of outrunning an M3.

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BimmerWorld project car updates

Another helping of car culture | E46-chassis BMW M3 project

We took our E46-chassis BMW M3 back to Ace Café Orlando for another one of its BMW nights–another opportunity to check out some cars and chat with the people. …

E46-chassis BMW M3 buyer guide | Project E46-chassis BMW M3

Learn how to buy your own E46-chassis BMW M3–with our own car serving as the demo. BimmerWorld’s James Clay walks us through the inspection process on …

Name that clunk: subframe, differential or other? | Project E46-chassis BMW M3

The look on James Clay’s face told us all we needed to know: That clunk from the rear end was serious–and wasn’t going to magically cure itself.


Vorshlag M3 camber plates: hot or not? | Project E46-chassis BMW M3

How much did those Vorshlag camber/caster plates hurt our M3’s ride? Did we introduce an unacceptable amount of NVH to our German touring car in the quest for the last …

How to install a race seat | Project vintage race Mustang

We needed a real race seat for our Mustang vintage racer, and after studying Ultra Shield’s seats at the PRI Trade Show, we decided one would …

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