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Mach V Motorsports: Still flying the Subaru flag

Has Subaru lost its way? Perhaps, as Dan Hurwitz or Mach V Motorsports explains, the brand has merely grown up.

Subaru reveals pricing for 2024 BRZ lineup–including the new tS

Subaru just announced the pricing structure for the 2024 BRZ Premium, BRZ Limited and BRZ tS.

Subaru debuts more “performance-focused” BRZ tS

Subaru unveiled the 2024 BRZ tS at Subiefest California.

Is a hotter Subaru BRZ on the way?

Subaru only offers a single sentence hinting at a potentially hotter version of the BRZ.

Your Projects: An FR-S Turned Full-on BRZ Rally Car

Seeking a fixed-roof, naturally aspirated rally car with decent parts availability? Why not a Toyobura?

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Features: Experts reveal how to make a first-gen BRZ faster

The Subaru BRZ works well in a lot of places–the street, autocrosses and, yes, the track.

Columns: The momentum over horsepower debate | Column

Just a few decades ago, 200 horsepower was considered obscene. But with modern performance cars pushing out well over 500 horsepower, is the "200 Club" still relevant?

Features: Could the 86 Coupes Replace the Miata as the Answer?

As early MX-5 Miatas are getting harder and more expensive to prepare for spec racing, could Toyota's 86 be the next heir to the throne?

Features: How to get started modifying an FR-S, BRZ or 86

Want more out of your early FR-S, BRZ or 86? Start here.

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