Engine swap articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Engine swap articles, project cars, conversations, and more

Engine swap News

Your Projects: Dropping a V6 Into a First-Generation MR2

A general rule of thumb says not to buy someone else's project. User dherr ignored that advice by picking up a first-generation Toyota MR2 in the middle of a V6 swap.

How To Do an Engine Swap—the Right Way

Engine swaps sound cool, but actually pulling it off may be one of the hardest projects to undertake.

Why not put a Honda K-series engine into a Sunbeam Alpine? | Your Projects

RevoRob's late father's dream was to swap in a more powerful engine into a Sunbeam Alpine. Now, RevoRob is picking up the torch—this time with a Honda K24 engine.

ICYMI: Ford offering an electric crate motor for less than $4000

Is Ford Performance's electric crate motor the next best thing to swapping in a Tesla powertrain?

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Engine swap articles

Shop Work: Swap Science: 19 Steps to Build Your Own Engine Mounts From Scratch

We show every step required to build engine mounts from scratch.

Features: A Supra-powered Plymouth Scamp

Why not put a Toyota 2JZ into an old-school Plymouth Scamp?

Shop Work: How to wire a cross-pollinated engine swap | Swap Science

Here’s how we mated two totally different wiring harnesses to make one functioning car–and how you can do it, too.

Shop Work: Late-model GM small-block V8 engines | Buyer's Guide

Want to swap in a V8? Here are a few popular options from GM.

Features: Back-to-back adversities can't slow this V6-powered Honda S2000 down

Swapping a Honda engine into a Honda 2000 is nothing new–but this one bypasses the ever-popular K-series for an Odyssey-spec V6.

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Engine swap project car updates

How to sort a rebuilt race car | Project Endurance Race Miata

We’d upgraded the safety gear in our LFX-swapped Miata, which meant it was finally time for the fun part: track testing.

We’ve written at length …

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