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Brand New Ford GT Revealed

Ford is finally releasing a second take on the GT40-inspired supercar.

Back to Monterey?

We're heading west again, but this time we're saddling up some Fords.

Weekend Adventures: South Florida

We're subjecting our Ford SVT Focus to another rallycross and a track day this weekend.

Ramp Truck Rescue

We bought a great old ramp truck to use as a support vehicle for the Orange Blossom Tour.

Weekend Plans: Building a Rotary Miata, Ford Show, Roar Before the 24

We have a full weekend coming up: project car build, car show, and some pre-season testing.

The Best Mitty Ever

Gearhead heaven? We think it looks something like this.

Come Rallycross With Us This Weekend

We're headed to the Firm this weekend for more rallycross fun.

More Weekend Adventures: Killing Cones at the FIRM

Join us in Starke, Florida, for some autocross this weekend.

Project Mustang Headed to Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge

Art Director JG and our project Mustang GTare headed to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Join Us at SCCA Solo Nationals

We're headed to the great concrete beach in a little over a week.

Reader's Ride of the Week: Rallycross Ranger

Yes, you can get out there and compete, no matter what you drive.

SCCA Solo Nationals: We’re on Our Way

It's a long, long drive to Nebraska.

Reader's Ride of the Week: Meet the "Rice Rod"

A grand start for a $2017 Challenge build.

Your Projects: Autocross Ranger

This is no ordinary Ranger.

Focus on Rallycross With Us

We're headed to the Firm this Saturday for some rallycross fun.

Reader's Ride of the Week: Gnarly Ranger

After five years of building, forum member gumby turned a stock Ford Ranger into this wild autocrosser.

You Need This: C Prepared Ford Mustang for $14,900

This 1988 Mustang could be your turnkey entry into autocross competition.

You Need This: $1600 Street Racer Ford Festiva

It already has a GRM sticker and everything.

Your Projects: Not a Ford Taurus but a Ford Taunus

One of our Argentinean members just picked up something that you’re not likely to see in the States.

You Need This: Our Mustang GT CAM-C Project Car

Soon for sale: Our Mustang GT autocross project.

Your Projects: High-School Hotrod

Meet Thomas Hundal, owner and builder of this 1996 Canadian-market Ford Crown Victoria.

You Need This: Fox Body Race Car

It's a race car and trailer package.

It's Officially Not Ford's Fault if You Can't Drift a Focus RS

Now they're offering an upgrade dubbed the "Drift Stick."

Your Projects: F-250 Police Cruiser

Get the plasma cutters and welders ready.

You Need This: Bang-for-the-Buck Mustang GT

Ford's Mustang has always been a good budget-friendly way to go fast.

Your Projects: The Rice Rod

Forum member maschinenbau wins the "something out of nothing" award for 2017.

Your Projects: An Escort that Rules the Dirt

“A friend of mine and I found it at a local salvage yard.”

Your Projects: Sally Frankenstein

It's a conglomeration of every Fox-body Mustang.

You Need This: Ambulance Turned Hauler

Looking for a unique hauler with tons of storage space?

You Need This: Low-Buck Shogun

Ready to make a splash at your Grassroots Motorsports $2018 Challenge debut?

Roar Report: Roar Before The Rolex 2019

What was once a simple practice session has grown up. IMSA’s pre-season Roar Before the Rolex 24 has blossomed into its own event.

Ford Reveals New GT500, the Most Powerful in Their History

The third-generation 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 has been announced at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, becoming the most powerful street-legal car Ford has ever made.

Edelbrock Wins at Eaton TVS Supercharger Throwdown

Edelbrock-Equipped Mustang GT Claims Top Spot At The Eaton TVS Supercharger Throwdown

Wednesday on GRM LIVE!: Ford Raptor

It's basically the BMW M3 of pickup trucks.

Lee Iacocca Dead at Age 94

From the Mustang to the minivan, Lee Iacocca changed the auto industry.

Your Winners From Concours d'Lemons Michigan

When life gives you lemons, drive them onto a nice patch of grass.

I Got a Ramp Truck for Your Ramp Truck

Yo dawg, we heard you like ramp truck...

From Ford: an SUV Driving Experience?

Yes, Ford offers a performance driving school for the Edge ST and Explorer ST.

A Silent Way to Destroy the Drag Strip

How loud is 1400 horsepower and 1100 lb.-ft. of torque? Not very if the new Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 is anything to go by.

Found: A Mod Motor, Factory-Built 1995 Mustang Cobra?

This 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, the first Cobra to receive the 4.6-liter DOHC V8, was used as a test bed and show car.

Your Projects: The Flying Monkey Bus, a Vintage Ford Falcon Wagon

User jerrysarcastic admits that his 1967 Ford Falcon Wagon isn't what comes to mind when asked to picture a "classic car with awesome handling," but that doesn't mean the wagon doesn't have the potential to be great.

Your Projects: A Ford Ranger With Big Power, Big Meats and Big Ambitions

James O'Day is building a Ford Ranger tribute to the SCCA mini truck racing of the 1980s.

Your Projects: A Ford Sierra GT That Thinks It’s a Swedish Tractor

Thanks to a European loophole, user therealpinto is building a tractor out of a 1992 Ford Sierra GT for the teenage daughter to drive.

Think of It Like a Tin Top Cobra That’s Not a Cobra

Jerry Peters, the brains behind one of the coolest Outlaw Porsches constructed, also has a Ford Cortina GT worth checking out: individual throttle bodies, baby moons and a healthy V8.

The Mustang Mach 1 Returns for 2021

What's there to know about the new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1? It slots between the Mustang GT and the Shelby GT350 and GT500, and borrows a few parts from its Shelby relatives.

#FastFriday: Is a Turbocharged GT350R Overkill, or Just Enough to Win at VIR?

We’re announcing another round of entries accepted to compete in our Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge, the annual no-holds-barred track battle that simply seeks the fastest machines on four wheels.

In the August Issue | Outside the Econobox

Built for Time Attack, This Ford Festiva Is a Mashup of Mazda, Kia, Geo and More

Rate It: Rally-Ready Fox Body Mustang Concept

Let’s all go back to 1980. The Fox-body Mustang was totally new. Gold jumpsuits were in. So was feathered hair. And rally, too, with the Europeans all heavily involved in the sport.

Listen to the Eerie Screech of Ford's One-Off Mustang Mach-E 1400

Following in the footsteps of the electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, Ford has teamed up with Mustang aftermarket parts builder RTR Vehicles to build the Mustang Mach-E 1400.

This Weekend: The Falcon Will Race on Falkens

Keep an eye out for Jack and Chris Heideman and the 1967 Ford Falcon wagon at this weekend's Tire Rack Peru CAM Challenge, now sporting a fresh set of Falken Azenis RT660 tires.

Rate It: The Ford GT70, the GT40's Rally Car Cousin

The Escort may be the poster child for Ford's rally efforts during the 1970s, but Ford also experimented with a mid-engined rally car following the success of the GT40 program with the GT70.

Your Projects: Getting More Seat Time With a V6 Mustang

is the best way to take a break from a project to start another one? Forum user Patientzero seems to think so.

Why Not a Humber Super Snipe or Other Classic British Sedan?

Looking for something practical and unique to drive? Why not opt for an older British family car?

Your Projects: Putting a Modern V6 Into a Classic Mustang

An unconventional swap for an early Ford Mustang: a late-model Cyclone V6.

Rate It: Ever Needed More Space in Your Focus ST? Ford Has You Covered With the Focus ST Wagon

The Focus ST may be gone from American shores, but that hasn't stopped Ford offering a version with a bit more cargo space–yes, a wagon.

Your Projects: The Unusual Merkur XR4Ti Makes for an Even More Unusual Race Car

So what does one do with an unusual Ford product like the Merkur XR4Ti? Well, if you are forum user TXratti, you turn one into a race car.

The Ford GT40 Race Car Formula Did Not Apply Well To the Street

Where the GT40 did well at the track, the more civilized, road-going Mk III failed to be a success.

Rate It: The Ford Puma ST Is a Fiesta-Based Performance Crossover

Mechanically, the Puma ST is virtually the same as the Fiesta ST, just a little taller.

Your Projects: Meet The Bean, a Ford 302-Powered Pinto

Shavarsh is doing what any sane car person would do, and stuffing a Ford 302 V8 into a Pinto known as "The Bean."

Your Projects: The 20-Year Evolution of a 1974 Ford Capri

Forum member therealpinto's Ford Capri project: 20 years in the making.

Your Projects: How to Stretch a 1968 Mustang Body Over a Crown Victoria Frame

Why put a classic Mustang body on a Crown Victoria frame? It may be one of the cheapest ways to improve the Mustang's handling.

Would You Modify a Rare Car?

Modifying a car can be pretty fun, but what about a rare car?

How Did Ford Beat Ferrari? This Prototype Holley Carburetor May Have Helped

A revolutionary carb for a revolutionary race car.

Your Projects: Mustang Ecoboost Engine, Meet Datsun Roadster

How to fit a 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine into a Datsun Roadster.

How to Race a Cop Car | Coming Soon to an Issue Near You

No, not like trying to outrun the police, but actually driving a police car against other police cars on track.

For Sale: Ken Block's Gymkhana Cars

Three automotive icons from Ken Block's personal collection are for sale.

Not a Mustang, but a Tube-Frame Falcon | Read Now With GRM+

Subscribe to GRM+ to get access to this past story, as well as many more from the archives.

Ford articles

Shop Work: 20 Fuel Sippers We'd Gladly Drive

What if we told you that there's a bunch of fuel-efficient vehicles out there that are actually fun to drive?

Shop Work: Pony Express

Camaro vs. Mustang (vs. Mustang)

Shop Work: Boneyard Brigade

Shopping for high-performance parts in the junkyard

Shop Work: Fastiva

$2003 Challenger Bill Gotwalt Proves That All SHO Doesn’t Mean No Go

Shop Work: Annual Rewind

Our 2008 Editors’ Choice Awards: Remembering the Top 25 Spectacular Achievements From the Past Year

Shop Work: 25 Choice Challengers

25 Groundbreaking Challenge Cars

Restoration & Renovation: Junkyard Jam

Hopping up your car with salvage yard parts

Buyer's Guides: Stampede! 7 Modified Mustangs Face-off

Interbred Mustangs trample pavement to a perpetual drumbeat.

Features: War Wagons

Are We There Yet? Just a Few More Laps, Kids.

Features: Many Cars, One Lap

We attempt a season of racing in one week.

News and Notes: NASCAR Returning to its Roots?

Stock car bodies receive a much-needed makeover.

Columns: 7 Things I Learned About Being a Pro Race Car Driver

Our art director fills you in on what it's like to go pro.

Podcast: Podcast Episode 8: Champion Autocrosser Andy Hollis

We talk with the renowned programmer and autocrosser about the two worlds he's excelled in.

Columns: Starting Line: Driving in L.A.

Despite 30 years of figuring out the L.A. Basin, driving there is still a special experience that takes a special car.

Features: Street Fight

An overview of the best cars for SCCA's Street Touring autocross class.

Buyer's Guides: Galloping Hard: How the Mustang Got Its Groove Back

The S197 Mustang GT offers retro styling and huge bang for the buck.

Features: 25 Feature Presentations

In 2009 we celebrated 25 years of the magazine with a countdown of our 25 favorite feature cars to date.

Buyer's Guides: Vintage Views: Fox-Body Mustang

Want some good Mustang shopping and ownership advice? You came to the right place.

Features: Targeted Focus

Mueller Motorwerks Adds Some High Definition to Today’s Favorite Compact Performer

Features: From the GRM Vault: Oddballs of Autocross

In the sport of autocrossing, sometimes different really is good.

Columns: Honor-System Anarchy

How fast does a rule book have to expand?

Features: The Sewer Pickle: A Modern Take on the Classic Hot Rod

An autocrosser built around an unlikely candidate: a ’34 Ford.

Features: Adrenaline in a Shot Glass

Global Rallycross: Single-serving thrills and spills for a TV audience.

Features: Break Maiden

Creating a turbocharged road racing champion from a vintage Ford Mustang.

Buyer's Guides: Tech Tips: 2005-'14 Ford Mustang GT

Want to learn some speed tricks for the S197 Ford Mustang GT? We brought in an expert.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Taking a Ride in Mr. Saleen's Personal Mustang

Steve Saleen made his name making Mustangs go really fast. Back in 1989 we got to experience his personal Fox Body car.

Features: Bad Bird: A GT-1 Heavy-Hitting Falcon With a Vintage Disguise

This boxy Ford Falcon Sprint is a strange bird in GT-1 competition.

Buyer's Guides: Tech Tips: 2012–’17 Ford Focus ST

We summoned the wisdom of three tuning experts and asked how to make this hot hatch go fast.

Features: Ballad of the Justang: A Budget V8-Powered Hot Hatch

Just what the world needs: a wide-body, V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive Subaru Justy.

Features: Special Agent: A Mustang That Quickly Changes Missions

Agent 47 creates a Mustang to master both street and track.

Features: American Revolution: A Fox Body Mustang With a Chevy V8

Doug Schenck unshackles his Mustang Cobra from tradition with a monster Chevy V8

Columns: 90 Percent of This Sport Is Half Mental

There aren’t many opportunities to celebrate ninth-place trophies.

Features: SHO-Time: The Original Festiva SHOgun

Chuck Beck built a screaming fast econobox worthy of double takes.

Features: A Miata-Powered Ford Cortina?

Could it be the perfect vintage ride?

Shop Work: Stick It and Win: Using Die-Cut Stickers to Create Your Livery

In an era of full vinyl wraps, old-school die-cut stickers can still look good.

Features: Top 5 Favorite Track Day Cars

The best cars to track on Sunday and commute with on Monday.

Features: Something Blue

Mike Maier’s 1966 Mustang marries classic pony car looks with modern NASCAR muscle.

Features: Over-Prepared Mustang

Here’s what it takes to win a championship.

News and Notes: Factory Lightweight Drag Cars

The drag wars of the 1960s produced some radical, factory-approved door-slammers.

Columns: Emotion Beats Efficiency

Perhaps the automotive future isn’t so sterile after all.

Features: Trans-Am vs. Trans Am

These Mustangs, though spiritually connected, come from totally different worlds.

Features: Wicked Wagon: A Ford Fairmont on Steroids

It started life as a Fox-chassis 1985 Ford LTD wagon.

Features: From the GRM Vault: Rallying a Mustang with a Huge Engine

Because driving a 5.0-powered Mustang in rally event isn't extreme enough.

Features: Simply Extreme: This Rampaging Beast Is Surprisingly Uncomplicated

Complexity is a silent demon that lurks in every race car.

Drivetrain: T-56 Transmission Guide

Which Flavor of the Legendary T-56 Transmission Fits Your LS Swap-and Your Budget?

Columns: Kicking it Old-School: Six Classics That Have Aged Well

An old car has a certain mystique, a charm that’s tough to capture.

Features: 12 Cars That Raised the Bar for All Sports Cars

We share a dozen great sports cars from over the years which became icons that we now know and love, which one is next?

Buyer's Guides: Tech Tips: 2014–’18 Ford Fiesta ST

The Fiesta ST might be the best new bang-for-the-buck budget performance car.

Buyer's Guides: The Humble Zoom: Ford Escort ZX2 Data File

The Ford Escort ZX2 is the Last Fast Escort, and an under appreciated bargain.

Features: Best Cars of the '80s

A mix tape of our 16 favorite sports cars from the decade of acid-washed denim and adventurous design.

News and Notes: Hot Builds: 1998 Ford SVT Contour

John F. Preston’s third Ford SVT Contour is this all-black 1998 model.

Buyer's Guides: Your Tests: Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R Tires on a 2016 Ford Focus RS

How do Vredestein's Ultrac Vorti R tires stand up when driven hard on a 2016 Ford Focus RS?

Vintage Views: Vintage Views: Ford Mustang SVO

An Early Glimpse of Today's Turbo Ponies

Vintage Views: Classic Cool: Saleen Mustang

The 80s weren't all bad news: Take the Saleen Mustang as a prime example of great things happening to good car, the same recipe used by Carroll Shelby with the original Mustang.

Tires & Wheels: 3-Month Update: Vredestein Ultrac Vorti Tires on a `16 Ford Focus RS

One of our readers gives his three-month update on his impressions of Vredestein's Ultrac Vorti tires on his 2016 Ford Focus RS.

Columns: The $2000 Challenge: 20 Years Of Wild Budget Builds

Eighteen Challenges, Eighteen Winners.

Features: A European Pony Car Becomes Part of an American Legacy

For more than a decade, this Capri has stood out at American rally events.

Features: How Planning Now Can Have You on Track Later

The story of this Ford Falcon Wagon starts like so many others: a few guys bench racing late at night.

Buyer's Guides: Six Well-Behaved Buddies for a Day at the Track

We can’t all afford the luxury of a dedicated track car. The following machines are not only affordable, but they can also pull double-duty as daily drivers.

Features: How to Win, and Lose, the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 56 Confounding Hours

After 24 grueling hours, Ben Keating and team, including Bill Riley, made it to victory lane at Le Mans. And then the wheels fell off.

Columns: Column: Remembering Your First Car

No matter how long it's been or how big your collection gets, you never forget your first car.

Ford project cars

1990 Mustang GT

We have been wanting to do a V8-powered project car for some time, and the stars and the moon finally got into the correct alignment to send a 1990 Ford …

2012 Fiesta

Hot on top of the new B-Spec racing series, we went to Dearborn to pick up a brand-new, no-options Ford Fiesta. We competed in the hot new Street Touring FWD …

2003 SVT Focus

We picked up this SVT Focus for a paltry sum of $3500. The catch? It has 250,000 miles on the clock. It's been well-maintained all its life, and came with …

1973 F-350 Ramp Truck

We weren't necessarily looking for a unique support vehicle, but we found one anyway when we came across this 1973 Ford F-350 ramp truck.

2012 Mustang GT

The Mustang has pretty much always been a great bang for the buck, and it fit the bill perfectly for our next project objective: competing in SCCA Classic American Muscle …

2006 E-250

What started out as a simple magazine hauler has evolved into Super Van, our attempt at making the perfect car hauler for not a lot of money.

2001 F-250

Vans are great and all, but we wanted more power, more space, and four-wheel-drive. We're turning this truck into the ultimate racing hauler. 

1965 Mustang Fastback

Why a vintage race Mustang? Cool sounds, cool vibe. And rather zippy, too.

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Model T Speedster $7800, WI, NMNA
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Ford Readers' Rides

Jul 16, 2009 by bravenrace
Ford Mustang

1965 Mustang fastback. I'm the 3rd owner and it was completely original, including paint, when I bought it. A-code 289/C4. I added front disc brakes, higher rate springs, hard rubber …

Jul 16, 2009 by joan gavin
Ford 1994 Ford GT

1994 Dark Green,Cobra Kit,lowered,cobra wheels

Jun 24, 2011 by Javelin (Forum Supporter)
2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71

Info: Year: 2001 Make: Ford Model: Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Trim: P71 VIN Code, Highway Interceptor Specs: Engine: 4.6L (281ci) SOHC all-aluminum V8 engine, ~300BHP Trans: 4R70W Heavy-Duty 4-Speed Automatic …

Oct 30, 2009 by David Adams
Ford Mustang BULLITT

It's currently my daily driver and drifter. Since parting ways with the Miata she will also be my autocross car so I guess it'll be a triple purpose car . …

Feb 27, 2013 by AngryCorvair (Forum Supporter)
Ford '96 Probe GT

Four-season daily driver with 198k miles on the odometer. Bone stock other than Porterfield R4s pads and Hoosier A6 225/45-15s on some 15x6.5" Nissan BBS wheels, placed 16th out of …

Jan 25, 2012 by RogerB
1999 Ford Contour - Died 11/10/2011

1999 Ford Contour SE Sport
2.5L V6
5 Speed

Koni Adjustable Struts
Ground Control Coilovers
All new suspension parts (as of 7/6/08)
Rock Chips
Door Dings

Gets …

Dec 05, 2013 by FSP_ZX2
Ford ZX2 S/R

2000 S/R: OE Iceman, OE Borla, OE B&M Shifter, SCT, GC/custom Koni w/455/370#, Cusco front camber plates, 22mm 2-way RSB, Kosei K1 17x7.5 Dunlop Z1 215/40-17 (Front), Kosei K1 15x7 …

Apr 13, 2010 by lip
Ford Focus

Steeda intake, Steeda 65mm TB, Comp stage 2 cams, Focussport header/exhaust, SCT tunning by mcnews automotive, Steeda short shifter, Focussport front & rear stress bars, H&R sport springs w/ KYB …

Jun 30, 2010 by Greg Smith (Forum Supporter)

1999 Police cruiser, retired from Moorehead NC

Jul 16, 2009 by cghstang_chris
Ford Escort GT

RallyX Beater purchased via the GRM $2008 Classifieds ( ). Came with Tokico Blues, Eibach lowering springs, no rear sway bar, & rusty everything. I've added MX-3 seats, Schroth …

Oct 11, 2011 by RichardM
Ford Mustang

performance rally car

Dec 22, 2009 by TOZOVR
Ford Taurus SHO

'89 SHO. Intrax suspension, Subframe connectors, Jose SHOrt Shifter and rodshift conversion, Earls stainless lines with '96+ SHO brake upgrade, poly tranny and engine mounts, aluminum subframe bushings. Supertrapp exhaust.

