E46 M3 articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

E46 M3 articles, project cars, conversations, and more

E46 M3 articles

Columns: Lang Racing: Taking SMG Conversions to the Next Level

Offering hope for SMG-equipped BMW E46 M3 owners.

Buyer's Guides: E46-chassis BMW M3 | Buyer's Guide

The third-generation BMW M3, known most commonly by its E46 chassis designation, feels at home on the road, the autocross course, or the track.

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E46 M3 project car updates

Does anyone really know how automotive a/c works? | E46-chassis BMW M3

Not having air conditioning in Florida can be a bit, well, sticky, especially during the summer months.

The a/c in our E46-chassis BMW has been lukewarm at …

We went to a BMW event last night, so you get some BMW photos today | E46-chassis BMW M3 project

One possible advantage of going to an evening event during light rain? You might get lucky and receive some good light for sunset photos.

As we arrived at Ace …

E46 M3 Forum Topics

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