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Safety: After a Crash, Part 1: Three Types of Wrecks

Everybody knows motorsports is dangerous. Even if in the back of their mind they hope it will never happen to them. You can do it all right, but if you do it for long enough, you’ll crash your car.

Safety: After a Crash, Part 2: The Day After the Wreck

Crashes happen and most race cars are repairable, depending on the amount of damage. When a severe crash happens, sometimes it is easier to start over than it is to fix the crashed car.

Safety: After a Crash, Part 3: Seeking Justice

Racing has its own judicial system, the 700-page document called the General Competition Rules. If you break the GCR’s laws or rules, the sanctioning body has a system in place to issue corrective action.

Safety: After a Crash, Part 4: Building a New Race Car From Scratch

After deciding to start a fresh race car build with only 57 days out from the Runoffs, the search began for a new E46 M3 shell.

Features: After a Crash, Part 6: The Thrash to Meet a Firm Deadline, the SCCA Runoffs

A tight timeline to build a new E46-chassis M3 to replace the one wrecked meant that every moment needed to count.

Columns: Column: Safety Gear Only Works If You Use It

The human body is somewhat resilient, but getting hurt still hurts.

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