Apr 09, 2017 by bravenrace
1965 Ford 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Mustang fastback. Original Prairie Bronze paint, interior and A-code 289 4 bbl, originally power steering, A/C and automatic trans. Now has a Tremec 5 speed, Magnaflow exhaust, 2000 Mustang …

Jul 16, 2009 by dan_efi
Ford Escort 1997

My first car. Bought in spring '02. Suspension finally sorted out, engine work getting there. link to old readers rides thread:

Apr 08, 2011 by Maroon92
Ford Crown Victoria

1992 Ford Aero Vic Rally-x car. I have had this car for nearly 3 years (thats a long time for me), and I have made it my own. I have …

Nov 25, 2009 by Lugnut
Ford 2001 Crown Victoria P71

2001 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor Formerly an Ecto County, Texas sheriff police car.

Jul 31, 2011 by Fastbak390
1971 Ford Pinto 2.0 Turbo

My 71 Pinto trunk. I bought it off of ebay, after the car had been off the road and sitting for 15 years. It was originally a 1600/4spd car, but …

Jul 16, 2009 by Thinkkker
Ford Mustang GT

2006 Ford Mustang GT, FS prepped. Able to lift the inside tire on streets on a road course, easily breaks swaybar endlinks!

Jul 16, 2009 by Wade
Ford Mustang LX

1988 Ford Mustang LX hatchback, currently has a 2.3 automatic. Plans are to swap a 302/5 speed in its place. Car is being built to autocross, and do local track …

Aug 13, 2010 by 1967cutlass
Ford Escort GT

STS autocrosser and daily driver. 199,000 pampered miles ;) [img][/img] [img][/img]

Jan 22, 2014 by hrdlydangerous
Ford 1991 Mustang Boss 302

This was my 2005, 2006, and 2008 Challenge entry. It has 267,000 miles on it and it's still going. Mods include a mild cam, 4.10 ring and pinion, lakewood lower …

Jul 16, 2009 by Powar
Ford Escort EXP Sport Coupe

1987 Ford Escort EXP Sport Coupe - Hasn't seen the road in a couple of years. Maybe one day... I drove it through most of high school. Put ~25k miles …

Jul 16, 2009 by gtstang2007
Ford Mustang GT convertible

This is a 1968 1/2 GT Mustang.Factory 428 Cobra Jet.

Jul 16, 2009 by gtstang2007
Ford Mustang GT

This is the 428 Cobra Jet engine

Jul 16, 2009 by gtstang2007
Ford Mustang GT

This is my 2007 GT Stang

Jul 16, 2009 by gtstang2007
Ford My GT Speedster

This is my Stang with a speedster cover

Jul 16, 2009 by gtstang2007
Ford 68 1/2 GT Stang

This is my 68 1/2 GT before the restoration

Oct 09, 2011 by CobraVic
Ford Crown Vic

Instructor Car 1999 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria ENGINE: 1999 SVT Mustang Cobra 4.6L 4V. 320 HP. Full length Cobra windage tray with modified Mark VIII oil pan. Emissions controls removed. …

Jul 16, 2009 by Lloyd
Ford GT 40 (Replica)

Built on a totally revamped 1986 Fiero chassis. NAF GT 40 body kit. Ford Contour 2.5 DOHV V6 with the Ford manual 5 speed transmission.

May 17, 2012 by chknhwk
Ford Taurus SHO

Here's my latest red-headed stepchild from Ford. It's a 1991 Taurus SHO and the only mods are Avon tires (ahem, tyres) and a set of Monroe Sensatracs. Oh, and some …

Nov 29, 2010 by Mike_M
Ford Fiesta

My '79 Fiesta project. Bought it 6 or 7 years ago, but work came to a halt because of divorce, moving out of state, blah, blah, blah. Original plan was …

Jul 25, 2011 by Mental
1994 Ford E-150

The Tow Pig

Apr 18, 2016 by ultraclyde
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Ford Racing P-code springs, Tokico D-Spec dampers, J&M Camber plates, BMR Sway Bars, Hurst Shift Kit, JLT Cold Air with custom ram tube, Custom SCT Xcalibrator tuned, Steeda street wing, …

Dec 07, 2010 by aeronca65t
Ford Escort Twin-Cam GT

Here's my '92 Ford Escort Twin Cam (OK, "GT"). I originally built it with the GR '07 Challenge in mind. But I could not get enough time off to make …

Jun 26, 2016 by Hal
Ford Focus Street Edition

I purchased my Focus new in March 2001. As with any other vehicle I have ever owned I started modifying it almost immediately. My goal was to have a car …

Jul 18, 2009 by SVTDAD
Ford German Capri

1975 German Ford Capri, gray market import. 2800cc punched to 3171cc, ISKY cam, headers, MSD, stock 4 speed, Hays performance clutch. prepped by SVO in Germany before coming to the …

Oct 26, 2010 by joey48442
1997 Ford 1997 Escort Wagon

1997 Escort Wagon. Base car, 5 speed, 900 bucks! 36 mpg, and a best of 37. All checked against my GPS. I love Wagons.

Jul 28, 2009 by joey48442
Ford Aspire

1995 Aspire. Bought for gas mileage, then the tranny went! Have a Festiva trans ready to go in, I hear its has a better ratio for gas mileage. I cant …

Mar 27, 2011 by Bret
2008 Ford Bullitt Mustang

My 2008 Bullitt Mustang. Mods: Brenspeed tune SCT Tuner Ford Racing components FR Shorty headers FR 5400-K Springs FR 62mm Billet Throttle Body FR Wrinkle Black Valve Covers Bassani Axle-Backs …

Aug 04, 2011 by QuasiMofo (John Brown)
Ford Deathscort

It is amazing what you can get in a cash strapped economy. This amazing technological marvel is a 1991 Ford Deathscort, which is like the Escort except it is the …

May 09, 2018 by ClemSparks
Ford F350

1984 Ford F350, regular cab, dual wheels, dual tanks, 460 cubic inches, 4 speed. It'll haul home almost anything I'd care to bring home. Just don't try to sneak past …

Aug 03, 2011 by familytruckster
Ford Country Squire LX

1989 Country Squire LX 1996 Explorer 5.0L cammed, TwEECed, Wide Ratio AOD, 3.73 gears, exhaust, 1999 Cobra Wheels, lots of other little things that nobody notices. And the important stuff! …

Mar 27, 2011 by Apexcarver
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra 1997

1997 Ford Mustang Cobra, in preparation for ESP autocross competition. In 1997 my father passed away from cancer and in the years before he died we would go out and …

Jul 16, 2009 by Tim
Ford 08 Mustang GT

2008 GT 5 speed, Not many modifications planned to stay in F-stock for a little bit

Apr 21, 2011 by Patrick (Forum Supporter)
Ford Crown Vic P71 Police Interceptor

99 P71 ex Cleveland PD Car # 419 Police Equipment: Prisoner cage/divider, Shotgun mount, Xplore Genesys II Tablet PC police computer on dock, Spotlight, corner strobes, Code 3 push bar, …

Mar 27, 2011 by Jimmysidecarr
Ford SVT Cobra Mustang coupe 2004

A street car first, but a fun and rewarding track toy also. Stock springs and shocks, Delrin bushings in IRS, Detroit TrueTrac, 4 piston Brembo front calipers, brake cooling ducts, …

Jun 01, 2012 by corsepervita
1999 Ford ZX2

Suspension Techniques springs (1.2-1.3" apprx drop), KYB GR2 Struts, ES Bushings, B&M Short throw /w ES bushings, 15" Primax 772 wheels, Fabricated brake ducts from front facia, ceramic brakes, kleemanized …

Jul 16, 2009 by V8er
Ford Mustang GT

On its way to 600hp.

Jan 04, 2014 by blaze86vic
1986 Ford Crown Victoria 1986

This is my track / drift / tow vehicle. Back in the summer of 2001 at the age of 17, my father passed this car on to me. When I …

Sep 10, 2016 by Will
1994 Ford Thunderbird SC

Suspension work: Custom Koni front coilovers w/Hyperco 600-lb springs. Koni rear shocks with Suspension techniques springs shortened by 3/4 coil. 1-1/4 front sway bar, custom 1-1/4 hollow rear sway bar. …

Aug 11, 2011 by mikephilpott
Ford SVT Lightning

'99 black Lightning with mild performance mods consisting mostly of a computer chip and a custom intake system.

Jul 16, 2009 by W04RFR
Ford ranger

I bought this truck from a Repo bid and was asked to bid on it since nobody wanted to bid on it. After putting in some elbow grease to save …

Sep 04, 2009 by cghstang_chris
Ford LTD Country Squire

1986 Ford LTD Country Squire My new Ford Five Hundred ($) Crossover This sweet machine has more seating and towing capacity than any of the current Ford "crossovers," not to …

May 11, 2013 by belteshazzar
2002 Ford Crown Victoria P71 pkg.

I've owned it a year now. BEST DAILY DRIVER EVER brb, I'm gonna go make out with it some more...

Oct 30, 2019 by jmthunderbirdturbo
Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

1987 Ford T-bird TC, 5spd. Rare Sandalwood/Gold color

Oct 01, 2009 by TeamHighNoon
1997 Ford Mustang GT

1997 Ford Mustang GT that has a long list of upgrades. I run in the Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally yearly with it. Finished third overall in the 2007 event and …

Mar 15, 2010 by RUDDY
Ford RS1600i

Rare homologation special produced for one year only (1983).

Mar 27, 2011 by jslindst
Ford Mustang Cobra

1998 Mustang Cobra that is raced in American Iron with NASA FL & in R4 with PBOC in Florida. Pic is from a recent PBOC event at Daytona.

Dec 24, 2010 by SpeedOften
Ford 2004 SVT Focus ZX5

2004 SVT Focus ZX5: Black, black/ blue Cold weather package, Audiophile package Modifications: Shaved Volant intake w/ custom ram air scoop, CFM 67mm TB, Wrapped OEM Header, CFM ORP wrapped, …

Jan 31, 2017 by GreenZX3Racer
2002 Ford Focus ZX3

My Daily Driver and Autocross car.

May 09, 2011 by irmechanic
1986 Ford Mustang GT

Streetable Road racer Stock(ish) 5.0 5 spd - mass-air conversion - Flowmaster 2 1/2" and off-road pipe. Full cage and subframe connectors - 5 lug conversion Baer front brakes and …

Oct 06, 2010 by Teqnyck
Ford Festiva

Let me start with the basics. Stripped to the bare floor, 1662lbs, 380 dynoed whp and 340wtq on 25psi of boost. Mazda BPT swap with forged Wiseco pistons (8.5:1), forged …

Sep 13, 2011 by dacrab
1966 Ford 66 Mustang GT "Notchback" Road Race Car

Make and Body • 1966 Mustang GT (A code) • Jack Roush Signed Vintage Club Race Car used for Touring and Autocross Events • 64,000 Original Miles • 25 years …

Aug 07, 2009 by randyvr6
Ford ( Mercury) Capri 1973

1973 Mercury (Ford) Capri. 2.8 Liter V6. Offy Intake with Hollley 4 bbl. carb. & headers. American Racing Formula Libre wheels with Sumitomo 205/60/13 tires. I have owned this one …

Jul 16, 2009 by ffhillclimber
Ford Caldwell D9

Here's my 1970 Caldwell D9 Formula Ford 1600. These were the first USA built FF1600s and won the first SCCA Formula Ford National Championship in 1969 with Skip Barber, their …

Oct 17, 2010 by jimbbski
Ford Mustang Cobra R

I owned this car from 1995-2006. I open tracked it, club raced it, and did a little street driving as well. Check out the GRM sticker on the rear fender.

Jan 04, 2013 by Maroon92
Ford Mustang

The Scuderia Limonata 1992 Ford Mustang Spyder 2.3 Litre LM This car is being prepped for this years edition of the BABE rally, as well as the subsequent Laissez les …

Jul 16, 2009 by dj06482 (Forum Supporter)
Ford 1992 Mustang LX - SSP Notch

1992 Ford Mustang LX - SSP Notch - ex FHP Marked Unit

Mar 27, 2011 by birel21y
Ford Mustang Cobra


Jul 16, 2009 by mikeride
Ford Contour SVT

Cold air intake, Chipped, Short Shifter, Flowmasters Exhaust full back, Range Rover bulbs, 15" Kicker L7, 2500 HiFonics Amp....... Much much more it was a great car 0-60 in under …

Aug 31, 2011 by turbellion

1964 FORD CORTINA GT formula ford spec engine dry sump t-9 5 speed quiaffe lsd on 3.90 rear all work done by myself

Sep 16, 2011 by turbellion
Ford pinto

my daily driver for 3 years slower version of the cortina RIP ( you can see the cortinas shell in the garage) being turned into a car

Nov 20, 2010 by lowblackdub
Ford ZX2

Interior: - B&M Short Shifter with Energy Suspension bushings - Metra Stereo Adapter - Alpine CDA-9830 MP3/WMA deck - Kicker KS68 6x8" speakers - Bazooka 8" powered bass tube - …

Jul 16, 2009 by 2.0dohc
Ford 1998 zx2

hey it was cheap

Feb 10, 2011 by Opus
1973 Ford Pinto

Engine - 351 from 74 Galaxie Motor mounts - Mustang 2 Exhaust manifold - 98 Mercury Mountaineer run forward Intake - Edelbrock Performer 351 Carb - Edelbrock 1406 with custom …

Mar 04, 2011 by joey48442
1994 Ford 1994 Escort Wagon

Hit a deer, so I bought for cheep! Then I put a new nose on, and now it looks great!

Mar 30, 2011 by gcassidy
1998 Ford Mustang Cobra

Updates: I've been running in NASA Time Trials for the last couple years with my Cobra-finishing the year in 3rd in TTB in the Mid-Atlanbtic Region. There's been a few …

Jan 28, 2018 by GElliott
1970 Ford Cortina GT

Full race , 2.3 SOHC,( 240 HP with Esslinger head & 50 DCO Webers), T5 transmission, Winters quick change rear, 3-link rear suspension with adj sway bar and panhard rod. …

Jul 16, 2009 by spdracer315
1992 Ford f-150 Flareside

5.8L that i rebuilt for a school project, 5 speed manual, 2wd. I managed to swipe some mercedes r-class seats (unfortunatly theyre mercedes 'simu-leather' or in other words vinyl, but …

May 03, 2015 by aussiesmg
1972 Ford Ranchero

72 Fish Mouth, somewhat rough but a project on the backburner until I get a few of the others caught up This car has been earmarked for the Zombie Apocalypse …

Oct 11, 2011 by KAILUAZ
1993 Ford Mustang BBF

93 shell with 86 fascia. 460 BBF swap, but drag racing is boring so its going to be setup for auto-x and HPDE fun. Crazy things like mounting the radiator …

Jul 12, 2011 by KAILUAZ
2005 Ford Crown Vic Sport

The family car that I auto-x on occasion. It looks great in a sea of Miatas'.

Nov 25, 2009 by ffhillclimber
1970 Ford Caldwell D9

My 1970 Caldwell D9 vintage Formula Ford. I use it for hillclimbing, time trials, vintage, and autocross. These were the first USA built FF1600 and won the first SCCA National …

Mar 28, 2011 by RossD
1977 Ford Capri

I bought this car from a guy in Green Bay and he said it came from an auction. (1976 Capri 2.3 Liter Lima w/4 speed Type F). He thought it …

Jul 16, 2009 by Sparky
1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

M code, FMX, 3.25 posi, PB, PS, AC

Jul 16, 2009 by deveous9
1997 Ford P71 Crown Victoria

This is my 97 P71 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria that is my daily driver and weekend race car. Its heavy, bulky and without the right kind of tires, sluggish to …

Jul 16, 2009 by Peasepod
1986 Ford Taurus

Silver 3.0 V-6, my daily driver.

May 02, 2010 by Nitroracer (Forum Supporter)
2003 Ford Focus SVT

This focus is my more practical alternative to owning a grm staple miata or crown vic. I wanted more room than the mazda could give and better mileage than the …

Mar 28, 2011 by robench
1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

My 2002 Tii is still a few years from being roadworthy and I was getting the itch to get back on the track. I found a deal on a Mustang …

Apr 04, 2011 by Jrodsvt
2003 Ford SVT Focus

This has been a wonderful little weekend warrior and daily driver for me. I have enjoyed and modified it. I always wish it had a little bit more power but …

Feb 26, 2010 by wsouders
1984 Ford Mustang SVO

Early '84 Black 5 Speed with Gray Cloth interior. Engine in the middle of a 13+ year rebuild. Hope to get it back together and running again soon. Only had …

Jul 16, 2009 by wsouders
2007 Ford Focus ST

Silver 5 Speed with Leather and Traction Control. Used as a daily driver.

Aug 24, 2015 by Nitroracer (Forum Supporter)
1968 Ford Fairlane 500

I bought this car back in the summer of 2007 after going to a local car show and developing a need for old metal again. I had owned a 71' …

Jul 16, 2009 by sshbsn
1961 Ford Falcon wagon

Three on the tree, vacuum powered wipers, straight six, what's not to love?

Jul 16, 2009 by sshbsn
1972 Ford Mustang

Brown. Inside and out.

Jun 16, 2014 by GUNDY
2013 Ford Focus ST

daily driver

Jul 16, 2009 by GUNDY
1999 Ford Explorer

tow vehicle

May 03, 2019 by getn2focus
2003 Ford SVT Focus

Pitch Black ZX5 (4 door hatchback model). Running the EAP wheels. 2.0 DOHC Zetec motor. My daily driver and Auto-X fun toy.

Jul 16, 2009 by AMB
2006 Ford GT

Ford Supercar

Jul 16, 2009 by AMB
2003 Ford Mustang Cobra

KB 2.2 Supersharger @ 600+ RWHP

Jul 16, 2009 by 510mar
2001 Ford Focus zx3

stock as a rock

Jul 16, 2009 by carguy427
1985 Ford Mustang

The car has been in the family since new and has 82k miles. Decided to make it a local autox car. Now has H&R race springs, '87 spindles and ft. …

Jul 16, 2009 by Carrera4
1994 Ford F-150 Supercab 4x4

94 F150 4x4 SuperCab for hauling stuff, towing, etc. It's a good truck that's easy to work on, and the parts are cheap and easy to find. 135,000 miles and …

Aug 19, 2011 by Guam135i
2004 Ford Ranger

This truck does it all, Drag Race, Autocross, Set-up the course, clean-up the course, drives me to work everyday and gets 27 MPG.

May 18, 2011 by 2focusedracing
2003 Ford Focus ZX3T

'03 focus ZX3 ... custom IHI turbo..put together by me :-) , ford racing stg. 2 cams, H&R race springs, KYB AGX, progress RSB, MBRP, SCT PRP, AEM, enkie, rota, …

Jul 16, 2009 by 2focusedracing
2002 Ford focus se wagon

wifes autocrosser: short ram intake, B&G springs, tokico, sct Xcal3, K&N, kumho, kazera,corbau forza,G force

Jul 06, 2010 by Jasonof2000
2004 Ford SVT Focus

My normal daily driver, the only mods I have is an intake, coil pack with wires, and a Ford Torsen LSD.

Oct 12, 2011 by Rufledt
1987 Ford E-150 Conversion van

purchased 1986 as an '87 model by my dad, 'conversioned' in 87 by DMC in milwaukee. 302 windsor EFI with AOD tranny, 1/2 ton. currently sporting: -ford racing shorty headers …

Apr 19, 2015 by timdeckert
1997 Ford P71 24 hours of LeMon's and Chumpcar

24 hours of LeMons car. Served as a PIT trainer in a former life It has completed 3 LeMons races and a 24 hour chumprace so far. video at:

Apr 29, 2011 by hobiercr
2002 Ford 2002 F350 Crew-cab Dually

The Beast...

Sep 14, 2013 by hobiercr
1977 Ford 1977 Bronco

The beach vehicle. Usually has some form of beach catamaran behind it.

Apr 12, 2010 by BrettM
2005 Ford Mustang GT

This is the daily driver. I figured I may as well have fun going to work. This car puts a big smile on my face whenever I drive it.

Apr 12, 2010 by BrettM
1968 Ford Mustang fastback

This car is also in somewhat of a project stage. I look forward to driving her soon.

Apr 22, 2011 by Karl La Follette
1960 Ford Seagraves fire truck

Crystal River # 1 fire truck , run and drives and pumps water , saved with Brush truck !960 Willys M-180

Jul 16, 2009 by FSTASNTZ
1994 Ford Lightning

#321 Black Stock... for now

Jul 16, 2009 by norotors
1999 Ford Crown Vic P-71

Ex-NC State Trooper, cold air intake, 3.55 gear, turbo mufflers, 2007 V6 Mustang wheels w/1.25" spacers and 235/60-16 Kuhmo ASX's; driven 100 miles a day to my damn job.

Dec 06, 2011 by junkbuggie
1996 Ford ranger

bone stock other than the topper.

Jun 15, 2011 by sfarrell7
1998 Ford Contour SE

My contour has the 2.5L V6, 5sp manual, and fancy rear spoiler to keep this fwd beast planted at high speed.

Dec 01, 2010 by sfarrell7
2002 Ford Focus SVT

Stock except for cat back magnaflow exhaust and steeda rims. 125k miles but feels like the day it rolled off the assembly line.

Jun 20, 2011 by 91SHO
1991 Ford Taurus SHO

Modified for lapping days.

Jul 11, 2011 by CobraVic
1999 Ford Cobra Vic

Instructor Car 1999 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria ENGINE: 1999 SVT Mustang Cobra 4.6L 4V. 320 HP. Full length Cobra windage tray with modified Mark VIII oil pan. Emissions controls removed. …

Jul 23, 2009 by Emmymau
1973 Ford Pinto Squire

Rescued from a junkyard in Arizona. I've wanted one since we had one as a kid, and this one cost less than a DVD player and is rust free to …

Jul 24, 2009 by oxfordwhitemach
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Oxford white - only 814 made 5 speed Boosted Performance built forged bottom end 325rwhp/345rwtq

Jan 23, 2011 by coloarch
1998 Ford Contour SE

Stock 2.5l, 5 speed trans, 4-wheel disc brakes. Working on a 3.0l from a Sable to install.

