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You Need This: The BimmerWorld GTMore

The BimmerWorld GTMore, the F82 M4 street car that's faster than M4 GT4 race cars, can now be yours.

You Need This: BimmerWorld-built Spec E46 race car on sale!

$10,000 off a Spec E46 race car is a pretty good deal, right?

Bergmeister vs. Bergsteiger: There can be only one!

What's your pick, Bergsteiger or Bergmeister?

Share a photo of your dog with your BMW, win prizes from BimmerWorld

Want some BimmerWorld swag for your dog? All you have to do is share a picture of your dog with your BMW.

Can you beat BimmerWorld’s 1000-horsepower Bergsteiger? | #FastFriday

The UTCC is always a fierce competition, but you'll need to be seriously quick to beat the Bergsteiger.

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Shop Work: Is your clutch pedal slowing you down?

Want to go 3-4 mph faster down the straights after installing a simple $20 part? BimmerWorld offers that advantage.

Shop Work: Pro tips on how to setup a chassis for track use

Need help getting your setup ready for the track? One possible solution: Crib from the pros.

Features: How do the new BMWs compare with the last gen?

How do the new BMWs compare with the previous generation? Let's find out on track.

News and Notes: The most startling part of Pikes Peak? The drive down

What's more harrowing than climbing Pikes Peak at speed? According to BimmerWorld’s James Clay, it's going back down the mountain.

Features: How BimmerWorld turned a BMW 335i into an M3-beating track car

Here is how to turn a BMW 335i into a track car capable of outrunning an M3.

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BimmerWorld project car updates

How to go fast in the rain? A little local knowledge can help.

The recovery drivers went out plenty. They pulled something like a baker’s dozen from the grass, mud, tires and Armco surrounding VIR. Any mistake in the rain could quickly turn …

Is the engine in our BMW 435i healthy? What oil analysis can tell us

Like many components on modern BMWs, the N55 3.0-liter found in our 435i is known as a robust unit–except for its occasionally fatal flaws.

In the case of …

Figuring out the best place to mount our Sprite’s battery

Every car needs a battery, and our Sprite was no exception. The Sprite’s battery originally sat on a shelf high and towards the back of the engine bay.

Live Thread: BMW 435i takes on SCCA Time Trials National Tour

After spending a few days with BimmerWorld to get our 435i prepped for time trial duties, it’s time to take our BMW to its first big event:

Live Thread: Prepping our 435i for SCCA Time Trials with BimmerWorld

We’re getting ready for our first SCCA Time Trials National Tour event of the year at Virginia International Raceway this weekend, and there’s no better place to do …

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