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How to fabricate your own welder tool tray

Miller Real Garage host, Andy Weyenberg, explains how to weld a tool tray for the top of your welder–and what you need to complete it.

How to fabricate your own elephant wheel stands

If your lift is occupied or you don’t have one, learn how to make elephant stands. These taller wheel stands not only look like circus elephant stands but they'll support and keep your vehicle elevated for you to work on.

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Shop Work: What materials are best to fabricate something from scratch?

For many enthusiasts, a car is never just a car—it’s a four-wheeled heap of possibilities.

Shop Work: Weld better in 11 easy steps

Here are a few tips for making sound welds–you know, the glue that keeps your project intact.

Features: How to make a Porsche Boxster into a street-legal kart

Somewhere beneath all that custom fab work and blue paint lies the heart of a Boxster.

Shop Work: Custom building your very own chassis from scratch

How to turn those two-dimensional sections into a full three-dimension chassis.

Suspension & Handling: How to build an anti-roll bar bracket with common tools

Only basic tools were needed to fabricate this aluminum anti-roll bar bracket: Just a band saw, drill press and belt sander. Easy.

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Fabrication project car updates

Building an exhaust fit for a (Mustang) race car

Race car exhaust systems are usually pretty simple. To assist fabbing up an exhaust for our 1965 Ford Mustang race car, we went to Travis at

How to build an engine cradle from air? | Project Elva sports racer

Most of the mounts and brackets that had anything to do with locating our Elva Mk VI sport racer’s drivetrain were broken or missing. Presumably the reason for this reign …

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Budget tubing bender build
a Lancia Scorpion and its not going to just be restored... its going to race Rallycross.
Shop’s too crowded sale! Tools, parts, blast cabinet, header fab. Portland Oregon
Some random sheet metal work.
Source for new radiator cores (sans end tanks/plumbing) for a custom / DIY radiator?
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