Jul 27, 2009 by coloarch
1982 Ford Mustang

Project: 351ci w/T-5, road race suspension

Dec 11, 2010 by dennisg
1965 Ford mustang

44 years later, I still have it. 289 3 speed and now a 5 speed I drove it solo New York to Seattle in 48 hrs in 1972. It pulled …

Jul 28, 2009 by drcbike
2000 Ford Expedition

custom dual exhaust. This is what I use to haul the track cars... Very nice on the road pulling the trailer...

Jun 21, 2010 by Maroon92
1995 Ford Aspire8

With it's high efficiency 1.3 liter 4, and excellent custom "skip shift" 4-speed transmission, this car will pull as hard as an anemic 4 year old. Lightweight features include special …

Aug 01, 2009 by dennisg
1971 Ford F250 pickup

9 mpg says it all. Otherwise a nice truck. They all look the same so who cares about a picture.

Jun 29, 2013 by lewbud
2003 Ford Mustang GT

4.6L, 5 spd. Over 145k

Aug 07, 2009 by townsend7
1999 Ford F150

Plain old truck....

Sep 04, 2011 by plance1
1976 Ford Quadravan

4x4 van

Aug 09, 2009 by 98_2vgt
1968 Ford Mustang coupe

.30 over 289 being built as a Trans Am Tribute car.

Jun 22, 2014 by fiesta54
1980 Ford Fiesta

I drive a 1980 Ford Fiesta. This is my first car and my daily driver. The interior has been completely stripped out, and a roll cage has been installed. Also …

Oct 28, 2010 by mallem
1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Using some input from GRM over the years I have put together Pearl, my 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 5spd. Its got the factory Sport package with factory black tweed interior. …

Oct 19, 2011 by CobraVic
1999 Ford Cobra Vic

Instructor Car 1999 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria ENGINE: 1999 SVT Mustang Cobra 4.6L 4V. 320 HP. Full length Cobra windage tray with modified Mark VIII oil pan. Emissions controls removed. …

Aug 13, 2009 by McMahonRacing
1988 Ford Mustang LX

Back-up car

Nov 30, 2010 by wrc_fan
2003 Ford Focus ZX3 2.3L

2003 Ford Focus ZX3 with 2.3L duratec engine and a manual transmission. Power nothing and light on options. Current plans are to build it into a competitive SCCA F Street …

Aug 20, 2009 by Duck
2003 Ford F-150

Tow beast.

Aug 22, 2009 by chiba_man
2003 Ford Crown Vic Police

Basic used police car, eventually going to drop in a 5.4L and trans from a van.

Aug 23, 2009 by sambarnes85
2000 Ford Mustang

V6, manual, convertible

Sep 14, 2009 by plance1
2000 Ford SVT Contour

My old contour with a 3 liter engine, headers, koni suspension, subframe connectors, chip, lsd

Jan 03, 2011 by plance1
1976 Ford wagon

loved driving this thing till I blew it up.

May 04, 2011 by fstncln
1965 Ford Mustang

Full restomod with modified 5.0L EFI, nitrous, T5, brakes, suspension, more. Ran the Silver State at 120.5mph avg. for 90 mi.

Aug 30, 2009 by fstncln
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Magazine project car. Heavily modified for track day use yet still very streetable. Faster than a GT500KR for half the price. Easily beats all but the most powerful/expensive Saleens, Roushes, …

Aug 31, 2009 by jensnhealy
1998 Ford Contour SVT

Poor man's M3!

Nov 29, 2010 by DirtyBird222
2006 Ford Mustang GT

Performance: Roush Roots style supercharger and Corsa Axle Back Exhaust. Looks: Elanor Style Front Grill and Saleen replica wheels.

Sep 09, 2009 by geofftii2002
2003 Ford Focus SVT

Focus SVT Eurosnob package: Comp Orange, Recaro Seats, HID's, yadda yadda. A whole lot of fun.

Nov 12, 2009 by probesport
1923 Ford Model T Roadster

1923 T Roadster, 350 SBC, dual Ford/Holley 94 carbs.

Jul 16, 2011 by probesport
1997 Ford Probe GTS Turbo

I have owned this car from new, and a mods list woudl be near impossible. The URL has a few mods however it needs to be updated.

Sep 17, 2009 by nocarbud
1953 Ford Jubilee NAA

Dad and I restored this last year. very fun project, lots of fun to ride around the back 40.

Jun 08, 2020 by NOT A TA
1966 Ford Mustang coupe

Nitrous project

Mar 12, 2017 by NOT A TA
2000 Ford F-350 TD Dually Lariat

cowboy caddilac

Aug 08, 2010 by dok33
1989 Ford Festiva

1989 Festiva Built for the $2009 Challenge. Who are we kidding, it started out as a $2008 Challenge project that got delayed due to too much beer and too little …

Jun 25, 2010 by Jeff_L
1973 Ford Capri Mk1

Rally prepped 1973 Ford Capri Mk1. 2 Litre Pinto motor. Car has been rallied at the Rally of the Tall Pines and The Galway Cavendish Forest Rally. Vintage racing next …

Apr 12, 2010 by gjz30075
1966 Ford Mustang

fastback, GT, triple black, 331 stroker w/ 5 speed

Sep 23, 2009 by oledude
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Maximum Motorsports track suspension

Oct 18, 2011 by SHOspazz92
1992 Ford Taurus SHO

This 92 Taurus SHO was built for the Road course! The car's home track was usually Watkins Glen where it made plenty of track days with the BMWCCA. However, It's …

Sep 25, 2009 by Buckhead
1978 Ford F-250

Bought the truck for $500 at a mud bog in NC. Caught fire on the ride home - threw the Dana 60 and 44 (after a complete rebuild) under my …

Jul 26, 2011 by hmrally
1984 Ford Escort

Rallycross car "Black Bush".

Jul 01, 2011 by slolx50
1985 Ford Bronco II

Winter Driver 302 Swap 4" Suspension Lift 2" Body Lift 33" MTR's Awaiting EB Solid Axle Swap...

May 17, 2011 by Tactical Penguin
1994 Ford Mustang GT

This is my "more than I can chew" track Mustang project. When I bought the car, it had Baer brakes, an Autopower rollbar, and the Griggs GR40 coilover suspension package. …

Oct 25, 2010 by Brian(formerly neon4891)
2007 Ford Taurus

moms car

Sep 30, 2009 by Racerkat
2000 Ford Escort ZX2 S/R

My yellow jelly bean - only 2,000 made, 4-wheel disc brakes, uprated suspension, moon roof, upgraded engine chip, and cold air box. A sleeper!

Dec 22, 2017 by 767driver
1982 Ford Mustang GT

Had this in college in Daytona Beach back in the day. Built by another student who sold it to me, it was fast and fun!

Oct 10, 2009 by jbp99cobra
1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

Broken track toy RIP - 9/10/09 @ VIR

Oct 18, 2010 by trab
1993 Ford Mustang GT

Stroked 393w, 150wet shot of nitrous, AFR 185cc Heads, Qucikfuel 850cfm carb, and a SHITload more...

Oct 10, 2009 by bklecka
2006 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport

Bone Stock

Oct 10, 2009 by bklecka
2003 Ford F250 SuperDuty

Crew cab, 7.3 Powerstroke diesel, four wheel drive.

Oct 10, 2009 by bklecka
1995 Ford Bronco

5.8L, lift kit, 35 inch BFG All terrains

Jul 13, 2010 by dreadpirate MX-5
1998 Ford Escort SE

it's my winter car

Oct 17, 2009 by sldghmr
2004 Ford SVT Focus

#449 Black on Black EAP, strut bar, ORP, Tom's tune...

Apr 29, 2010 by 5ev3n
2006 Ford P71 Crown VIc

She's a Beaut and a Brute.

Oct 23, 2009 by Arminius
1988 Ford Mustang GT

Owned since new

Oct 23, 2009 by Arminius
1974 Ford Mustang II

The slowest car ever owned

Jul 26, 2011 by Arminius
1982 Ford Escort GT

New in 82' My first tuner car before it became so popular in the late 90's

Jun 03, 2013 by wbr
1965 Ford Mustang

ENGINE MODIFICATIONS: Mexican 302 block, Scat cast steel stroker (347) crank, Crower Sportsman rods, Wiseco custom pistons, Techcraft/Elgin solid cam, Competition Cams solid lifters, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, Comp Cams …

Oct 02, 2017 by wbr
1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Daily Driver - Stolen

Oct 26, 2009 by shudahadavr6
2001 Ford Mustang GT

Black mustang GT, set up for Drag Racing. Portedheads, cams, intake, O/R x-pipe, Bassani cat back thats dumped before the axle, 4.10 gears, cutom tuned by Pro-DYno, and rides on …

Jun 29, 2011 by Fastdad
2007 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

Engine stock, except for reprogrammed PCM, CAI, and exhaust. Rear suspension is upgraded with FRPP springs/shocks, FRPP rear lower control arms, Steeda rear upper control arm, Edelbrock panhard rod, and …

Oct 27, 2009 by SirCharles
1996 Ford Mustang GT

My stock 1009 Mustang GT

Dec 19, 2015 by Raze (Forum Supporter)
2007 Ford Ranger Sport

3.0L 2wd 5spd 4.10

Nov 01, 2009 by Tom_Vlasak
1965 Ford Mustang

A pure race car this is a GT 350 R clone with a 306 ci motor, toploader 4 speed, and 9" locker rear end. Extensive suspension and chassis upgrades make …

Nov 29, 2009 by plance1
2002 Ford Sport-trac

2002 Ford Sport Trac

Jul 27, 2015 by borf42
1994 Ford Thunderbird LX

1994 T-Bird, with an '03 Explorer 4.6 V8, '02 Mustang transmission, and dyno tuned to 244 hp and 285 lb-ft at the wheels. Oh, and the torque curve is a …

May 25, 2010 by borf42
1987 Ford Thunderbird TC

Giving to my brother...

Jul 20, 2011 by reinsport
1934 Ford Legends

LAPD Legends car and Yamaha R-6 Racebike

May 27, 2010 by borf42
1994 Ford Thunderbird LX

Frank - as in Frankenstein. Has the 4.6 out of an explorer with an aluminum block and 6 bolt main, 4R70W out of a Mustang GT, rear brakes from my …

Nov 02, 2009 by lesloushin
1970 Ford Boss 301 TransAm Mustang Mach I

Currently undergoing rebuild

Nov 08, 2009 by canzus
1978 Ford Bronco

460ci C6

Nov 24, 2009 by snoopycooter
1997 Ford mustang gt

convertible, 4.6 liter, ford performance intake manifold(replaced recall model). trick flow upper intake plenum, k & n intake, H-pipe with dual flowmaster. new sound system, thats bout it

Nov 10, 2009 by blue32
1932 Ford Roadster

Finishing up the frame, just painted and now moving on to the fiberglass body.

Jul 01, 2011 by pilotbraden
1974 Ford F-100 Ranger short box 4x4

390 c.i. 2bbl holley 4spd 4" lift Detroit locker

Jul 30, 2015 by cghstang_chris
1998 Ford Escort ZX-2

Bought from EntropyMan via the GRM $2K9 Classifieds. Made the 1000 mile trip from Florida to Ohio (including Deal's Gap) without complaint. It's primary purpose is RallyX-mobile/Winter DD. With that …

Aug 16, 2010 by DETROIT
1986 Ford Mustang

Needs work but I enjoy working on it and I can't wait to race it someday.

Nov 17, 2009 by porksboy
1996 Ford Ranger

Dailey driver with 200K on the clock. Wonder how many miles I can put on it.

Nov 18, 2009 by FOXRacer
1991 Ford Mustang

5.0 Liter 302c.i. V8 with a 5-speed. Being developed into a RACE-ONLY thoroughbred. It will eventually be entered in everything from my local Autocross events held by the BMW club, …

Nov 18, 2009 by FOXRacer
1998 Ford Explorer XLT

5.0 Liter 302c.i. V8 with AODE 4-speed Automatic. This is the MULE. She pulls the steed well and is my daily driver.

Nov 24, 2009 by macher03
1994 Ford Mustang GT

Dedicated road racer painted in 1970 Grabber Blue.

Apr 19, 2010 by macher03
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

The Legend Reborn - turbocharged V-8 under the Shaker hood gives it the power of the 429 Cobra Jet and the smoothness of a rocket!

Nov 22, 2009 by jglee920
2002 Ford Ranger Edge

Just my everyday driver.

Jan 22, 2010 by jam
1995 Ford mustang

bolt ons maximum suspension bear brakes

Nov 26, 2009 by johnwatkins
2004 Ford F 350 POWERSTROKE


Dec 02, 2009 by Silv2KGT
2000 Ford Mustang GT

2000 Premium Mustang GT

Sep 20, 2011 by 5ohPony
1984 Ford Mustang LX GR40

Track car - 5.0L H.O. engine; Griggs Racing GR40 World Challenge chassis with 285/30-18 BFG R1 tires. 300 HP / 295 torque.

Apr 04, 2011 by 5ohPony
1994 Ford Mustang GT

Daily driver - 5L H.O. with MSD, K&N, Flowmaster, and Eibach Pro-kit. Also, used by my daughter at track days.

Dec 06, 2009 by 5ohPony
2007 Ford F150 Lariat 4x4

My tow rig - 5.4L with K&N, Flowmaster, and Edge Evolution controller.

Mar 28, 2011 by thonczarenko
1989 Ford Mustang LX

Building for the American Iron series.

Jul 02, 2010 by CLynn85
1983 Ford Mustang

5.0, 4 speed Trans (SROD, yuck), 147k on stock motor, misc suspension tweaks, fun weekend driver, scary around corners. Saved from a junkyard in Manassas, VA in 2003, bone stock, …

Dec 31, 2012 by Downforce
2005 Ford Focus ZX4 ST

Stock with the exception of nice BBS wheels and Falken all-season rubber.

Dec 12, 2009 by FLATLINE
1995 Ford GTS

Former daily driver turned track car..

Dec 14, 2009 by LeonardMueller
1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Concourse resto by Paul Faessler, Rangoon Red with White top, over Wimbleton White interior.

Dec 14, 2009 by LeonardMueller
2003 Ford F350 Diesel Dually crew cab 4x4

Huge, but tows real nice.

Dec 14, 2009 by KSeries2497
1995 Ford Probe GT

It's rusty and stock. Well, almost stock.

Jan 05, 2013 by pro3pdx
2002 Ford Focus ZX3

Vortec S/C, 5-speed car. Koni yellows, and Yokohoma S-drives.

Dec 18, 2009 by monsterbronco
1977 Ford Bronco

302, c4 tranny. cut fenders. 2in body 3in suspension lift sitting on a shelf in the coner

Feb 05, 2010 by speeddoctor
2003 Ford 2003-Cobra-I.R.S. Convertible

An deviance yes? yes no, yes no!? Sh-- everyman needs a balls to the wall American V-8!!! I prefer a convertible!!!! with 600hp! LaMatta style! and baby we've just begun!!! …

Apr 24, 2011 by chromedog
1965 Ford mustang

351 windsor interceptor, overdrive, 3.50 trac lock diff.. shelby drop, disc brake suspenson. subtrame connectors, 1"sway bar, kyb shocks

Jun 10, 2015 by reflexr
1994 Ford Escort GT

A stock EGT, I use for commuting.

Dec 04, 2010 by nevets
1965 Ford Mustang

289 2bbl., 3-speed, power top, no power steering or brakes,black pony interior. Photo taken in '83 on the day I first brought it home.

Dec 31, 2009 by drrigg
1998 Ford Mustang GT conv

an E-Bay special!

Nov 18, 2014 by RossD
2006 Ford F150

FX4, Crew Cab, 5.5' box, 20" factory rims, black leather and center console shifter. Newest vehicle I've ever owned. Now with a Daystar 2" leveling kit to fit the 275-60-R20 …

Aug 11, 2011 by Mystic_Cobra
1965 Ford Mustang

hardtop/coupe flat black exterior 289 V8 engine, T5 5-speed manual trans, many projects to come including disc brakes

Mar 27, 2011 by Mystic_Cobra
1996 Ford Mustang Cobra

NASA American Iron racecar 4.6L DOHC Cobra, T45 trans, Maximum Motorsports suspension

Oct 19, 2010 by aussiesmg
1992 Ford Crown Vic

Maroon92's old car

May 26, 2011 by aussiesmg
1994 Ford E150

Tow van/family hauler

Nov 03, 2013 by inkedfireman
2002 Ford Focus

Supercharged zetec, water/air intercooled roots blower with a Quaife diff in the MTX-75 5spd. SVT front springs and Eibach Pro Kit rears with a Progress 22mm rear sway bar results …

Aug 23, 2010 by 16vCorey
1996 Ford Escort LX

Look in the background of this picture at this magnificent turd of a car, which can be yours for $1,250! Low miles, 2dr hatch, auto trans, cracked front and rear …

Aug 02, 2011 by s4dustin
1969 Ford Fastback Mustang

For my girl. We have been restoring this for a few years now. She is a die hard mustang fan. Paint and body done. Breaks done. Needs the interior, suspension …

Mar 28, 2011 by GR40RACER
2007 Ford Shelby/Griggs GT500/GR40TT

2007 Ford Shelby GT500 Griggs Racing GR40TT Full Chassis: the first Shelby GT500-GR40TT built by Griggs Racing at their Infineon Raceway shops in the summer of 2008. SLA front suspension …

Jan 07, 2010 by jefmed2
1965 Ford mustang conv

under resto

Feb 25, 2010 by Gary
1998 Ford SVT Contour

The SVT Contour was a pretty good, well-balanced performance vehicle from Ford in the late nineties. I purchased mine new and it only has around 80K miles on it now. …

Jan 18, 2010 by sldghmr
1995 Ford Mustang GT

Track car-Road & Drag racing. '03 Cobra IRS, coil overs, 4spd Toploader, Lakewood BH, 8pt roll bar, 357ci topped by EFI converted Victor Jr by Coast HP (almost running)

Apr 20, 2010 by 85NHalf
1985 Ford Mustang SVO

1985 1/2 SVO Stock 36K miles

Jul 01, 2011 by mudpie
1927 Ford Roadster

Speedway kit, Track T, this was someones dream till they couldn't recover from the changes they made to the plans. Its now mine and a 383ci, short rod engine will …

Nov 17, 2010 by focusonthefocus
2002 Ford Focus SVT

2002 Ford SVT Focus. She's too much fun! I only found a need for a shorter throw, so I installed the Steeda Short Shifter. Engine blew... :( New engine on …

Dec 21, 2010 by DavidinDurango
1953 Ford F-100

Uhhhh, blue (mostly) IFS, discs, TKO600, 460, 9" diff, and some stuff. Built for A/MP Bonneville, ran out of $ before the safety equip was finished. Yeah, the butt needs …

Oct 03, 2011 by alex
2004 Ford Focus ZX3 SVT

For sale? PM me for details

Aug 19, 2020 by alex
2000 Ford ZX3

Autotragic beater with SVT suspenders

Feb 09, 2013 by alex
1931 Ford Model A four door sedan hotrod

Channeled onto a La Salle frame in the '60s. Drive-In theatre concession stand menu for a roof. Perpetually 'in progress.' Should be getting a 460 one of these days...

Feb 15, 2010 by dkpain
2005 Ford f-150

work truck

Feb 16, 2010 by rarnouxp
2007 Ford GT500

Roush Stage 3 and Evo Perf Stage 2

Dec 13, 2010 by rogerbvonceg
1996 Ford Contour SE

2.5L V-6 with 5-Speed Manual. Mostly harmless. Koni Yellow Dampers | Roush Springs | Adjustable Camber Plates | SVT Airbox | Borla Cat-Back | MSDS Y-Pipe | Dual Mode Harmonic …

Feb 22, 2010 by oregon87
1987 Ford Mustang

Open track car

Nov 04, 2011 by iceracer
2000 Ford ZX2/SR

My multi prpose car. DD, iceracer,track car, eco runs. Bright Red with 5 spoke alloy wheels and summer or winter tires Many minor mods.

Feb 23, 2010 by jam
1994 Ford f150


Aug 19, 2010 by darkstar
2008 Ford mustang gt

its my toy, and my daily.

Dec 05, 2013 by FSP_ZX2
2000 Ford ZX2 S/R

ST Class Autocrosser

Feb 12, 2011 by bbenthin
1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

'65 Fastback weekend toy.

Mar 02, 2010 by Blackcatn2o
2006 Ford Focus ZX4 ST

06 ZX4 ST (basicly replaced the SVT after 2004), It has a 2.3L Duratec engine with a K&N CAI , trubends exhaust, F2 BSD an baffle kit, EBC redstuff pads …

Jun 22, 2010 by 1987buickgn
1999 Ford Crown Vic

I have a 1999 Ford Crown Vic. It does have the police package. It still have the spot light (which works), the police center console, and the cage in the …

Mar 05, 2010 by LBSypher
2002 Ford Mustang GT

Black Mach 1000 Stereo

Apr 20, 2011 by dannyesco
1993 Ford escort gt

Full coilovers,PowerSlot brakes,urathane bushings.Fully gutted,Sparco seats,and harness.Konig Wheels,Falken Azenis tires,Fuel Cell,Carbon Fiber Hood,Intake,AMG Exhaust,Plexiglass hatch.And wire tuck.

