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Factory Five's latest kit? A DIY off-road race truck

Starting at less than $30,000, Factory Five will sell you a kit that promises to turn an F-150 into something even more capable off-road than a Raptor.

Factory Five offers valuable experience for the next generation

Factory Five Racing hosted three school tours and delivered three kit cars, all in one week.

Ford Barra power makes this Daytona Coupe replica extra unique

Resurrecting a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe? Why not skip the V8 in favor of something from down under?

That time we built a Factory Five 818 | Read now with GRM+

When we heard the promise that we could build a sports car from scratch, we had to jump at the opportunity–you know, for science.

Your Projects: The Least Expensive Factory Five Cobra?

What do you do when you finish a car and then swear off that type of project? Naturally, you buy another one just like it—at least, that's what forum user CLynn85 did.

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Columns: A Bad Run of Luck?

If you spend a lifetime around cars, you are going to lose a few engines.

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2013 818

After letting our readers design the Factory Five 818, we'll be building the first production kit. Follow along on our website as we find out what it really takes …

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Dec 18, 2023 by GT_Rich
1965 None Daytona Coupe R

Completely owner built, including the 427 SBF. Tremec close ratio TKX600, 3 link rear suspension. Custom valved Bilstein AS2 double adjustable shocks.

Aug 28, 2023 by ottewellteam
2017 None 818

818R Subaru Race Car

Aug 23, 2023 by Johngray95762
2024 None Type 65 Daytona

Building a "trackable street car" Factory Five Daytona. Ford 302, Tremec T56 6 speed, QA1s, Wilwood brakes, SPA extreme Novec automatic fire surpression system

Nov 05, 2022 by Peabody98
1965 None Type 65 Coupe

In progress. Coyote Gen 3, Tremec Magnum

Nov 20, 2021 by mkiesow1968
1965 None MkIV Roadster


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