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Why Rent a Camry When DriveShare Exists?

The concept of car rental is almost as old as the automobile itself. But now there's a rental service for cars you'll actually want to drive: DriveShare, by Hagerty.

Have You Met Our Callaway Turbocharged GTI Project?

We recently learned about a super-rare Callaway turbocharged Volkswagen Golf GTI. We were eager to buy, but one thing stood in our way: it sat 2600 miles away in Montana.

Think of It Like a Tin Top Cobra That’s Not a Cobra

Jerry Peters, the brains behind one of the coolest Outlaw Porsches constructed, also has a Ford Cortina GT worth checking out: individual throttle bodies, baby moons and a healthy V8.

Here's How Diminished Value Works

Nobody wants to have to file a diminished value claim for their pride and joy, but maybe that's why it's so important to understand.

The Truth About Buying a Project Car

Thinking about pulling the trigger on a project? Don't lose sight of just how much time and money is going to be required.

The Ford GT40 Race Car Formula Did Not Apply Well To the Street

Where the GT40 did well at the track, the more civilized, road-going Mk III failed to be a success.

How the Optional City Package Made the BMW 3.0 Csl Just a Little More Civil

The BMW 3.0 CSL may have been just as visceral as a road-going race car can get, though the rare, optional City Package made it just a few degrees tamer.

How the Corvette Story Almost Ended in 1957

Although the AMA ban halted work on performance cars, the C2 Corvette was still developed—but in secret.

What Brian Redman Can Teach You About Racing

Not too long ago, we had the opportunity to interview Brian Redman—and learned a thing or too along the way.

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