Apr 12, 2010 by ww
1994 Ford Ranger XLT - Parts Hauler

Auto-tragic 4 cyl. Just for hauling parts and home depot runs... Currently on "loan" to my brother in Seattle.

Mar 13, 2010 by phils8
1988 Ford Mustang LX

Solo II setup Stock 5.0 Dr. Gas exhaust, pan hard rod.

Mar 16, 2010 by Muck
1985 Ford Mustang GT

Owned since early '86. Basic bolt-on mods.

May 06, 2010 by mischellallen
1984 Ford merkur

been parked bout 7+yrs gonna need lotsa tlc but i need 2 no where to get the parts to fx it.can any1 help

Jul 06, 2015 by Hal
2010 Ford Transit Connect

2010 was the year we were supposed to replace my wife's 2000 Buick LeSabre. But she decided that she didn't want to get a new car. She suggested that we …

Apr 05, 2010 by MaddModds
1987 Ford Thunderbird

Real Cheap Junkyard Parts. Recycling Rocks! 8.8 373 Posi form Turbo Coupe. Welding the Mustang Crossmember. I can't believe how Chincy the welds were from the factory.

Apr 04, 2010 by MaddModds
1968 Ford F-100 SHB

68 Ford F-100 Short Bed.

Apr 05, 2010 by doorman
2002 Ford F-150

Work truck/moneymaker, pulls my beautiful work trailer

Oct 11, 2012 by Blitzed306
1996 Ford Crown Vic P74

Performance White paint, mustang take offs, Jmod

Oct 11, 2012 by Blitzed306
1981 Ford Mustang

Inline 6 and a 4 speed manual, optionless base model, not even AC, 2650 pounds

Apr 07, 2010 by BernardZX2
1999 Ford Escort ZX2

Turbo Charged

Apr 13, 2010 by csharpe3
2001 Ford Focus ZX3

2.0 5 speed

Feb 06, 2011 by turbellion
1967 Ford cortina 1500 deluxe estate

100% all original new daily driver, runs and drives great

Apr 13, 2010 by Stenner302
1987 Ford F-150

4 on the floor and an 8 foot bed - how much more simple can you get? This is the "support vehicle" for the fun cars and the house -- …

Apr 24, 2010 by 1fastben
2001 Ford Focus ZX3

Focus ZX3 rally car, logbooked and ready to go. Has been very reliable and handles very well on gravel.

Jul 11, 2017 by JDO924sV8
2006 Ford Mustang

06 Ford Mustang

Apr 29, 2010 by Downforce9
2005 Ford Focus ZX4 ST

Added BBS wheels and Falken rubber, otherwise stock. Contemplating replacing it with a Fiat 500 Abarth once it hits the market.

Nov 30, 2010 by losinfocus
2002 Ford Focus SVT

custom paint, steeda 2.5 exuast, h/r cup kit, tsw rims, tuned by FSwerks

May 04, 2010 by cprsteve
1988 Ford Mustang

Ministock asphault circle track racer

May 29, 2010 by RossD
1977 Ford Mustang II P.O.S Edition

I bought this crappy car to strip for Locost and Capri parts as needed. Scrapping all the body, frame, and crappy roll bar.

May 10, 2010 by trekkor
1999 Ford Escort ZX2

LeMons racer

Aug 26, 2011 by ansonivan
1997 Ford e150

Just bought this beast with a leaking waterpump... I think, work access is terrible on vans. 178,000 miles, ultra food-colorful interior and a roof made of rust. If I can …

Apr 28, 2011 by Ronin38
2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0

All Stock... for now. ;) Dyno = 353 rwhp. 1/4 mi. = 12.8 @ 110mph.

May 31, 2010 by revracer
1993 Ford probe Gt

93 ford probe Gt with 72, 000 miles. just added short through shifter RS4 chip up grade, magnflow cat back, k&n, front and reat strut bars

Apr 21, 2011 by jrb46
1946 Ford Super Deluxe coupe

Built flathead engine, 9" Ford rear, T-5 trans, Cragar SS wheels, disc front/drum rear brakes.

Aug 19, 2018 by N Sperlo
1995 Ford F150

The truck. For when I need a truck.

Jun 07, 2010 by N Sperlo
1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

1999 Crown Vic P71 Interceptor. 4.6L V8 Ex Sheriff. Dual Flowmaster exhaust. K&N air intake and filter. Outfitted as tornado alley storm chase vehicle.

Nov 15, 2012 by N Sperlo
1998 Ford Escort Zx2

When its running it the daily driver.

Mar 23, 2020 by N Sperlo
2008 Ford Focus SE

This is a daily driver. Its mine, but its my wife's, so its not mine.

Mar 27, 2011 by thecounterman
1998 Ford mustang

Tokico adj. shocks/struts Steeda springs,short throw, cc plates, upper/lower control arms 4.10 gears, aluminium flywheel, ram clutch k&n intake screamon demon ignition.

Apr 26, 2013 by maturbo951
2000 Ford ZX2 S/R

- The ford tuner hot rod in the VERY bright yellow.

Mar 27, 2011 by pitlizard205r
1986 Ford Saleen Mustang

This is the last car built in 1986 that Saleen built. It is an "R" series of which 3 where built. It is the only one that as not been …

Aug 21, 2011 by StevenDelong
1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

289 2bbl, 3-speed manual, Pony interior, power top, Porsche Guards Red. Purchased in '84 w/ 77,000 miles. It's got 160,000 on the original rings & bottom end. All the non-wear …

Feb 23, 2015 by Joe Gearin
1984 Ford Racevan

This van was purchased from a faithful GRM reader, who allowed us to take it off of his hands for the princely sum of $500. Since then the van has …

Jun 22, 2010 by gcassidy2
1998 Ford Mustang Cobra

SVT Cobra vert street driven and running NASA TT.

Jul 14, 2010 by DIONB
1997 Ford ESCORT


Sep 14, 2011 by markschoen
2000 Ford Crown Vic LX HPP

Daily Driver. Lowered, blacked out, Super chip tuner.

Sep 27, 2011 by weslager
2006 Ford Crown Vic P71 Police Interceptor

In a prior life, this Crown Vic was a municipal workhorse earning its way as a patrol car. These P71's are built tough and can run all day with little …

Jun 22, 2010 by 66GT350_R
1966 Ford Mustang


Jun 23, 2010 by Blitzed306
2000 Ford F-150XL

Base model, 4.2 with a stick. 160k on factory clutch

Jun 26, 2010 by Asylum67
1983 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

A road race project in the making. Formerly a drag car, I have plans to make this car handle and want to set it up for some occasional autocross events. …

Jun 26, 2010 by bullitt2655
2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt

DHG Bullitt number 02655. Stock 4.6L motor with CAI and SCT tune. Suspension mods: H&R Super Race springs, MM Panhard Bar & Trq Arm, MM Full length SF Connectors, Bilsteins, …

Mar 20, 2011 by tedium850
1967 Ford Mustang

I've owned since April1st, 1985 was 6 cyl coupe. Through high school and college I had installed a 351W, 4speed toploader, and rear disc brakes.

Mar 28, 2011 by JBrooks
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

This was my former track car and was upgraded with BROOKS Performance Aggressive Stage IV Suspension, Magna Flow Exhaust, 373 gears, SSBC 3 Piston Brrakes and R1 Track tires. Sold …

Jul 03, 2010 by caprib6t
1994 Ford Auzzi Capri

Since Mercury is dead I can now call my Capri by it's rightfull name. 1994 B6T converted Ford Capri in the rare Cobalt Blue.

Feb 09, 2016 by BobOfTheFuture
2002 Ford SVTF

Focus SVT. Daily driven, goin on its (and my) first HPDE Jul 16th.

Sep 02, 2011 by goldrush42
1979 Ford Fiesta

Highly modified. 1.6L Kent engine, .060" over, forged pistons, Carillo rods 1.25 racing cam, big-valve aluminum head, 4 core radiator 95 amp GM alternator 4-into-2-into-1 2" exhaust, JetHot coated Aluminum …

Feb 15, 2011 by goldrush42
1978 Ford Fiesta

This is my autocross Fiesta.

Jul 19, 2010 by ArtCaley
1989 Ford Mustang GT

My weekend cruiser and car for HPDEs. Upgraded the brakes, otherwise basically stock.

Jul 19, 2010 by ArtCaley
1990 Ford Mustang LX5.0 Sport

Well its been disassembled for my Factory Five Roadster Project. Shell is for sale. For pics visit my Photobucket site:

Aug 19, 2010 by ccwebb
2008 Ford Mustang

08 Bullitt.

Jan 26, 2011 by reflexr
2006 Ford Mustang Pony

V6, 5speed, SCT Tune, GT brake upgrade.

Jul 23, 2010 by ZeroOrDie
1993 Ford Mustang LX

Stock Slow White on Blue oh yeah.

Aug 09, 2011 by corby_baby
2000 Ford Escort ZX2


Nov 01, 2010 by cobrajoe
1994 Ford Mustang Cobra

1994 Ford Mustang Cobra Track Car, Member @ Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.

Nov 03, 2013 by eRic
2013 Ford 2014 Fiesta

2014 Ford Fiesta

Aug 02, 2010 by bentvalve
2004 Ford Mach 1

Stupid loud, mid-life-crisis red, radio flyer designed suspension -- God I do enoy it!

Nov 04, 2010 by PSUrivie
2009 Ford Focus

2-dr SES Coupe

Aug 09, 2010 by samfast
1973 Ford Mustang

I think this may be the only 73 mustang auto-x er

Aug 09, 2010 by txleadfoot
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Should have kept it

Feb 21, 2011 by tomvlasak
1965 Ford Mustang

GT 350 R Clone, raced in VDCA and SCCA Historic Groups

Aug 10, 2010 by ragamuffin65
1994 Ford Ranger XLT

Nothing fancy just a stock 94 Ranger XLT Supercab with a 3.0 V6 and a 5 speed...

Aug 13, 2010 by blueroo
1964 Ford Fairlane 500

Guardsman Blue/Silver Birch Pearlcoat 4 door sedan, powered by a modded 170 inline six/T5 combo....for now

Jun 23, 2011 by fast_eddie_72
1972 Ford Capri

My first car was my Dad's old '74 Capri. He would work on it under the tree in the side yard. I would run to the basement to get tools. …

Dec 21, 2010 by GridMarshall
1998 Ford Contour GL

Daily driver, sometime track toy. This car sees 2-4, track days a year. Car is black with silver and red accents. Svt front and rear facia, carbon fiber cowell hood, …

Mar 29, 2011 by 09shelby
2009 Ford GT500

Bought as a GT500, but now it falls between a KR and a SUPER SNAKE. Have added FRPP CAI and tuned by VMP. FRPP 3.73 gears, short throw shifter, AFCO …

Oct 03, 2013 by tedium850
1979 Ford Fiesta

Ghia model with no sunroof. 163K miles, been sitting garages since 1988. more to come

Sep 23, 2011 by darkbuddha
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

This is the first car I ever bought, purchased when I was only 15 for $1200 in '88. It needed tons of work from the moment I got it, but …

Sep 26, 2011 by ArizonaGT
2006 Ford Mustang GT

Goes somewhat quickly, turns and stops really well.

Jun 27, 2011 by 92sho16
1992 Ford Taurus SHO

1992 Ford Taurus SHO -62-1 turbo (12psi) -intrax springs -Tokico Struts - TD PR1.2 17x8 (street) 17x9 (track)

Jul 18, 2011 by PS122
1976 Ford Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino

Original Ford Limited Edition S&H Torino (1 of 1000).

Sep 02, 2010 by rexrcr
2010 Ford Mustang GT

2010 Mustang GT, only option is the 3.73 axle package. Roush wheels.

Oct 05, 2010 by spin_out
1996 Ford Mustang

$2010 Challenge car. 12th place over all. Base V-6 (crank windows baby) with NOS for the Drag portion. Cold air intake, Chip, underdrive pulleys, exhaust, Springs, Sway bars, Turbo Coupe …

Sep 02, 2010 by bravenrace
1974 Ford 3000 Tractor

Best vehicle I own. Burned to the ground on Father's Day '07, due to my own stupidity, but was rebuilt and has been flawless ever since.

Dec 06, 2010 by fordmaverick72
1972 Ford Maverick

70,000 miles on body.Original owner drove it to church and grocery store once a week,has original undercoating.complete restoration of 250 Inline 6 done along with engine bay,all suspension and interior.Added …

Sep 02, 2010 by fordmaverick72
1998 Ford Exploder

4 wheel drive hesitates on the freeway and gives me hell.timing chains in engine are about to snap off but it still starts for some reason.this is my daily driver.

May 10, 2011 by tincetti
1994 Ford Escort GT

Daily driver

Sep 20, 2010 by FlightService
1982 Ford F100

Bye bye 300 I6, Hello 390 P.I.

Sep 20, 2010 by FlightService
1994 Ford Ranger

14 second quarter and handles better than a C4

Sep 20, 2010 by FlightService
1994 Ford Explorer

I made it sleep with the fishes

Sep 20, 2010 by FlightService
2004 Ford Focus ZX3

I loved this car. Nashville to Pittsburgh with an 88 MPH average and 34 MPG. Gotta love that!

Aug 16, 2011 by gessvt
1993 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 coupe

Full GT40 package

24 lbs injectors

World Class T-5

Bassani/Flowmaster exhaust

Global West rear lower control arms

HPM subframe connectors

full 1993 Cobra disc brake conversion

17 x 9 (f) …

Dec 21, 2015 by mapper
2016 Ford Mustang GT

New autocross/track day car

Sep 28, 2010 by scooby06
2000 Ford mustang gt convertible

mm road and track kit custom turbo kit..... seized motor...................project car

Sep 28, 2013 by daves92cp
1992 Ford Mustang Cp

Full out road racer/street car. Built under AIX rules. 306 blower motor, Vortech SI trim 10lbs aftercooled, ported and polished TFS high port heads, blower cam, 60lb inj. Bang'n Bob …

Apr 29, 2011 by Chris
1997 Ford F-150

4" Lift W/3" Body Lift. 35" Procomp's with Weld Wheels. Flowmaster Muffler. Leer Camper. Currently has death wobble, was owned and driven by my Mother in-law. Now another project truck …

Jan 09, 2011 by Applejack
1965 Ford Mustang

Track car. Coil-over front suspension, panhard bar, T5, through the floor subframe connectors

Oct 02, 2010 by silverseven
2001 Ford Focus sedan

My little Foci project no-bucks .... Bought as a wreck and rebuilt at my workplace 9bodyshop) with spare parts and spare time ......

Oct 04, 2010 by djfrank
1966 Ford Mustang coupe

289 3 speed. Still a work in progress. Carb is on the work bench as I type this. Installed a disc brake upgrade @ front suspension. looking to add a …

Aug 13, 2011 by kelsosmith1989
1997 Ford Thunderbird

This is my 1997 Thunderbird LX Sport. Over the past few years, I've worked it over to be a fairly successful (Locally, anyways) ESP-classed AutoX machine. I've got custom coil-overs …

Nov 04, 2010 by Capt Slow
2000 Ford Focus

Wifey's commuter picked it up for $1500 bucks with fairly low mileage...

Oct 07, 2010 by donnadavis
1997 Ford mustang

white, spoiler, 16 inch mustang rims

Dec 16, 2017 by Jcamper
1985 Ford Mustang SVO

2.3 Turbo. I rebuilt the suspension, brakes, engine, and turbocharger. Had the Konis rebuilt to yellow specs, and went with carbotech brake pads. Ventus Rs-2 tires mounted on repainted '05 …

Sep 22, 2012 by RoadRacer78
2007 Ford 2007 Mustang GT

More mod than stock.

Nov 30, 2013 by car39
2004 Ford F-250 Crew Cab

Tow limo

Sep 22, 2012 by RoadRacer78
2010 Ford Mustang GT Vert

Stock daily driver with suspension, wheels/tires, 4pt bar and a supercharger all in boxes waiting for the off season to go in.

Oct 15, 2010 by Plastique_synthetiX
1997 Ford Contour

97 Zetec-R MTX Sport Mk1 Mondeo Morettes & Clear corners Full SVT kit w/ Molded Mirko Splitter, Carbon Fibre Hood Ground Control coilovers w/ Koni adjustables, BAT anti roll bar

Mar 28, 2011 by stangman50ca
1994 Ford Mustang Gt

94 Mustang Gt Tribute Edition. Paying tribute to the 69 Trans Am Mustang driven by George Follmer. 5.0 liter stock motor ad 5 speed. Bilstein Shocks and struts ,Steeda Lowering …

Oct 20, 2010 by boostedexec
1985 Ford Turbo Coupe

Mostly stock. kyb, trac loc 5 speed

Aug 01, 2013 by RoadRacer68
1962 Ford Cortina

Ex-ICSCC iTB champ from back in the day, basically picked it up as a roller, cool old Euro RS flares, cage in it, converted to coilover, my daughter and I …

Sep 11, 2011 by Blunny
1972 Ford Escort

RS 2000 copy Engine; - 2L OHC (similar to a pinto), twin 48 Dellorto, electronic ignition, balanced etc etc. Approx 190HP at the fly at 8300RPM Drive Line - 5 …

Oct 27, 2010 by wreckerboy
2004 Ford E350 XLT, "The Econoguzzler"

7200 lbs. of V10 gut busting torque goodness. It was bought when it was six months old to drag the primary Miata to the track, but also is an excellent …

Oct 29, 2010 by iceracer
1901 Ford 2011 Fiesta SE

Sedan, metalic blue, DSG transmission, alloy wheels.

Oct 31, 2010 by southbendmike
1998 Ford contour SE

stage 2 Kevlar coated clutch, short shifter, cold air intake, H&R springs w/ koni adjustable shocks, diablo sport chip,17inch KZA's 225/45/17 dunlops. poly urethane bushings, had it at Gingerman a …

Jul 01, 2011 by msbc94
1994 Ford Mustang Cobra

Bought it new and have worked on it ever sence. I built it to drive. Supercharged 5.0 with all the right go-fast parts to back it up. T56 trans. with …

Aug 19, 2011 by turbo2256
1970 Ford Mustang 256GT

This is a ongoing project started in 1980. It was put on the back shelf untill 2 years ago. Most of the parts needed were purchased back in 80. The …

Nov 10, 2010 by Ambitious_But_Rubbish
1994 Ford Thunderbird LX

4.6 V8, stock. Lowered. Gonna make it pretty, H-pipe/Flowmasters, put a stereo, Cobra torsen and 3.73's and let it eat. Stepdaughter's first car

Nov 13, 2010 by rruben
1966 Ford Mustang

New Project... Purchased on Ebay I found a relatively untouched car for a great price. This car has tire smoke in it's near future. I purchased a mustang because I …

Nov 15, 2010 by ernieorwig
1986 Ford Mustang SVO

2.5 stroker 405 RWHP.....Motor refresh in progress

Oct 03, 2011 by SgtRauksauff
1995 Ford Escort Wagon

Just your standard everyday grocery-getting **wagon**. It may or may not have a '94 Mazda Familia GTX engine/ECU mated to a '92 Escort GT transmission with an '03 Mazdaspeed Protege …

Jul 26, 2011 by AGENT47


Nov 23, 2010 by Lincolnman
1996 Ford Thunderbird LX

This car was bought to be gutted for a project that has yet to be started. Nicely cared for and optioned but with a 3.8L V6. The previous owner rear …

Nov 28, 2010 by IM_Hotrod
1984 Ford SVO

For Sale

May 15, 2015 by mapper
2010 Ford Transit Connect

Silver, goofy looking, and very usefull

Dec 17, 2010 by Bainford
1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

I bought the Mach 1 in 1989. As a car crazy kid in high school, I decided that a 69 Mach 1 was the car for me. As soon as …

Dec 05, 2010 by rusticrick
1966 Ford gt-40

fast ford

May 06, 2011 by rusticrick
1966 Ford gt-40


Dec 07, 2010 by teamfugawi
1983 Ford Mustang

Sally Prime an empty shell bought for $450 after Sally crashed by Left turning uninsured driver.

Dec 07, 2010 by teamfugawi
1983 Ford Mustang GT

Sally was my first BABE Rally Car given to me with frozen motor, turned out to be backward install on timing crank sprocket. New cam, timing chain, sprockets & a …

Dec 07, 2010 by teamfugawi
1985 Ford Tempo

Craiglist in Copperopolis CA for $200, one low cylender. fixed with a Valve job. 2011 BABE Rally Spec class as Hooters Nascar #7 (if hooters gives ok) otherwise "Peeckers" Nascar …

Dec 07, 2010 by todb
1996 Ford Mustang

12 place 2010 challenge

Dec 13, 2010 by helinut
1979 Ford courier

stock 2.0 base courier with 5spd

Feb 03, 2011 by kenhfritz
1931 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan

Restored it in 1965-66 and it is still a good driver now. 122,000 miles since new and I am the 3rd owner; owner #2 bought it from original owner, kept …

Dec 21, 2010 by Varkwso
1995 Ford Bronco

302, XLT - Bought new at Satcher Ford, Aiken SC

Dec 21, 2010 by Varkwso
1987 Ford Mustang LX Sedan 5.0

Traded my 88 CMC Mustang for it

Dec 21, 2010 by Varkwso
1999 Ford F250 4x4

Diesel and 6 speed. Bought new at Jacky Jones Ford, Cleveland GA

Dec 21, 2010 by Varkwso
2008 Ford Shelby GT

Bought new at Jacky Jones in Cleveland, GA

Dec 23, 2010 by mpm1
2004 Ford Mustang Cobra

mostly stock daily

Dec 23, 2010 by mpm1
1994 Ford Mustang GT

leaking, never assembled, "track" car

Dec 25, 2010 by FitnTrim
1985 Ford Mustang GT Convertable

85 GT Converable in restoration mode!

Dec 25, 2010 by FitnTrim
1976 Ford SouthWind JetBoat

18' 1976 SouthWind JetBoat- 460BBF, Berkeley 12JG-A

Apr 24, 2017 by PubBurgers
2003 Ford Focus Wagon

The beater that won't die.

