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From the Forum: Fix a Porsche Using VW Parts

No, no, not an older air-cooled car–we’re talking about repairing a 996-chassis 911 or 986-chassis Boxster on the cheap.

Can You Really Build a Functional Wing From Free Plywood?

Can it be done? Of course–if you’re willing to put more than a minute into it.

DIY articles

Shop Work: Testing for Cracks at Home With DIY Dye Penetrants

There is an inexpensive, at-home way to perform a DIY crack and flaw inspection on many of your car’s components. The method is called visible dye penetrant testing.

Shop Work: Turning Lawnmowers Into Yard Karts

Who says that a go-kart has to be based on a lightweight, purpose-built frame imported from Italy?

Shop Work: Turn an Old Car Seat Into a New Office Chair

A quick, easy to up your office furniture for any skill level.

Shop Work: Nine Steps to Painting Your Wheels at Home

Tired of the silver wheels that every car seems to come with these days? No problem: You can change their color in just nine steps and a few hours.

Shop Work: How to Form Your Own Custom Foam Seat Insert

We all know that a proper driving position is key to best performance behind the wheel, but maintaining it in the face of physics can be daunting. The easy solution to the problem is expanding polyurethane foam.

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