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Just because your car is old, doesn’t mean its brakes should suck

Older cars are fun to drive for a number of reasons, but poor braking performance shouldn't be one of them.

How Will a NASCAR Cup Car's Brakes Handle Daytona's Road Course? We Asked an Expert

As soon as NASCAR announced that its big, heavy Cup cars would be tackling Daytona’s full road course this August, a popular question arose: How will the brakes do under such punishment?

In the August Issue | Brake Fluid: 9 Questions and Answers

What does hygroscopic mean, and what does it have to do with brake fluid? What's so special about DOT 5 brake fluid? We give you the "brake"-down on these questions and more in our next issue.

In the August Issue | What Makes a Racing Brake?

Street or Track? The Ford GT’s Brakes Change With the Specific Mission.

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Suspension & Handling: The difference between street brakes and racing brakes

Street or track? The Ford GT’s brakes change with the specific mission.

Shop Work: Building bargain brake ducts from Porsche GT3 parts

As it turns out, late-model Porsche GT3 front brake ducts can be adapted to a wide variety of cars.

Features: How to talk brakes | Ways to turn desires into hardware

Understanding how to talk upgrades with braking experts–and how to get the parts you need.

Shop Work: 8 secrets to bending and flaring pro-quality brake lines

Scared of tackling brake plumbing? With these tricks and the right tools, you can bend lines like a pro.

Shop Work: Can bigger brakes make an older car perform like a modern machine?

Brakes should both correct speed and balance the chassis. The brakes on our 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo did virtually none of that, so it was time for a change–a big brake change.

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Do all cars really need bigger brakes?

Some cars greatly benefit from a big-brake kit, as the factory pieces just can’t handle the heat. Just see how the upsized hardware transformed our Corvette Z06 and …

How to modernize the brakes on a Bugeye Sprite for improved safety

An early Sprite originally had a single master cylinder for not only front and rear brakes but also for the clutch. To remove a single point of failure, dual master …

Tackling smaller fixes first on our Shelby GT350: Rear Brakes

Before we started replacing anything major, like the transmission, we decided to do first some simple repairs on our 1967 Shelby GT350. After all, it’s been sitting for a …

Selecting and installing the right brake pads for our 997 Porsche

At our first track day in our Porsche 997, we began to run out of brakes. Despite Porsche’s reputation for superior stopping performance, the FIRM can be a …

Are endurance race pads really the best choice for a daily driver?

In our last brake update, we fitted a set of 3D-printed brake cooling deflectors. Our goal? To keep our very street-friendly pads–Pagid’s new STREET+ line–working even …

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