Mar 27, 2011 by Jerry
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Ford Mustang FR500S (BIW) with power-train from 2005 Mustang GT. Several modifications for racing including cold air intake, Cobra CJ throttle body, Ford racing intake manifold, CNC heads, Comp cams, …

Jan 05, 2011 by Jerry
2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Tow vehicle for race car. 6.7 L turbo diesel

Jan 09, 2011 by moonman42002
1977 Ford pinto

want to build it as a solo racer,so far have added header kby shocks and sway bars front and rear .

Aug 08, 2011 by chelmick
1923 Ford Model T - Hemi Powered

331 Hemi Powered 1923 Ford Track Roadster.

Jul 25, 2017 by HappyJack
2002 Ford Explorer

New (to me) tow vehicle. More bells and whistles than I know what to do with.

Jan 16, 2011 by EOD
1948 Ford F1

My favorite truck of all time. It's a project in the works. I'm making it a 4x4 and doing a frame swap. I bought a 94 and 98 Explorer that …

Jan 16, 2011 by EOD
1998 Ford Explorer XLT

Donor for my 48 F1. I'm using the chassis and maybe the engine out of this one

Jan 16, 2011 by EOD
1994 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4

Another donor for my 48 F1. I'm using the trans, and 4x4 components out of this one.

Jan 19, 2011 by tajracing45
1995 Ford Mustang GT

This is the DT Read Steel / de Moya Group Ford Mustang GT #46. Prepared by TAJ Racing out of Tampa, FL, the car is campaigned in the ChumpCar World …

Jan 29, 2011 by JW
1987 Ford Mustang

4cyl notch w/ a SBF conversion, 5speed

Oct 18, 2011 by MrPink
1985 Ford Mustang SVO

1985 Mustang SVO, built Dec '84. Modifications include upgraded suspension components, bigger brakes, watercooled turbo, ported/polished big valve head with performance cam, 3" exhaust, Mach I steering rack, subframe connectors, …

Jan 29, 2011 by czracer
2003 Ford Focux ZX5

Wife's daily driver 2.0 DOHC Zetec Focus Sport: CAI/strut bars/UDP/Exhaust system/tune Short shift TB SVT suspension

Sep 03, 2013 by ellzy
2007 Ford F150

My tow vehicle until I can add the ride that we are about to build

Feb 07, 2011 by Mgriz
1995 Ford F350 CC,LB,4x4,PSD

Crew Cab Long Bed 4x4 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel

Feb 28, 2012 by ClemSparks
1986 Ford F150

Just a beater truck I took in trade for my '86 Volvo Turbowagon. It has potential...after some better tires, brake work, and undoubtedly, many other things.

Mar 28, 2011 by 5vetteman
2008 Ford Mustang GT

Moroso Mustang GTM Test Car. 480 hp. Roush supercharged. Moroso oil system, tanks and mufflers. Competition Engineering chassis components. Roush 14 ich front brakes. Roush springs. Hellwig anti-roll bars. ASA …

Feb 08, 2011 by GoFastr
2003 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition

100th Anniversary model 2 tone - Black and Silver 5.4L Supercharged 2V modular engine

Feb 17, 2011 by svisek
1966 Ford Mustang

289 2bbl./auto. coupe Vintage Burgandy/Black 35k miles Bought new by my grandmother in 1966.

Feb 12, 2011 by Skip48
2002 Ford ZX2

Nothing Special, just a great starter for my son Brett to get a start on the season

Oct 13, 2011 by Toolman
1990 Ford Taurus SHO Turbo

This car started as a 5-passenger family sedan, with what was considered a potent engine in 1989, the 220hp Yamaha built 3.0 V6. It has now been massaged a little …

Apr 05, 2011 by Downforce
2005 Ford Focus ZX4 ST

BBS RZ 521 wheels, Goodridge brakes lines and Hawk HPS pads, and a Steeda cold air intake.

Feb 15, 2011 by pstrbrc
1996 Ford Escort

Gonna grow up to be a Chump Car!!!!

Jul 26, 2011 by WOW Really Paul?
1995 Ford Taurus SHO

Rare 5sp, south bend dxd clutch, spec 9lb fly, catless, resonatorless, mufflerless, 40mm secondaries vs 37mm, stripper sho.

Mar 28, 2011 by rob_z
1988 Ford mustang GT

Griggs Racing World Challenge suspension/chassis kit, 93' cobra motor, 93' cobra R brakes

Mar 02, 2011 by shamun
1996 Ford Contour GL-Sport

Below is what I own, my ride, and soon to be My Pride!: 1996 GL-Sport, New-sed 2.0ltr (64k on boneyard motor), 5-speed. Mods: 1) Fidanza flywheel 2) Dmitri's SVT E0 …

Mar 04, 2011 by joey48442
1999 Ford Ranger

Regular cab, 5 speed 4 cylinder long box firewood hauler.

Mar 04, 2011 by Smartin
1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

It is a beater, destined to be a Factory Five someday...

Feb 22, 2015 by 850Combat
1968 Ford Cortina GT

This car has a 711 block Crossflow, and a Formula Ford head. It dyno'ed at 135 HP on Jay Ivey's dyno. It has been stiffened up a bit is an …

Oct 18, 2011 by 850Combat
1967 Ford Cortina Gt

1500cc pre-crossflow Coil over shocks in front It is a trailing arm car. High gauge dask. It is a nice nice driver with great paint.

Apr 07, 2011 by rallyguy55
2005 Ford focus zx5

catback exhaust, cold air intake, custom hood and fenders, arctic frost green in color will be sapphire blue soon, blood covered engine bay, adjustable coilovers.

Mar 12, 2011 by hokie2009
1966 Ford Mustang

The 289 is perfect...the floors are not.

Mar 15, 2011 by Oldkeeper
1955 Ford Thunderbird

1955 Thunderbird 24,000 original miles

Apr 19, 2011 by Oldkeeper
2007 Ford Shelby GT500

First year GT500

Mar 15, 2011 by Oldkeeper
1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

GT Fastback

Sep 19, 2020 by crisd
2005 Ford Mustang

four wheel drive conversion, 351W twin turbo

Apr 24, 2011 by ampire
2006 Ford Mustang GT Premium

Bought 3/5/11: Torch Red with White Stripes, 5MT, C&L Cold Air Intake, DiabloSport Predator Tuner, GT500 Strut Brace

Mar 20, 2011 by mad_science
1964 Ford Falcon

260ci V8, 4 speed, and...not much else.

Mar 27, 2011 by frankenstangsghost
2010 Ford Mustang

Grabber blue with white Shelby stripes. V-6 car with factory tricks. Has dealer style kit driving lights and a Pypes x-pipe/ GT exhaust and a Premium GT steering wheel. Nice …

Mar 25, 2011 by Taylorcraftbc65
1990 Ford F350 dualie

Tow rig for race car, and parts runner

Mar 25, 2011 by Taylorcraftbc65
1959 Ford F100 Styleside

In the process of hot Rodding it

Mar 28, 2011 by John944S
1997 Ford Cobra Convt

One of my former track day cars

Mar 28, 2011 by John944S
1997 Ford Cobra Convertible

FormerTrack Day Car: BROOKS Performance Aggressive Stage IV

Mar 29, 2011 by bart savino
1934 Ford Model 40

Street Rod

Mar 29, 2011 by bart savino
1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

Custom, 460 Stroker, convertible

Mar 30, 2011 by 78_cobra
1986 Ford Mustang GT

Paid $300 and didnt do ANYTHING to it!

Jul 31, 2011 by 78_cobra
1978 Ford Cobra II

Paid $2500 completly stock never screwed with. Factory EVERYTHING! Everythign works from the motor to the horn and cigarette lighter! 39,142 miles! all orig. and have all recieptes to prove …

Mar 30, 2011 by 78_cobra
1995 Ford Mustang

v6 to GT conversion

Mar 31, 2011 by 54chevy
2007 Ford f150


Apr 04, 2011 by ty94racin
2003 Ford steeda mustang gt

2003 steeda mustang gt that i run in hpde

Apr 04, 2011 by ty94racin
2006 Ford mustang gt

2006 mustang gt with gt500 front clip, car is capable of more than 390 hp but we run 360 for our American iron class. the car can be seen at …

Apr 07, 2011 by dansgt
2004 Ford Mustang GT

2004 Ford Mustang GT convertible which i have installed a Autopower 4 point rollbar which i like openroad events. have been on the Barber Motorsport Track in Alabama for the …

Apr 18, 2011 by Timbits
1993 Ford Festiva

Small peppy good tribute to the Un Ford

May 31, 2011 by Timbits
1993 Ford Festiva

Small peppy good tribute to the Un Ford

Jan 15, 2013 by donalson
1991 Ford Escort 2dr hatch LX

rusty (thank you MI) and slow... but it blows cold A/C and sucks less than the Altima...

Nov 27, 2011 by Cole_Trickle
2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Steeda Strut-Tower bar K&N Filter

May 02, 2013 by aussiesmg
1997 Ford Expedition

4x4 5.4 Triton tow beast and wife's runabout, yep she loves her trucks

Apr 26, 2011 by hhdinyuma
2006 Ford Mustang GT

Car is setup to run in NASA's TTB Class. FRPP Suspension, 3.73 Gears, Steeda CAI, Corbeau seats and harness, 275X18 BFG R1's, Enkei PF01 18X9.5 Wheels, Powerslot Rotors and Hawk …

May 03, 2011 by 11s42k (Forum Supporter)
1987 Ford Mustang

Turbocharged drag car. Made 1050 HP to the tires with a 4.6L Mod motor, but proved to be pretty fragile. Best ET 8.59, Best MPH 164. Now installing a 363 …

May 06, 2011 by XtremeDiesel
1999 Ford F-250

My reliable daily and hauler.

May 06, 2011 by reflexr
2006 Ford Mustang Pony

This is my car with my new paint job. Idid a satin black tail light treatment, top decklid, roof and a strip in the middle of the hood. See the …

Jul 31, 2011 by DOgburn
1985 Ford Danger Ranger

1985 Ford Ranger...older than me but way cooler than I'll ever be. I built this car with two buddies and my Dad to compete in the 2009 LeMons South Fall …

Oct 18, 2011 by Graham Blackwell
1983 Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1

Race Car, built for Hillclimb and Sprints in the UK, as featured in August 2006 GRM magazine. Back then it had a Zetec engine, producing around 180BHP, but never satisfied, …

May 16, 2011 by leephi
1966 Ford Mustang convertible

Hi-Po 289 - 400hp Duel-quad cross-ram intake w/twin Holley 600 carbs, Shelby Tri-Y headers and 7.5 quart oil pan, Modified C4 auto w/3500 stall converter, Shelby nose, side scoops, and …

Apr 03, 2012 by boss002
2002 Ford Boss Legacy Mustang

#002 Boss Legacy edition Mustang from has basic bolt on modifications 6 spd Cobra trans, Steeda 5 link, Steeda Competition Springs, Torsen T2-R 3.55 Gears, Kumho V710s

Nov 15, 2011 by failboat (Forum Supporter)
2003 Ford Focus ZX5

wifes dd.

May 23, 2011 by tb7118
1926 Ford phaton

26 touring 350sbpowerglide jag front and rear

May 23, 2011 by shedwerks
1966 Ford Bronco

I currently own 9 "Classic" Bronco's between the years of 1966-1977. This 1966 is the Pro-Touring Version of a Off-Road vehicle. It's build is underway. Currently a 66' tub on …

Oct 18, 2011 by fredwood
1986 Ford gartrac g6 escort

gartrac g6,4x4,supercharged,v6 inj,7x15+10x15 rfx alloys,coilovers,s/steel exhaust,part of a big collection of race fords,thundersaloon cossy,race capris,mk2 rs20000 4x4 cossy

May 28, 2011 by alla11
2006 Ford f-250 sd 4x4


May 30, 2011 by dansgt
2004 Ford Mustang GT

I have been to Summit Point in West Va 5 times and 1 time to the Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama for the 45th Mustang Anniversary. had a blast and …

May 31, 2011 by Lin
2010 Ford Edge

Grocery Getter

Sep 23, 2014 by Alan Cesar
1991 Ford Escort LZX2

Car prepped for 24 Hours of LeMons. Zetec swap, some suspension work, Escort GT brake upgrade. Richard Nixon-themed Team Resignation; Heroic Fix winner, Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Die 500 (LeMons Chicago) 2010.

Feb 16, 2013 by Chris_V
2006 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

'06 Mustang GT convertible, Vista Blue, 5 speed manual trans. 52k miles and mildly modded now, with 20" wheels, shaker scoop, exhaust, and some suspension tweaks. First pics are when …

Jul 15, 2016 by cpdave
1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

337 Cid/422 WHp/352 WFtLb 8.2" deck Windsor Richmond 5 Speed 3.00:1 full preload TrueTrac 9" 4 wheel disks (Wilwood/SSB) CP Beast!

Jun 07, 2011 by mtownneon
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Satin Silver w/ red leather interior Eibach Pro Kit springs Flowmaster American Thunder mufflers

Jun 08, 2011 by R22B
1998 Ford Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition

It probably should have died a long time ago, but it still runs brilliantly.

Jun 09, 2011 by shogn34
1991 Ford Taurus SHO

Black on black, Lowered, Big brakes, Borla

Jun 09, 2011 by shogn34
2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra

Not Stock

Jun 09, 2011 by shogn34
2004 Ford SVT Lightning

Cold Air (Volant), 4# Pulley , Live Wire tunes/ S/S & 50/50, Bazz / cat back

Jun 17, 2011 by Teggsan
2011 Ford Mustang GT

GT with Brembos, HID, Premium package. Love this thing!

Nov 23, 2018 by rle12
2008 Ford Roush Mustang

Roush Mustang 427R

Jun 19, 2011 by E_ROY
1991 Ford Mustang GT

$2011 Challenge hopeful

Aug 01, 2011 by Teggsan
2003 Ford Excursion

7.3L diesel. MBRP exhaust; DP Tuner. Runs on biodiesel from recycled vegetable oil.

Sep 23, 2013 by djsho91
1991 Ford Taurus SHO 4dr Sedan

My Daily Driver. She has over 235,000 miles and still runs strong. Here are the mods I've made so far: Engine: Ported-Polished-Powder-coated Intake, Air Cone removal, K&N Filter Exhaust: SHOSHOP …

Aug 01, 2011 by SPG123
1991 Ford Mustang LX

Owned this for 18 years. My baby. Original paint .441 rwhp. Big brakes.Autographed by Foose, Saleen and others.Best sounding car ever.Ever. All of the older suspension upgrades...Had to sell when …

Mar 04, 2016 by Sprintsix
1963 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible

'63 Falcon convertible with a built 200cid six cylinder with a hot(ish) cam, ported, big valve Australian head modified for port fuel injection, dual out header with dual exhaust, direct …

Jul 07, 2011 by Cole_Trickle
2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Steeda Strut Tower Bar and a K&N

Nov 04, 2016 by Replayman
1991 Ford Mustang LX

A few years back I caught the autocross bug. And only recently, purchased a "project" car....a 1991 5.0L Mustang LX convertible. Which slowly but surely, I am trying to make …

Jul 12, 2011 by scottandt
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt with a Ford Racing Handling Package, stainless steel brake lines, Brenspeed tune, Dizerra DZ tires and Hawk pads. Daily driver and track day car.

Oct 02, 2017 by wbr
2002 Ford Mustang GT

Daily driver. Mostly stock. H&R springs and Koni street shocks and struts. Late Model Restoration SVE "Cobra" Brakes.

Jul 17, 2011 by acrautoxer
2011 Ford Mustang GT

Base model with theBrembo Brake Package, 3.73's and the Secrurity Package.

Oct 16, 2011 by Junkyard_Dog
1979 Ford Granada

Traded my ZAV for the Triple-green Terror. Straght 6, A/C, 69k mile survivor.

Jul 19, 2011 by 54chevy
2000 Ford Explorer

2 wheel drive

Oct 18, 2011 by 85GT
1985 Ford Mustang GT

Full Griggs front/rear,345HP crate motor,4 wheel disc brakes,8.8/3.73 rear,235-45-17",tremec world class 5spd 1 owner.

Jul 21, 2011 by gnarlycharlie4u
2000 Ford Ranger


Jul 29, 2011 by Gary
2006 Ford Roush Stage 2 Mustang

Loads of fun!

Aug 03, 2011 by 4t64rd
1946 Ford Tudor


Aug 03, 2011 by 4t64rd
1949 Ford F-1

In pieces

Aug 04, 2011 by therood
2004 Ford Focus ZX3

Bone stock

Aug 04, 2011 by therood
1991 Ford Escort

24 Hours of LeMons car: 4-door LX hatchback Swapped 2.0L Zetec from 1998 Escort ZX2 Custom intake on throttle body Rebuilt 1999 ZX2 transmission Four-wheel disc brakes with NA Miata …

Mar 26, 2012 by nocones
1963 Ford falcon futura

1963 falcon. 144 cubes of raw furry. 2 speed trans. Not sure what this will become? Low n slow? Rat rod? CP/XP car? Who knows.. It runs decent drives out …

Aug 06, 2011 by dhois
1923 Ford t-Bucket drag car

Custom roadster set up for drag racing. Center drive, NHRA roll cage, slicks, American Racing 12-spoke magnsium front wheels, SBC, Ford 9: rear, Ed Sutton rear end housing and axle …

Aug 08, 2011 by espz28
2002 Ford Focus Wagon SE

2002 Ford Focus Wagon - 5 speed manual

Oct 20, 2011 by ReverendDexter
1990 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

This is my AX beater eternal project car that shall never be done so long as there's still breath in my body. Gobs of Maximum Motorsports parts are underneath it, …

Oct 05, 2011 by Resacarattlesnake
2011 Ford Boss 302

American War eagleadine

Aug 12, 2011 by gunman_sr5
1998 Ford Escort ZX2

98 Black MTX (no options), Powder UDP, MMI intake, Kamikaze header, IAT resistor, Fidanza Flywheel, ZXtuner Strut Bar, 19mm RSB, Progress springs, SR (Ford Racing) Struts,LXQ1 ECU out of a …

Aug 03, 2013 by Whitey
1993 Ford Ranger XLT

3.0 Auto

Oct 22, 2020 by Whitey
2005 Ford Ranger XL

2.3 Auto

Aug 17, 2011 by Timbuk2
2006 Ford F-150

General toy toter

Aug 21, 2012 by FordGT40
1995 Ford Mustang GT

38K miles.

Sep 01, 2011 by daveyboybadion
2002 Ford Ranger XL

the family work truck and dump hauler, planning on replacing it with a Smyth Performance Jetta pick-up next year (2012)

Oct 05, 2011 by belteshazzar
1987 Ford Ranger

this is how much truck $100 buys

Sep 03, 2011 by SteelRain
2004 Ford Focus SVT

KONI Sport front KYB AGX rear

Sep 04, 2011 by VegasZ31T
2004 Ford F250 Super Duty Super Cab

Tow truck & parts chaser. V10 engine. Full width side step bars.

Sep 13, 2011 by just_james
1998 Ford Mustang GT

Currently in the rebuild stage (as it has been for the past two years). One day I hope to trade the jackstands that are under it for the Procharger P1SC …

Sep 11, 2011 by just_james
2003 Ford F-250 Lariat

One of the last 7.3's to roll out of Ford's doors and still running strong with 288k on the odometer. All stock except for a basic econo tune which nets …

Sep 16, 2011 by luvbandit
1989 Ford Mustang GT

Stock with 200K miles. Never wrecked, but stored outside since new.

Mar 21, 2012 by Jesse Ransom
1991 Ford F-250

4x4, extended cab, diesel. We bought it so we could run it on biodiesel, which is how we ended up with such a monstrosity. The biodiesel thing hasn't worked out …

Sep 26, 2011 by jbmassco
1970 Ford MUSTANG BOSS 302

'70 BOSS in Calypso Coral orange. Rebuild original engine, rack & pinion, front coil overs, Global West control arms, Hydroboost braking w/big Wilwood brakes, original interior, and about 75K on …

Jul 21, 2015 by Sky_Render
2011 Ford Mustang 5.0

Daily-driven on nice days, autocrossed and open tracked on nice and not-nice days. Fully-upgraded suspension (thanks, BMR!), Corsa Exhaust, DBA and Hawk brakes, Auto Meter gauges, forged TSW wheels, and …

Jan 03, 2017 by Eric60
2013 Ford Mustang GT

White, 6 speed auto, Eibach springs

Apr 07, 2014 by aussiesmg
1986 Ford Mustang LX

Couldn't get the S10 together in time for $2011 so... yeah I bought a ready to run Rustang. 351 stoker 408, T5, Locker 8.8, drag car sort of, the guy …

Oct 03, 2011 by S10laidout
1999 Ford Ranger

Daily Driver 4 5 drop not much else yet

Feb 19, 2016 by phaze1todd
1963 Ford Fairlane SC500

Fairlane SC500

Oct 06, 2011 by grantab
1992 Ford F-150

Under rebuild 351W

Oct 06, 2011 by dreamchaser
1999 Ford mustang

Black stock motor installed I. R. S. unit with 3.73 gears new bushing in ft. end Tokico ft. adj. shocks Bilstein in rear frame rail connecters new motor in the …

Oct 09, 2011 by sheizasosay
2006 Ford Mustang GT

Magncharger @9.5psi, Techo Watts link, Roush springs, GT500 dampers, BMR relocations brackets, J&M LCA, BMR UCA. TSW Nurburgring 18x9.5 in rims wrapped in Goodyear Eagle GS-D3 275 40 18's.

Oct 11, 2011 by fordnuttt
2000 Ford Excursion

4" exhaust, chipped, S&B cold air kit.

Oct 18, 2011 by CrownVicGT
2003 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport

I am the third owner of this Crown Vic and plan on keeping it for a long while. I've wanted an LX Sport since I was 14 and once this …

Oct 26, 2011 by DTsP71
2004 Ford P71

Police Interceptor, retired from police force now in my hands in Arizona. The former push bar has been removed but the mountings which stick out through the bumper are still …

Oct 29, 2011 by jtwilson
1999 Ford Contour SVT

Dents all up the side, leaking all over, poorly repaired front and rear bumpers. Isn't it wonderful?

Oct 31, 2011 by FABrauer
1998 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra

Bright Atlantic Blue

Nov 08, 2011 by SEADave
2000 Ford Excursion

7.3 Powerstroke Diesel 4X4

Nov 10, 2011 by SheaLynn
1990 Ford Mustang

One of my husbands many projects.

Nov 10, 2011 by SheaLynn
1995 Ford Mustang GT

Here is my baby...

Nov 13, 2011 by MRDZR1
1993 Ford VanDiemen

1993 VanDiemen RF93

Nov 14, 2011 by ww
2004 Ford Excursion Limited 4x4

Move over Durango! There's a new hauler in the family! Picked this baby up with "low" mileage, full maintenance records, new tires, upgraded turbo, IC, intake, exhaust and Banks Power …

Aug 03, 2017 by failboat (Forum Supporter)
2012 Ford Focus SE

Blaze Yellow Tricoat, sport package, optional 17's, sunroof, sync..... Wifes new car. I think I love it more than she does.

Dec 21, 2015 by mapper
2012 Ford Focus SEL

Wifes car now.

Nov 17, 2011 by arvoss
2007 Ford Mustang

v6 5spd

Oct 29, 2019 by snailmont5oh
1980 Ford Fairmont

Underprepared CP car. The only Fairmont in all of Grassrootsdom, apparently. Front suspension is 90 Mustang K-member with stock '79 control arms, Global West bushings, double-adjustable QA-1 coil-over struts with …

Nov 22, 2011 by Jimmysidecarr
2004 Ford SVT Focus

Daily beater

Nov 25, 2011 by Maxx2
1997 Ford Nascar T-bird

1997 Nascar Superspeedway Ford T-bird, converterd to Land Speed Racing. Richard (aka MAXX) L. and Judy C. White The MAXX2RACING (M2) Team The Royal Purple Maxx2Racing ‘Bad Bird’ LSR …

Nov 26, 2011 by MrPet
2006 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Mild upgrades with ZEX Nitrous.

Nov 29, 2011 by dimarra
2004 Ford F-150 SCrew

Wife's daily driver

Nov 29, 2011 by dimarra
1985 Ford Thunderbird

Wife's project car (bought new)

Nov 29, 2011 by dimarra
1950 Ford F-1

Was my grandfather's. Getting a 4.6 DOHC V-8.

Nov 29, 2011 by dimarra
1993 Ford Thunderbird SC

Getting a 5.0 V8.

Nov 29, 2011 by dimarra
1995 Ford Thunderbird SC


Apr 25, 2012 by Anti-stance
1997 Ford F350 CC 7.3L


Dec 13, 2011 by swatmancia
1976 Ford Pinto

My 1976 Ford Pinto 3Dr. Runabout mpg.. Bought it new in 76 and over the years made it my own.

Dec 19, 2013 by 1manwolfpack
2008 Ford Mustang

Base model V6. It is currently my daily driver with occasional track use until I can move on to two cars!

Nov 13, 2012 by Greg Voth
1954 Ford F600 Flatbed

1954 F600 cab and shortened flatbed resting on a 1987 Suburban Chassis. Motor, trans etc. is all Suburban down to the fuel injection. Picked it up cheap. Plan to use …

Dec 19, 2012 by Moving_Target
1986 Ford Mustang LX Coupe

Originally a 2.3L LX that I've done a 5.0L conversion to. -Koni sport Struts and shocks -MM front and rear control arms -MM C/C plates -8.8 rear axle w/Detroit TruTrac …

Dec 22, 2011 by jglee920
1966 Ford F-100


Dec 28, 2011 by spkorb
1965 Ford Suprang

Mustang body and motor with Toyota suspension

Dec 28, 2011 by mightymike
1977 Ford Capri

Coming Soon!

Oct 30, 2019 by jmthunderbirdturbo
1991 Ford Explorer 4x4

3 inch skyjacker, 31's, flowmaster, lockers coming soon.

Dec 29, 2011 by Sultan
1986 Ford Bronco 2


Nov 04, 2018 by stanger_mussle
1995 Ford Mustang GT Coupe

Black, T5, 5.0L MAC shorties O/R X-pipe SLP Loudmouth catback Lakewood 50/50s Steeda Lowering springs Ugly, terrible fitting knockoff Steeda bodykit (PO put it on) 18" Chrome Steeda wheels Nitto …

Jun 20, 2012 by cturbosc
1927 Ford track t ?

old El Cajon modified circle track car. I am currently building into a street/ track day beast!500+ h.p. 383 c.i. sbc ,th350 (i know it should be a manual!) 9" …

Jan 03, 2012 by KyleF2T
1989 Ford Probe GT

This car was my daily driver during college. I was broke at the time, but still wanted to get more performance out of it. I removed the axle back and …

Jan 05, 2012 by 86hyperstang
1986 Ford Mustang

1986 Mustang Notch 4cyl will be converted to a v8 soon

Jan 19, 2012 by dhenry6188
1966 Ford Thunderbird

Bought as a project looking forward to doing this car

Jul 01, 2016 by Pirita1
2007 Ford mustang gt

Grabber orange weekend warrior...

Jan 24, 2012 by Shiner
2002 Ford Excursion

No major modifications, just cold air Intake. Runs on biodiesel. It is used as the tow vehicle for A&M's grassroots team.

Feb 07, 2012 by Bullockracing
2011 Ford Mustang GT

Base GT Track Pack with 3.55 gears and custom exhaust. Raced in Delta Region SCCA Solo F Stock.

Feb 15, 2012 by tzbfwt
1974 Ford Early Bronco

351 Lightning with EFI 37 Inch Iroks 5.13 gears NP435 4 speed

May 18, 2017 by dansxr2
1989 Ford Probe GT Turbo

Bought this beast for $300 with an unknown issue, turned out to be a bad distributor connection. Has a Chipped ECU, K&N Drop In, and a Manual Boost Controller... Runs …

Dec 27, 2017 by White_and_Nerdy
2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (P71)

I needed something bigger and newer, and a P71 seemed the cheapest way to get that. I've never done the V8 American muscle thing before - this is a wild …

Feb 26, 2012 by elliot
2005 Ford Focus

beater utility vehicle

Jan 31, 2013 by Cuda
2000 Ford Mustang GT

It's red...

Mar 01, 2012 by LilColt
2011 Ford F350/Excursion

Custom 6 door Excursion, We built here at our facility. Frankie& Dylans

May 07, 2015 by DaveEstey
2005 Ford F-250 Diesel

After six months of looking for the right truck I finally found it. 79k miles, full dealership service history and clean as a whistle!

Apr 30, 2013 by jakeb
1998 Ford Ranger

Parts hauler

Mar 07, 2012 by lalayla
2004 Ford Mustang

My 2004 Ford Mustang V6 with many modifications. Also, my daily driver.

Mar 07, 2012 by EvilScientistMoose
1989 Ford Mustang GT

Well, it's stock.

Mar 13, 2012 by megancheung
2009 Ford Ford Fiest

2009 Black Ford Fiest

Mar 17, 2012 by Monteck
1986 Ford Escort GT

Mini Stock

Dec 05, 2013 by kustomkarl
1978 Ford Fiesta

Body: • 1978 Ford Fiesta • Rust free California car • Stripped to a bare shell, rotisserie cleaned and prepped • 1.5" DOM 8 point rollcage with A and B …

Mar 28, 2012 by slowpoke
1994 Ford Thunderbird SC

Comfy 850rwhp ride Was a 1.7 twin screw now sporting an s375

Aug 25, 2013 by Tactical Penguin
1994 Ford Probe GT

The current daily.

Mar 31, 2012 by gt40forsnow
1980 Ford E150 Chateau Superwagon

black, red int

Mar 31, 2012 by gt40forsnow
2005 Ford E350 Superduty cargovan

black, 6.8 V-10, pulls black 2010 30' MTI v-nose enclosed car hauler/snowmobile combo

Apr 01, 2012 by Mike (Forum Supporter)
1991 Ford Taurus SHO

It got out of its own way. I made a bad deal buying this car, but it was fun in its own right.

Oct 06, 2013 by pheller
1993 Ford Escort Wagon

Trusty and rusty! Purchased in 2009, hoping to sell in 2013 for the same price.

May 18, 2015 by WOW Really Paul?
1991 Ford Taurus SHO

3.2L mtx, too many goodies to bother typing, current daily/autox'er

Apr 10, 2012 by duetto_67
2003 Ford SVT Focus

Stock except for a tree trunk for a rear swaybar.

Apr 12, 2012 by quptbmgj
1989 Ford Thunderbird SC

3.8L 232 CID OHV Supercharged V6, 5 Speed Mazda M5R2 Transmission, Custom Cold Air Intake, Flowmaster Exhaust

Feb 25, 2014 by FordGT40
1995 Ford Mustang GT

1st autocross with this car. Lots of work to do!

Apr 28, 2012 by tigerpb
1990 Ford Mustang LX "7 UP"

5.0 Mustang, 25th anniversary model with the "7 UP" special green and white trim. 5 speed manual with Hurst shifter. Engine mods include 70mm MAS, Cobra intake manifold and Ford …

Aug 25, 2013 by Tactical Penguin
2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

The new daily driver and project car, I can't decide what to do with it yet besides put gas in it and scare the occasional motorist.

May 02, 2012 by 67King
1966 Ford Bronco Roadster

Inherited from original owner

May 04, 2012 by elfacoba
1966 Ford F350

Flatbed dually, 352 v-8, granny low 4 speed, working on cedar stakebed

May 04, 2012 by elfacoba
1999 Ford E250 cargo van

275,000 miles, looks like new,power win-locks,captains chairs, V-8,needs a new home.

Mar 12, 2015 by RexSeven
2013 Ford Mustang

Base model 3.7L V-6, six-speed manual, factory Performance Package, factory Recaro cloth seats, Fays2 Watt's linkage, JLT oil separator, Pioneer TS-D6802R front speakers, Redine hood lift kit, Epco shift knob, …

May 21, 2012 by Fortyniner
2003 Ford SVT Cobra

Untouched garage queen. One day ,,,,,,

Jun 07, 2014 by Anti-stance
1966 Ford Ranch Wagon

Resto project. Should be fun.

May 12, 2015 by Chibana
2012 Ford Focus

Focus Titanium hatchback with Titanium Handling Package. My daily driver.

Jun 06, 2012 by klb67
1967 Ford Mustang

Fastback Dark moss green Parchment interior 289 C code added motorsport intake, Edelbrock 4bbl carb, Magnaflow 2.5 exhaust

Jun 11, 2012 by lunatick
2009 Ford Mustang GT Premium

I bought this car to learn how to road race, and it serves two purposes in life: weekend cruises and track days. I've had most of these mods done by …

Jun 14, 2012 by BoostedFoci
2009 Ford Focus SES Coupe

Engine: FSWerks stage 2 turbo kit: GT28RS FSWerks diverter valve (dv20) 12-14 lb wastegate actuator Cosworth intake manifold (Modified by FSWerks) FSWerks engine cover FSWerks 2.5 in racing exhaust FSWerks …

Jun 25, 2012 by cpdave
1980 Ford Pinto

WDCR-SCCA Regional class GT-Pinto. Great fun for not much money and pretty fast (S/P lap record is 1:26.0..., I've gone 1:31.9...).

Jun 28, 2012 by brothebrown831
2012 Ford Explorer

Cheap Lexury

Jun 28, 2012 by sammage
2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Picked this up for a daily and beater.

Nov 11, 2018 by Furball
2006 Ford Fusion SE

Our daily driver. V6, a few options. Added a K&N filter, and 2006 Cobra GT wheels (16"). Great cruising and trip car. UPDATE: traded-in on October 2, 2018 at 198,645 …

Apr 27, 2013 by TheBootsy
1997 Ford Escort wagon

It's green...and dirty...and dead.

Feb 14, 2013 by Gasoline
1955 Ford Vanette Parcel Truck

1955 Vanette Parcel truck.

Jul 13, 2012 by etron
1992 Ford Escort

red, named Flicca

Aug 02, 2012 by etron
2012 Ford Mustang

red and awesome

Mar 26, 2013 by etron
2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Special edition Bullit Mustang

Mar 26, 2013 by etron
2002 Ford Escort

turquoise, practically taped together

Jul 16, 2012 by benelli
1963 Ford falcon


Jul 20, 2012 by B430
1962 Ford Futura

Project #2

Jul 24, 2012 by noylekul
2001 Ford ZX2

Its my car

Jul 26, 2012 by PEvil
1980 Ford Fiesta

This 1980 Ford Fiesta was 'junked' and restored for the $GRM Challenge. Using a donar car (1987 Dodge Daytona 4 cylinder ministock), we have relocated the engine to the rear …

Jul 10, 2020 by Ranger50
1997 Ford F250HD

Powerstroke diesel Automatic 3.55's

Aug 06, 2012 by jyoung
2001 Ford Focus ZX3

repo'd at least 3 times... Salesman: "Must be a really good car I've sold it four times."

Aug 06, 2012 by jyoung
1995 Ford Mustang GT

Stripped for road race. Needs to be painted and roll cage finished for its second incarnation on the race track.

Aug 06, 2012 by Olle_Roos
1966 Ford Mustang HT

Modified with 5.0 HO and Transgo updated AOD

Aug 06, 2012 by Olle_Roos
1994 Ford Mustang Cobra

SN95 5.0 Cobra triple black

Aug 06, 2012 by Olle_Roos
1988 Ford Mustang GT

Hatchback with manual gearbox and Kenne Bell supersharger

Aug 24, 2012 by Dakar09
2011 Ford F150 FX4 Ecoboost

Hearthrob 4" cat-back Roush boost gauge in vent pod 20" Firestone Destination STs approx. 405hp twin turbo beast

Sep 03, 2012 by mustangjames
2002 Ford LSx Mustang

2002 SN95 v6, 5 speed chassis now powered by a 370ci LSx engine followed by a T56 transmission and 3.73 rear gears. The engine platform is an iron Gen3 6.0L …

Sep 04, 2012 by sporqster
1986 Ford Escort

2 Engines. Zetec in front, 4.6 32V in the back.

Sep 04, 2012 by sporqster
1997 Ford E250 Pedivan

Big. Rusty. Awesome.

Sep 07, 2012 by wbjones
1997 Ford F150 4x4

tow vehicle

Jan 14, 2013 by scotman
2000 Ford zx2 S/R

It's yellow and low.

Jun 22, 2020 by Iusedtobefast
2018 Nissan Escape

Another bone stock vehicle, my wife's.

Sep 19, 2012 by Buckwild
2011 Ford SHELBY GT500


Sep 19, 2012 by Prof
1967 Ford Shelby GT350

Red/White stripes Suspension mods for autocross and track-day events

Sep 20, 2012 by M2Pilot
2012 Ford Flex SEL

spouse's family truckster

Sep 22, 2012 by RoadRacer78
2012 Ford 2012 Mustang GT Vert Brembo

Loaded up daily driver with mufflers.

Sep 22, 2012 by RoadRacer78
2012 Ford 2012 F-150 FX4 4x4

As of 9/21/2012 the worlds most powerful EcoBoost F-150. 374hp/ the tires!

Sep 26, 2012 by Teggsan
2001 Ford Mustang--AI car

AI car

Sep 28, 2012 by vaaaaroooom
2002 Ford Escape XL

Nice for a Ford...

Oct 04, 2012 by rjkracer1
1991 Ford Escort GT

used to be used for autocross, but moved to the miata instead. Now my DD.

Oct 17, 2012 by Ludo
2010 Ford Flex Limited AWD

H&R springs

Jun 30, 2020 by sergio
1989 Ford Taurus SHO

Was Red 5 speed Lemons, Champcar, WRL race car.

Jul 10, 2014 by PMRacing
1996 Ford F-150 4x4

5.0L 5-speed Manual w/ Manual transfer case.

Nov 06, 2014 by etifosi
1996 Ford Crown Vic LX

recovered theft edition

Nov 27, 2012 by Bobfehancamaro1LE
1985 Ford Roush Mustang

Bob Fehan Won the GT-1 Championship in his Mac Tools Ford Motorsport Roush Mustang

Nov 27, 2012 by Bobfehancamaro1LE
1985 Ford Roush Mustang

Bob Fehan Won the GT-1 Championship in his Mac Tools Ford Motorsport Roush Mustang

Jun 03, 2014 by bgkast
1997 Ford Explorer 5.0

All wheel drive, stock

Nov 30, 2012 by andrave
2004 Ford Excursion

2004 4wd Excursion Limited Diesel with all options (tow package tube steps, second row bench, skidplates) stock 6.0 powerstroke with blue spring FPR, go rhino full brushguard, 3rd row head …

Nov 30, 2012 by andrave
1978 Ford F150

78 Ford F150 reg cab long bed with steel flatbed, 460 swapped in, 6" superflex lift with rear deaver springs, trussed 9" with rear discs, 35" super swamper boggers, dual …

Nov 30, 2012 by andrave
1988 Ford Festiva

New acquisition, will hopefully soon sport aspire brakes and hubs and 13" wheels, and a mazda BP 1.8 liter out of a ford escort GT.

Jul 04, 2013 by mancha
2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Bone effing stock and bad tires...

Dec 03, 2012 by MrPink
2002 Ford Roush Mustang - Griggs Racing GR40

2002 Roush Stage-3 converted to track-only with a host of Griggs Racing products.

May 13, 2013 by monknomo
2001 Ford Ranger XLT

Vanilla Ford Ranger 4wd

Dec 21, 2012 by electricdustcart
2001 Ford Focus ZX3

My first car. Stock aside from an SVT suspension kit and better brake pads. It's currently used as a fun commuter & bike hauler. The early Focus doesn't have the …

Dec 21, 2012 by 07exige
2001 Ford Mustang Cobra 'Vert


Dec 29, 2012 by streetvan1
1991 Ford Thunderturd S/C

The windstar engine never sounded so good as it does with a supercharger! Manual transmission, destroyed red leather interior, and home sprayed white paint. Fun to drive, but breaks a …

Jan 02, 2013 by Kgrazor
1931 Ford A Roadster

Fully restored 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster

Jan 16, 2015 by N Sperlo
1991 Ford Ranger

Daily driver 4 cylinder so I don't have too drive the F150 every day. I plan on fixing the body.

Jan 03, 2013 by bwh998
1998 Ford Ranger

Daily driver.

Jun 25, 2013 by scotman
2011 Ford fiesta

STF autocrosser

Jan 09, 2013 by mpm1
1999 Ford F150


Jan 14, 2013 by Wolfspiritky
1991 Ford Escort GT

Soon to be my Figure 8 Racer

Jan 15, 2013 by seanittner
2000 Ford Mustang V6

Multiple Regional SOLO CP champion and SOLO Nationals Competitor

Jan 21, 2013 by quick86
1984 Ford Mustang

1984 Mustang GT Turbo. Long gone is the Turbo 2.3, it is instead replaced with a 306ci SBF with RHS Heads, F303 cam, Weiand Xcelerator intake, Holley 650 carb.....bolted to …

Jan 29, 2013 by Titus_RacerX
1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

I've been trying to acquire this car for 10 years. PO didn't want to sell her. They passed away and the son found my request, called me and we closed …

Feb 01, 2013 by 72cortina
1972 Ford Cortina

This particular generation was only sold in Canada, and only for 3 years. There are likely less than 20 left in North America

Feb 02, 2013 by Jonathan
2001 Ford Explorer Sport

Wedgwood Blue 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Modifications Include: Adddco Sway Bars, QA1 Coilovers Front, MAC Intake, Flowmaster Exhaust, Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings,

Feb 09, 2013 by slospider
1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

Owned since high school 1981

Feb 12, 2013 by Titus_RacerX
1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

I've been watching and wanting this car for 10+ years. PO passed away and the son sold it to me. Long-term restoration project to make her as original as feasible. …

Aug 28, 2013 by FranktheTank
1970 Ford F100

FE block 445 stroker. Frame off restoration in my garage

Feb 26, 2013 by Throckmorton Whump
1994 Ford Ranger

Prerunner Build - 4.0 w/ 5-spd. - long travel beams w/ coilovers - desert 4-link w/ coilovers - engine cage, cab cage, bed cage

Mar 01, 2013 by lClutchl
2009 Ford Shelby GT500

2009 GT500 setup for road tracks

Aug 29, 2017 by singleslammer
1965 Ford Galaxie Convertible

This a family heirloom passed down from my wife's dad a few years back. He did a shade tree restoration on it and it is fairly solid. However, he likes …

Sep 03, 2019 by Brokeback (Matt)
2005 Ford Ranger

The DD and generally beat-up truck

Feb 03, 2019 by Trent
1963 Ford Falcon Futura

My Ford Falcon with the titan of a motor known as the thriftmaster 170 straight six backed by a column shifted 3 speed. Lowered four inches ion the front and …

Mar 19, 2013 by FWD_Ford
2013 Ford Focus ST

SCCA Stock, Tangerine scream

Mar 23, 2013 by Prof
1967 Ford Shelby GT350

SBF, T-5, 9" 3.5 gears TCP adjustable coil overs Fays2 Watts link

May 22, 2013 by slowride
1967 Ford Mustang

289 bored .40 over chopped up interior could use suspension improvements (note: I only half own this car, and the other half is resisting change)

Mar 30, 2013 by CobraLightning
1996 Ford Mustang Cobra Mystic

3rd owner. Track prepped.

Mar 30, 2013 by CobraLightning
2000 Ford F150 Lightning

2nd owner. Pretty much stock.

Apr 01, 2013 by scotman
1969 Ford Mach 1

Purchased as basket case (literally) in july of 1982. Never intended to restore to show quality and I have held firm on that. Was originally a 390 s code but …

Apr 01, 2013 by scotman
1992 Ford Ranger 2 wd

3.0 v6/manual trans. Only special thing about this one is the Superdome wrapover sunroof/ convertable kit I installed shortly after getting it new. A truely great concept that works but …

Apr 06, 2013 by Woody
2008 Ford Mustang GT

Black Convertible, looking for retro style wheels to replace OEM

Apr 13, 2013 by Mustang2000Lazer
2000 Ford Mustang GT

I have a 2000 Mustang GT Lazer Red with the original 2v 4.6L SOHC V8 and have been thinking about an LS1 swap

Apr 15, 2013 by stangbanger50
1983 Ford Mustang GT

I've owned this car since 1988 and its always been a work in progress. You could call it 83 Mustang GT LTE as in long term evolution.

May 05, 2013 by Billy_Bottle_Caps
1968 Ford StationWagon

1968 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon. 3 on the tree with a 390 V8 82K

Apr 29, 2013 by coolmac
2011 Ford Mustang GT


Apr 07, 2014 by aussiesmg
1992 Ford F700

Big Red. Dually bed on a shortened dump truck chassis. 429efi, 5 speed, semi wheels, single cab monster.

May 04, 2013 by Shelbysaab
2011 Ford Taurus

comfy !

Jun 22, 2016 by failboat (Forum Supporter)
1986 Ford F-150

XLT Lariat, longbed, 2wd, I6 4speed. $900 truck.

May 17, 2013 by aribert
1961 Ford Falcon

Deluxe (exterior)trim fordoor sedan with the original (optional) 52 yr old factory padded dash. Stock color in base/clear, 268K miles, My car for the last 47 years (OK, the first …

Apr 01, 2017 by aribert
1991 Ford F150

Closest to stock vehicle I own. Except for the shortened front springs, added 2nd leaves (now dual 2nd leaves)and the bucket seats its bone stock.

Jul 26, 2013 by rustysteel
1988 Ford Mustang 5.0L notchback, 5 speed.

Well this is my new DD and solo car. Low km's and hasn't seen winter, ever. Flashback to my early 20's when everyone seemed to have on of these. Going …

May 29, 2013 by motoscavenger
1968 Ford Bronco


Jul 13, 2016 by KS_beta
2010 Ford Fusion SE

DD w/the manual because I like to row my own under almost all circumstances

Jul 13, 2016 by KS_beta
2005 Ford Freestyle SEL

Formerly wife's DD, now mine. Disturbingly useful to carry around teenagers and stuff.

Jun 06, 2013 by erm87
2013 Ford Mustang

3.7L, Ingot Silver, MRT Axle-Back exhaust

Jul 05, 2017 by Frank_and_Beans
2008 Ford Escape Hybrid


Apr 08, 2016 by pheller
1999 Ford ZX2

New 2013 daily driver to replace the 1993 Escort Wagon and something more comfortable and practical than the Miata. Hope to sell the Miata and the Escort Wagon in the …

Jun 14, 2013 by cstreicher
2006 Ford Mustang GT

T-2 Torsen Diff, 3.73 gears, FRPP 90MM CAI, SCT X-Cal 3 tuner/ Speed Inc. dyno tune, FRPP catbacks, Steeda Triaxe w/ Hurst stick and T handle, SVT strut mounts, FRPP …

Jun 23, 2013 by motomad1
2011 Ford Mustang

Kona Blue, V6, 6 speed Manual, Leather Pony pkg.

Sep 05, 2013 by scotman
2011 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

STF Autocross toy. Has Koni sport dampers,O.Z. wheels and Dunlop Direzza tires.

Jul 14, 2018 by mancha
2004 Ford Taurus SE

Souless appliance...

Jul 09, 2013 by jstancel
1950 Ford Tudor

Breaking all the rules by creating a shoebox Ford drift car. It will have the Ford body with Japanese suspension and drivetrain. It also might end up with a Chevy …

Jul 10, 2013 by OSUdieselguy
2000 Ford F250 7.3L diesel

17 mpg

Jul 10, 2013 by stangomite
1968 Ford mustang

1968 ford mustang 302 gold color

Jul 10, 2013 by Cyclstev
2006 Ford F 250

My trailer towing, Lowes, Home Depot truck. Longbed, Supercab, Diesel...fits the bill nicely :-)

Jul 22, 2013 by MostExaltedPotentate
1968 Ford Mustang

perpetual resto

Aug 23, 2013 by hpaddiction
1999 Ford Mustang GT

-BBK air intake, plenum, throttle body - Ford racing independent rear suspension -aftermarket injectors -x pipes -caster/camber plates -tokico shocks -cobra snake shifter -performance cam -pioneer speakers -jvc head unit …

Jul 26, 2013 by pchois
2002 Ford F-150

Winter beater & towing

Feb 24, 2019 by Argo1
1992 Ford F150 XLT

The utility/ towing truck. Been in the family since it was new in 1992.

Aug 28, 2014 by Powar
1985 Ford EXP

This is my 1985 Ford EXP. It has 130k miles on it and is just a simple, efficient and fun driver. I plan to perform a light restomod and keep …

Aug 10, 2013 by 98Wagon
1998 Ford Escort Wagon

Like it or not, it's fun to drive a "slow" car fast. The following is a list "things" I've done to it since new (original owner): K & N Air …

Aug 13, 2013 by Will
1957 Ford Thunderbird

Highlights: 4.6 DOHC: Teksid block, 99 heads/intake/cams; T45 5 speed manual transmission; 9-inch rear, aluminum third member, True Trac diff; 4-wheel Wilwood discs; 17x7 American Racing Hopster wheels; Hotchkis sway …

Feb 09, 2014 by Don49 (Forum Supporter)
1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

Resto project car. 6 cylinder 3 speed floor shift

Aug 14, 2013 by jamesj
1969 Ford MK1 Escort Swedish Touring Car Champion

It turns out this car was used to WIN the 1972 Swedish Touring Car Championship It has extensive race history and is up for sale In the USA privately

Aug 15, 2013 by corvus54
1964 Ford Mustang Coupe

Red w/white vinyl top 260 V8, C4 Trans. Date of Manufacture June 30, 1964

Aug 29, 2013 by steved033
2013 Ford E-Focus

Electric commuter!! way more fun than I thought it'd be.

Dec 15, 2019 by Pushrod
1971 Ford Pinto

Picked up in 2010. California base model, (mostly) original paint, 1600 Kent motor w/4-speed, black interior, 82k miles & only a couple small rust spots. Mods so far are a …

Sep 10, 2013 by PS122
1976 Ford Gran Torino

Limited Edition (1 of 1000 or so) Starsky & Hutch model produced by Ford.

Sep 16, 2013 by RM_GTCS
2009 Ford Mustang

GT California Special

Nov 12, 2014 by Winston
2000 Ford Focus ZX3

Daily driver and occasional rallycrosser.

Sep 20, 2013 by bjbeal
1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

H&R Sport Springs, Koni Yellow struts/shocks, Eibach sway bars both ends, Urethane bushings throughout, Caster Camber plate, Strut brace, JBA shorty headers, homemade CAI, Corbeau seats, roll bar

Sep 20, 2013 by hpaddiction
2010 Ford Crown Vic P7B

It's large, and it's black. straight-piping will come later, and a DVD head unit has been installed. other than that, it's bone stock.

Jun 24, 2019 by borf42
1998 Ford Explorer Sport

Had to hunt for this one. 4x4 and a 5-sp manual.

Sep 07, 2017 by Cooper_Tired
1991 Ford Mustang

This was my first car, I bought it from my father in 2002. It has been in my family since 1995. My dad was the second owner. -GT40p heads and …

Oct 02, 2013 by chuckathon
2003 Ford Focus SVT ZX5

This is a daily driver. Mostly stock but a blast to drive.

Aug 22, 2018 by drawtap8
2012 Ford Focus

Stock commuter car to be beaten to death by Belgium rodes

Oct 08, 2013 by Slowpoke11
2005 Ford F150

The Workhorse!!

Oct 08, 2013 by ikagan
1997 Ford Mustang GT

4.6 liter Convertible.

Oct 15, 2013 by gofastbobby
1995 Ford Mustang GT

Mostly a turd. Automatic, bleh. Looking to junkyard some parts and get it to 250 whp. Should be doable with some explorer parts. Next after that will be 4.10's and …

Oct 19, 2013 by beaker1983
2000 Ford Mustang GT

Stock for now.

Oct 22, 2013 by jabrother
2013 Ford mustang gt

6 speed manual, black, with the track pack. No other options!

Jun 22, 2015 by chknhwk
1988 Ford Mustang GT

Track-day car Christmas present for my wife. $1500. Then it was mine briefily. Challenge Car! Then she wanted it back. :( Mega title issues.

Jan 21, 2016 by ClemSparks
1992 Ford F150

4x4 with a 300 straight 6 engine and non-overdrive 4 speed manual tranmission.

Oct 30, 2013 by ducart2002
2003 Ford SVT Focus

I bought it new from the Ford dealer in Darien, Ga. It was in 2004, and it was never sold, still a new car. Black, with 2004 SVT Focus wheels. …

Nov 01, 2013 by 86roadrace
2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Daily driver, upgraded with Maximum Motorsports suspension

Nov 01, 2013 by 86roadrace
1965 Ford Mustang

1965 Mustang fastback, currently undergoing a full rebuild with upgraded suspension, EFI, 5-speed, roll cage, etc.

Nov 01, 2013 by 86roadrace
1986 Ford Mustang

Open track car build

Nov 01, 2013 by jshelburne
1996 Ford Explorer

Faithful Hauler

Nov 04, 2013 by gt40guy
2012 Ford Shelby Mustang Snake

2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 SVT plus --

Nov 04, 2013 by gt40guy
1966 Ford GT40 MKII

Listed in world-wide GT40 Registry - 7 liter engine -- ZF rear - several suspension upgrades - God, guns, and cars is what made this country great - lets keep …

Nov 04, 2013 by Pork99
1976 Ford Explorer

The pickup variant with a dented tailgate it needs some other work considering power steering but still perfectly drivable and due to lack of the so called good manifold it …

Nov 05, 2013 by Rhyno
2012 Ford Focus sel hatchback

Wifes car but air box mod, sticky tires and been dipped like 6 times!

Nov 05, 2013 by Rhyno
2001 Ford Mustang Gt convertible

Full bolt ons, j mod shift kit, 4.10 gears, some suspension works. And cosmetic goodies

Nov 05, 2013 by Rhyno
1954 Ford Crestline Victoria

To much to list motor all original but the body is modified to that era.

Nov 05, 2013 by Olle_Roos
1988 Ford Mustang GT conv

Brought to life with a centrifugal supercharger

Mar 31, 2015 by johnmarkgray
1974 Ford Capri 2000

SCCA F-Production Road Racer 2014 South Atlantic Road Racing Champion

Sep 29, 2020 by dj06482 (Forum Supporter)
2001 Ford Mustang GT

12/00 build date, T45 transmission. Only mod is a Flowmaster Force II exhaust. 293K and counting...

Nov 11, 2013 by blaze86vic
1961 Ford F100 1961

This is my family heirloom. This was purchased new, special order by my Great Grandfather for his shop in New Mexico. It is the original color, with all the options …

Nov 11, 2013 by capxyz123
2000 Ford F350 Super Duty diesel

great torque

Nov 11, 2013 by capxyz123
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

Rio Red

Nov 12, 2013 by mgmike69
2008 Ford Mustang challenge Car

1 of the original mustang challenge cars.Awesome track car Has been raced occassionally but not beat.

Oct 16, 2017 by Rise
2013 Ford Focus SE

Test 2

Nov 17, 2013 by coblankenship
1980 Ford Fiesta

1600 kent crossflow

Nov 22, 2013 by ClemSparks
1949 Ford 8N Tractor

A workhorse for my rustfarm

Jul 16, 2015 by ClemSparks
1950 Ford Coupe

Just a barn find. It will likely get traded off soon for something I'll have more use for.

Jan 18, 2014 by Bearzigmoo
1978 Ford Fiesta

Complete compention suspension High flow exhaust /header XR-2 intake Head messaged Haven`t touch the bottom yet,other than that everthing else on the motor is new

Nov 25, 2013 by 82X11
1995 Ford Taurus SHO

Green, 5 spd, 2nd owner

Nov 28, 2013 by ebonyandivory
1995 Ford F-150

Factory tow package, 5.0, 31" tires.

Dec 01, 2013 by VIR2014
1994 Ford Escort GT

This is a photo of my 1995 Escort GT rally car. We won five rallies with this car. I have owned over 132 vehicles and have loved everyone!

Dec 01, 2013 by mancha
1968 Ford Mustang

Unending Project?

Dec 02, 2013 by VIR2014
1969 Ford Mustang

This is a 1969 Ford Mustang that I bought for my wife. Her first car was a 1969 Ford Mustang.

Dec 02, 2013 by VIR2014
1938 Ford Vintage Race Car

This is a vintage race car that we did a ground up restoration on and I raced with several vintage racing organization. All the paint you see for the graphics …

Dec 02, 2013 by VIR2014
1957 Ford Race Car

This is the first race car I ever owned. I was fifteen years old and was not old enough to get in the pits. My sister is driving it on …

Dec 10, 2013 by 67hardtop
1967 Ford Mustang

Mustang hardtop with fuel injected 5.0, t5 transmition, 9 inch with tractionloc and disk brakes

Dec 10, 2013 by wadewit
1992 Ford CMC Mustang

combo of '87-'96 Ford parts prep'ed for NASA CMC class in the MidAtlantic region.

Aug 13, 2019 by carczar_84
2006 Ford Ranger

Supercab, 4.0L SOHC V6, 5-sp Auto, 4WD, 4.10 LS, 32x11.50R15 Mud Terrains. -Bilstein shocks -K&N intake -Custom Exhaust

Jan 27, 2014 by crankwalk (Forum Supporter)
1994 Ford E-350

312k miles. 7.3 Diesel. Parts hauler, camping/kayaking van. Potential names: Van Diesel or Vivian Vance

Dec 13, 2013 by turbofiend
1967 Ford Mustang

6 cylinder - rusty as hell, girlfriends first car

Dec 16, 2013 by slow
2003 Ford Expedition

Kids carrier

Sep 25, 2019 by monsterbronco
2001 Ford F250

7.3 Powerstroke Crew Cap, towing beast

Dec 31, 2013 by Chipperb
1964 Ford GT 40

Spot on replica

Aug 03, 2015 by BlueInGreen - Jon
1994 Ford Escort Wagon

It's a great winter mule.

Jan 04, 2014 by jkevin
1959 Ford Thames E300 Panel Van

Languishing in my garage, with Cortina Mk 2 front suspension and 1600 Crossflow in pieces awaiting resurrection. Difficult or impossible to find: strut inserts to replace the original Armstrong innards.

Jan 06, 2014 by bklecka
1998 Ford Escort SE aka "The Escortcher"

Worn out silver family car. Automatic transmission going bad will need to be swapped out soon. Just got it home and started the cleaning and stripping process. Long way to …

Jan 06, 2014 by rpsurfr
1965 Ford Mustang

my 1966 Ive had for 30 plus years.. I will never sell her.

Mar 24, 2014 by chknhwk
1999 Ford Explorer

My wife's daily driver, doggie hauler, work truck!

May 04, 2015 by pres589 (djronnebaum)
1995 Ford Mustang GT


May 05, 2014 by SPG123
1986 Ford F250 XL

Absolutely could not resist this. Super well kept bone stock 86 F250. Ridiculously clean and straight. 300 straight six. 4 speed manual trans with the worlds longest throws. Factory AC. …

Jan 31, 2014 by rvillata
1971 Ford Capri

2.0L Previous SCCS ITB racer

Feb 03, 2014 by TravelinMan
1990 Ford Mustang GT


Feb 03, 2014 by CKDezines
1998 Ford Mustang Cobra

Track Rat

Aug 19, 2014 by edizzle89
1999 Ford F250 Light Duty 4x4

5.4L, 4r100 trans, posi, bull horns ziptied to grill

Dec 01, 2014 by Jon Felton
2014 Ford Focus ST

The new appliance/pace car. 11k miles as of fall '14. Stock except for tint and plasti-dipped wheels. Fun to drive!

Feb 19, 2014 by russian
1993 Ford Festiva

24 hours of Lemons crapcan

Feb 20, 2014 by RTMustang
1990 Ford Mustang

Besides being an X GRM project car that JG wrote about back in early 2002-04 I've added new paint -wheels - full frame connectors and Roll Cage. I've also updated …

Feb 25, 2014 by FordGT40
1995 Ford Mustang GT

Atlanta Motorsports Park

Mar 01, 2014 by wnick
2009 Ford flex


Mar 03, 2014 by twopointwo
1991 Ford Probe GL

The "Racecar"

Jun 02, 2014 by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1991 Ford Mustang Rallycross Monster

Former CP car lifted and converted to MR rallycross use.

Mar 04, 2014 by cbar307
1975 Ford Mustang ll

Stock chassis, aluminium headed windsor, partial cage, drag radials, and a bit of spray.

Sep 24, 2015 by LainfordExpress
1994 Ford F-150 XL

1994 Ford F-150 XL, Regular Cab, 8' Bed, 4x2, 351W, 4-speed automatic. It's my towing rig. Bought for $3400 in Feb. '14 with 94,000 miles on it. Came with four …

Mar 06, 2014 by Fobroader
1996 Ford Mustang V6

This is my perennial garage queen, has a strange backfire that I cannot get rid of. Plan is to have a fun little autocross car and with the opening up …

Jan 02, 2017 by ZOO (Forum Supporter)
2003 Ford F150 Supercrew 4x4

My first truck! I'm lovin' it.

Mar 15, 2014 by El_Tortuga
2014 Ford Mustang GT Track Package + Recaros

aka Beyoncé (the hot young black girlfriend) Eibach ProKit Springs Koni Yellows Maximum Motorsports Camber Plates Whiteline PHB and Bracket Whiteline adjustable rear swaybar Barton shifter and 2-post bracket Whiteline …

Mar 18, 2014 by 09s197
2009 Ford Mustang Gt

Bone stock 45th anniversary edition fully loaded Gt

Apr 21, 2016 by MitchellC
2003 Ford Focus SVT

Purchased in 2005 with 31k miles; driven hard ever since. It currently has 122k miles. Featured in GRM's August 2007 story, "Young Guns." I still have the Magnaflow exhaust courteously …

Apr 30, 2017 by chknhwk
1998 Ford SVT Contour

After this thread: I realized it was time to go shopping so I came with one of the most fun cars I've ever owned, an SVT Contour. It's a …

Mar 28, 2014 by WOW Really Paul?
2001 Ford Fukus

Oddly enough, I'm the second and fifth owner of this pile of crap. A winter beater thats lowered, priceless.

Aug 05, 2015 by pjbgravely
2000 Ford Mustang

3.8L standard, daily driver. It has a upper grill block, Engine modes are few. A K/N air filter and an oil separator installed in the PVC system. I run Amsoil …

Feb 07, 2018 by windsordeluxe
1985 Ford Econoline 350

I intended on buying a 14-18 foot camper that I could pull with my Xterra. I ended up with a 26 foot 460 powered behemoth that can pull my Xterra.

Apr 01, 2014 by rodney_kahane
1995 Ford Mustang GT

Mostly stock, trying to keep it running right

Apr 07, 2014 by FredericB9
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

4.6L DOHC v8, T-45. Cold air intake filter. Much modification to come on suspension, chassis, brake. Things that will help for road racing and autocross.

Apr 10, 2014 by thealbatross
2006 Ford F-350

Dually Diesel 4x4

Apr 11, 2014 by matman3
2001 Ford Mustang Gt

Full Steeda suspension, long tube headers w/ flowmasters, custon fab'd spoiler and Conra R wheels.

Apr 14, 2014 by Pennintj
2004 Ford Focus ZX3

Low-buck project car.

Apr 14, 2014 by Pennintj
2004 Ford Focus ZX3

Low Buck Project

Apr 15, 2014 by matman3
1999 Ford Contour SVT

Eibach springs, KYB AGX struts, all polyurethane bushings, slotted rotors and roughly 345 hp.

Apr 20, 2014 by Gearhund
2013 Ford Mustang GT 5.0

Grabber Blue, Whipple Supercharged

Apr 29, 2014 by Tex_Arcana
2001 Ford SVT F150 Lightning

My li'l beastie...

May 07, 2014 by Conquest_LR4
1994 Ford 1994 Indy 500 Edition Mustang Cobra Convertible

My son and I picked this one up a few months ago from a guy who needed to get rid of it. What a find.

May 08, 2014 by fiestadan
2014 Ford Fiesta ST

True to its name, it is a party on wheels

May 26, 2014 by bklecka
2000 Ford ZX2 aka "the Escortcher II"

Black with dark gray interior. Automatic transmission. Completely stock inside and out. Will soon be a challenge car.

May 28, 2014 by pushrod36
2006 Ford Focus


May 30, 2014 by bbmatt9
2004 Ford Mustang GT

Crimson Red 40th Anniversary Edition Vortec Supercharged

Jun 05, 2014 by jbsulli2
1963 Ford Falcon

Future with a 170 small six

Mar 13, 2018 by Rusnak_322
2013 Ford Mustang GT convertible

Lowered, adj panhard bar, short throw shifter, Bama tuner, off road H pipe and axel back exhaust

Jun 11, 2014 by adzamridr
1993 Ford Festiva

Aspire brake/axle swap, soon to receive B6t transplant. Festy undergoing diet at this time.

Jun 12, 2014 by PresJack
2013 Ford Focus ST

Race Red ST3

Jun 17, 2014 by Max_Archer
2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Stock for now, aside from Azenis 615Ks in the stock size. Mods going to my track car instead.

Jun 18, 2014 by bullitt2655
2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT

Have owned this great car for 8 years now, and this is the 3rd iteration of the suspension! We have gone with coil overs front and rear. Also have welded …

Feb 27, 2018 by TrailDave
1999 Ford F-250 LD

Currently my DD. It has a 5.4L and a 4.10 LSD rear end -- so the gas mileage is breath-taking. It is the canoe hauler, tow rig, hunting camper, dog …

Jul 02, 2014 by SillyFast
1965 Ford Mustang

Building from the ground up!

Jul 11, 2014 by motorking
1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

434ci windsor, T56 trans, 9" rear, addco sawy bars, koni shocks, rack and pinion steering, four wheel disc brakes, Cobra wheels, Sumitomo HTRZ tires

Jul 11, 2014 by Casey Roush
2007 Ford Expedition

I know.... I will step up someday. I have a 5 year old so it has served it's purpose!

Jul 17, 2014 by gearheadmb
1965 Ford Mustang

351W, Flat tops, Holley 600, Wide ratio Toploader four speed, 3.55 gears

Jul 19, 2014 by Lampdawgg
1993 Ford Mustang LX

Original SSP 5 speed -Full MSD ignition (distributor, cap, rotor, wires, coil, 6AL box) - BBK LT headers & shorty H pipe - Flowmaster exhaust - LX chrome tips - …

Jul 20, 2014 by Keith_Goodrich
1998 Ford Taurus


Jul 23, 2014 by Nineball
1960 Ford Falcon

Aussie-built RHD variant of the original Falcon.

Nov 12, 2014 by Will
1962 Ford Thunderbird

Here's my old '62 Thunderbird hardtop. I bought it as the second owner in 2008, and honestly it was more trouble than it was worth. When I bought it in …

May 31, 2017 by pinchvalve (Forum Supporter)
2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Tuxedo Black, Sunroof, Rado Gray Wheels. So far I am loving this car. It sticks like crazy, transitions so well and brakes like grabbing the 3 wire. It is great …

Aug 05, 2014 by BroncoEvolution
1996 Ford Bronco

She's just my every day driver, no upgrades, not lifted. Oh she's a convertible I guess that's about the only thing different about her since I got her.

Aug 08, 2014 by BlackNBlueFox
1985 Ford Mustang GT

NA 5.8 9" with 4:30 Locker. Only goes straight....

Aug 08, 2014 by BlackNBlueFox
1995 Ford Mustang Cobra

NA 331 Full Griggs Turns good...

Feb 14, 2020 by The_Pirate
2003 Ford Focus ZX5

The most fun car I've owned. Stock (Zetec) drivetrain, on 17" SVT wheels with KYB AGX shocks and Eibach Pro-kit springs with a Progress Motorsports 22mm rear sway bar.

Aug 08, 2014 by AC8GE
2013 Ford E150

Work Van with Ladder Racks; CB radio; 10m, 2m and 70cm Ham Radio installed. Nothing Exciting otherwise.

Aug 08, 2014 by AC8GE
2011 Ford E150

Work Van, 2m and 70cm Ham Radio installed.

Aug 08, 2014 by AC8GE
1978 Ford Mustang II

Champagne Mustang II Coupe, 4cyl Automatic, previous owner accidental heater delete.

Aug 20, 2014 by ImprobableConstruct
2014 Ford F150 FX4

2014 Ford F150 FX4 with Appearance package.

Jul 28, 2015 by Sky_Render
2014 Ford Fusion 2.0T

Big, comfortable, rather luxurious, reasonably fast and fuel efficient. I installed a Turbosmart blow-off valve so I can make cool turbo noises. Her big brother is a Mustang GT, so …

Mar 30, 2015 by edizzle89
2001 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor

I am the law

Aug 16, 2016 by jharry3
1997 Ford Ranger

Dark Green, 4.0 V-6, stainless headers, Gibson exhaust, Mustang 16" x 8" wheels. Its ugly but I own it.

Jun 19, 2017 by karplus2
2014 Ford Fieata ST

Daily driver

Sep 04, 2014 by Woody (Forum Supportum)
1929 Ford Model A Tudor

I drove past this car for about five years before finally dropping a note in the mailbox and buying it later the same day.

Sep 15, 2014 by jakeb
1997 Ford f250

97 f250 powerstroke crew cab...ugly but pulls like a tank

Sep 14, 2016 by mancha
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Bone stock, base model with the only option being the only one I'd want: spoiler delete.

Sep 16, 2014 by RallyeRepublic
1988 Ford McLaren Mustang

Yup, it's a McLaren Mustang, no body kit, genuine #1306.

Sep 26, 2014 by mateospeed
1966 Ford Mustang. Sort-of.

Crazy, stoopid, annoyingly lengthy track car build. LS-1 power, custom designed and built chassis and suspension by yours truly.

Sep 27, 2014 by RHoward
2014 Ford Focus ST

My autocross ride...

Sep 27, 2014 by Ron
2013 Ford Focus ST

My autocross ride...

Oct 03, 2014 by Tmc22
2001 Ford F-150

5.4L V8, Lariat, Supercrew.

Oct 04, 2014 by Stang_guy03
2003 Ford Mustang

Dark Shadow Grey, V6, Auto. It was running GS in SOLO this year and won it's class.

Oct 07, 2014 by nboyles85737
2000 Ford Focus SE

Fun little autox machine. Drop in k&n, TB, headers, DIY cat back Vogtland springs, eibach front and rear sway, upper strut bar and front SS brake lines.

Oct 10, 2014 by sobastrace
1955 Ford Fairlane 2 Door

a fun 55 custom that is slowly, slowly, slowly being created.

Jan 12, 2018 by bravenrace
2001 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt

Pretty much stock Bullitt, with a flowmaster exhaust and 59k miles when purchased. Is my son's DD.

Oct 22, 2014 by jmthunderbirdturbo
1988 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe

88 every option TC. i call her Bluemoon, as its a blue/blue car with a moon roof. its hiding in the corner of my FILs barn right now, awaiting me …

Oct 30, 2014 by Machfive5
1992 Ford LX Mustang

Oval Track Race Car

Nov 03, 2014 by cpdave
1966 Ford Mustang

SCCA Solo C-Prepared car

Nov 13, 2014 by tallguy50
2013 Ford F-150 Supercab XLT

Blue Jeans Metallic 5.0 V8 3.15 rear end XLT Trim = A worthy tool for getting work done.

Nov 18, 2014 by GhiaMonster
1966 Ford Mustang

A father / son project spanning two decades now. 289 Hi-Po K-code fastback. Full restoration that touched every panel on the car, many of them being replaced. Almost complete except …

Nov 21, 2014 by haupt2it
2004 Ford Mustang

Road Race Car, NASA American Iron

Nov 28, 2014 by elmcity88
1962 Ford Econoline Pickup

200 CI I6, Weber DGV, 9", C4

Feb 26, 2021 by elmcity88
1988 Ford Mustang LX

Stroked and bored to 350, Griggs panhard and torsion bar, Cobra discs, Edelbrock heads, Borla cross pipes, Edelbrock exhaust, Cobra intake, Alum radiator with electric fan, MSD 6AL, MOMO wheel,

Dec 03, 2014 by tomtomgt356 (Tommy)
1965 Ford Mustang

Weekend cruiser. Mostly original, hardtop, 200 I6, 3 speed manual, blue interior, baby blue exterior.

Dec 03, 2014 by tomtomgt356 (Tommy)
1930 Ford Model A

This car was purchased by my grandfather in 1958 and has been in the family ever since. It's mostly original except for the brakes which were converted to hydraulic in …

Dec 05, 2014 by racnmni
1965 Ford Mustang fastback

Some assembly required

Dec 05, 2014 by racnmni
1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

Too rusty to be worth saving, too attached to sell

Mar 11, 2015 by Skervey
2001 Ford Mustang GT

Its a daily that about it

Dec 08, 2014 by daeman
1985 Ford courier (Mazda b2000)

Extra cab ute

Dec 11, 2014 by amaitland
2003 Ford focus svt

mostly stock

Dec 11, 2014 by Warhorse2004
2004 Ford Mustang

Autocross track day car. Lots of mods!!

Dec 28, 2014 by Lamps3
1999 Ford Cobra Mustang


Dec 16, 2014 by signal20hack
2006 Ford Mustang GT

Screaming Yellow, stock for now.

Dec 17, 2014 by dotdotdotPaul
2013 Ford Fiesta SE

Rally car material

Dec 18, 2014 by shaqer74
1986 Ford Mustang GT

Lots of suspension upgrades.

Dec 24, 2014 by Stang_guy03
2003 Ford Mustang GT

I bought this car to SOLO race. It already has numerous mods. I'll post an update here when I can compile a list.

Dec 27, 2014 by cscobra
2003 Ford mustang cobra

Sonic Blue, 472rwhp, 515lb.ft.torque

Dec 31, 2014 by Fair
2011 Ford Mustang GT (TT3 class)


Aug 07, 2019 by ridinwitcj73
2005 Ford F-250 Supercab Powerstroke 4x4 Lariat

Yes it has the 6.0 and yes its bulletproofed.....I put a new radiator cap on it last week.

Apr 12, 2021 by N Sperlo
2004 Ford Crown Victoria P71

Retired police vehicle. I put about 140k miles on her and she needs some minor work. Bought a replacement daily driver, so she's sitting waiting for those repairs and maybe …

Jan 12, 2015 by MattAnderson
1984 Ford Falcon Ute 'S' Pack

Mildly worked 351 Cleveland and a C4 with an open diff and a bitchin' mural. Peg leg burnouts to Lowe's and back. Currently with a whiney diff and blown up …

Jan 16, 2015 by mschnei7
1982 Ford Mustang GT

82 Mustang GT built for track days.

Jan 17, 2015 by Gixser68
2004 Ford Focus SVT

Competition Orange EAP Daily driver

Jan 19, 2015 by vintagemilano
2000 Ford Excursion 7.3

Winter road trip thrash car.

Jan 20, 2015 by 850Combat
2003 Ford Focus SVT

A Clean car. I'm the second owner, the first owner worked in the service department. It looks close to new, inside it, and outside. You can see the '68 Cortina …

Sep 06, 2020 by stukndapast
1985 Ford Mustang SVO

More or less stock 85.5 SVO with around 85K miles. Autocross and track days. Now being set up to compete in SVRA.

Feb 18, 2015 by Flying_Squirrel
1964 Ford Cortina GT

2 door, 4spd, pretty much stock, decent runner

Feb 03, 2015 by little_blue_hero
2001 Ford Escort ZX2

Stock Automatic. My daily/rallycrosser

Feb 07, 2015 by Mel22
2002 Ford Deathstar

It's green and runs great. 215K and counting

Feb 12, 2015 by aussiesmg
2002 Ford E150

Black conversion tow rig, all suspension, brakes rebuilt, replaced 4.6 with a 5.4

Feb 12, 2015 by aussiesmg
1992 Ford F600 crew

Turbo Diesel, crew cab with 11' bed, long distance tow rig

Feb 12, 2015 by aussiesmg
2011 Ford F150

Coyote powered 4x4, lifted, wheels and 35" tires, custom grill and headlights, and a real exhaust

Feb 17, 2015 by gl21133
2013 Ford Flex Ecoboost

The grocery getter and family rig

Feb 17, 2015 by gl21133
1992 Ford E250 Cargo

Tow Rig

Feb 17, 2015 by loureeve
1998 Ford Windstar LX

V6 3.0 waftmobile. Comfy but with a lot of issues. Ill try to address them 1st before i start modding. Gotta warn u guys, im a complete amateur. Specially with …

Feb 21, 2015 by Markers_Make
2012 Ford Mustang

It's a giant brick with wheels. But it is a fun-to-drive brick with wheels.

Feb 27, 2015 by dkarthik
2013 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Track pack with Ricaros

Koni yellow Shocks, Steeda sport springs, Fays2 Watts link, Steeda Caster camber plates, Borla Stype exhaust.

Mar 03, 2015 by jmatthewbell
1992 Ford Escort GT

Hooptie-ass LeMons Racer

Mar 03, 2015 by Clarty
2011 Ford Flex SE

It's a base-trim (SE) Flex in "Bordeaux Reserve Red Metallic." We bought it in October 2014 to replace the 1999 Volvo. We like it.

Mar 05, 2015 by jamoroso
1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod

302 4v with T5 transmission. Updated factory air, torque thrust rims with Shelby open centers, Lincoln silver frost with blue Shelby stripes....

May 05, 2015 by fasted58
2005 Ford Mustang GT

2005 GT Premium. Built as a road car w/ Airade CAI, BAMA tune, Pype Bombs and Hurst shifter. Suspension mods include Steeda Sport Springs, Tokico D-Spec struts and shocks, Ford …

Mar 10, 2015 by Stitch
1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

289 4bbl, 4 spd toploader, Baer 13 inch track disc bbrake conversion.

Mar 12, 2015 by Ambitious_But_Rubbish
1986 Ford Escort

Crapcan race car. Team name Dirty Escort. The car started out as a pavement mini stock and was converted for road race duty. After tiring of being a rolling chicane …

May 30, 2019 by akylekoz
1992 Ford Mustang GT

DD slowly getting preped for track days.

Mar 28, 2015 by Isuzu1989
1968 Ford Country squire

Woody car

Mar 29, 2015 by dbrady
2011 Ford Mustang GT

Mustang GT premium with Coyote motor. Using for HPDE events within NASA

Mar 29, 2015 by dbrady
1988 Ford Mustang GT NASA CMC car

Bought to run in NASA CMC series. Working on car while running my 2011 GT in HPDE program. Pic 1 & 2 of car at RA Dec. 2014 (car did …

Mar 29, 2015 by dbrady
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

3 year build, tried to keep simple and clean. 302 with C4 trans. Pics are from 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour

Mar 31, 2015 by johnmarkgray
1974 Ford Capri 2000

SCCA F-Production Race Car 2014 South Atlantic Road Racing Champion

Apr 27, 2015 by rpc
1978 Ford fairmont

about to start work on what will be the finest ford fairmont... in the world

May 05, 2015 by DougUsmc
1964 Ford mustang

Its a numbers matching 289 ford Mustang. Its been with my family since my grandfather im now doing a bit or restoration

May 15, 2015 by tjc1965
1965 Ford Mustang

Ex Time Trial now retired to cruise night duty

May 23, 2015 by TommiMeadows
2008 Ford Ka S1400 Rally Car

Building a Ka 1400 for forest rallying

May 25, 2015 by pizzaman1
1972 Ford pinto

Scca gt3 tube frame race car .starting restoration

Sep 27, 2015 by classicJackets (FS)
1975 Ford Courier

Upgraded to disc brakes in the front and now has 16x8" wheels in place of the stock 14x4.5". Working on many projects for it, including learning engine work by rebuilding …

Jun 10, 2015 by PrincessGrace
1963 Ford Thunderbird Special Principality of Monaco Edition

[url][/url] Located in Oregon. This wonderful car has been in our family for three generations and has been garaged since 2001. It still runs and drives beautifully, and all of …

Jun 19, 2015 by Egz
2003 Ford Focus ZX3

218HP/155 Ft-Lbs Supertech 12.5:1 pistons Eagle H-beam rods Ranger crankshaft ARP studs and fasteners Crower F-2372 camshafts by Massive Speed System Crane valve springs and retainers Cosworth BSD Marcy Motorsports …

Jun 19, 2015 by Egz
2014 Ford Fiesta SE

1.0 liters of fury, European projector headlights

Jun 19, 2015 by Egz
2006 Ford Fusion SE

GT28R Turbo with parts from FSWerks turbo kit H&R coilovers 5-piece 3D Carbon body kit Pioneer AVIC 710BT headunit

Mar 27, 2017 by KyAllroad (Jeremy) (Forum Supporter)
1994 Ford Ranger

Little tonka truck. Was my dads, now it's a daily runabout

Jun 21, 2018 by drewski1611
1994 Ford Escort LX Wagon

Green, 5-speed. Mule wagon. Scrapped.

Jul 03, 2015 by Pwndbymustang
1988 Ford Mustang

AWD Audi swapped

Jul 16, 2015 by 71shadow
2001 Ford Focus ZX3

"Greenie" is a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3 that i got as a graduation present from highschool and maybe 2 years later i got into Autocross with it in the STF …

Jul 16, 2015 by 71shadow
2014 Ford Focus ST

This is my daily driver nothing much to say about it. Mods: Turbosmart 50/50 BOV, Garageline 15mm/20mm spacers and some 255/30zr/18's

Jul 16, 2015 by ThingWithWheels
2003 Ford Ranger

2.3/5 speed. Good for hauling small boats, lumber, scrap metal. Probably the most reliable thing with wheels I have owned, which isn't saying much....

Jul 21, 2015 by DirtyDiesel
2007 Ford Mustang GT 5-speed

Borla Long tube headers, no-cat, Borla Atak cat-back....LOUDDD! Hurst shifter.

Jul 25, 2015 by ftgt101
1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

1993 Teal Cobra W/Black interior. Track Car 331 AFR heads Factory Ported Cobra Upper and Lower. Maximum Motorsports Suspension.

Jan 18, 2017 by lcracing92
2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Just a stock ST. Only changes done to the car (other than warranty work on a faulty fuel issue) is a set of Hankook Ventus Evo2 tires. Such a fun …

Aug 20, 2015 by pbriddell
1966 Ford F250

!966 Ford F250,former California Forestry Service truck. non-original 390, original 4x4, with after market (older) A/C installed.

Aug 28, 2015 by HemiStang
1966 Ford 1966.5 Fiberfab / Daytona / Mustang

Hemi powered… 1 of 1 prototype…

Sep 25, 2015 by Coldsnap
2004 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport

Great car.

Sep 16, 2015 by Brokeback (Matt)
1999 Ford F350

CCLB Dually 4x4 7.3L Diesel

Sep 16, 2015 by Ross413
2004 Ford Crown Victoria

P71 car that I bought from my work. Swapped a Tremec 3650 and it is a blast. SCT4 tuner.

Sep 24, 2015 by rohlfiam
2013 Ford Mustang GT (sold)

DIB:Hurst Short Shifter:Bassani x-pipe:Roush axle-back:Resonator delete:Koni Str.t shocks/struts:AMR lowering springs: Steeda HD CC Plates(sold)

Oct 11, 2017 by Cleverfrog
2010 Ford Focus


Oct 08, 2015 by turbofiat124
1968 Ford Fairlane 500

1968, 302, C4

Oct 16, 2015 by Curtis73 (Forum Supporter)
1974 Ford Maverick

302/C4. Didn't have it long, which is a good thing because I was planning on putting a full STI drivetrain in it. That would have been expensive.

Jul 09, 2018 by Blitzed306
2011 Ford Focus

It has a god damn automatic transmission. Update: FsWerks Cool Flo air-intake with drilled and slotted rotors, EBC pads. Timing advance mod..... Slightly less slow

Oct 07, 2016 by MrLittle
2015 Ford Focus ST

Daily driver / occasional autox mobile

Nov 06, 2015 by WildScotsRacingCampbellCougarSeed
2002 Ford Escort sedan 2.0 SPI

Not so stock, Cardinal Red, modified automatic tranny (yeah, yeah, I know, I have a manual tranny that will be swapped in eventually), Stoptech Street Performance brakes, braided steel lines, …

Nov 04, 2016 by 2004SVTFocus
2004 Ford SVT Focus

2004 SVT Focus ZX3 Silver w/ black/blue interior 1 of 412

Dec 18, 2015 by McTinkerson
2015 Ford F-150

XLT with the 3.5L Ecoboost. 365hp and 420ft/lb of torque. On 87 octane - until intake temps start climbing. Which is very very soon. It's a 4500lb live axle mustang …

Dec 09, 2015 by Skervey
2012 Ford Fusion

The DD

Dec 13, 2015 by gt40guy
1970 Ford Mach 1

Boss 557 CID - 8 Weber 48 IDA's - ground thumper - one crazy horse --

Dec 13, 2015 by gt40guy
1935 Ford Custom Pickup Truck

468 BBC - 5 speed - 3 year build --

Jul 01, 2016 by The Canadian
2005 Ford Escape XLT

2005 Ford Escape XLT Sport 3.0L V6 AWD

Jan 14, 2016 by ncjay
1980 Ford Wagon

First street legal car I ever owned. Straight 6 with a 4 speed. Fun, reliable vehicle. Things between us didn't end well, unless you count the fact that I walked …

Nov 10, 2019 by TenToeTurbo
2002 Ford SVT Focus

The most fun $2500 daily driver, ever.

Jan 15, 2016 by mazda6guy
1988 Ford Mustang GT

Future GRM Challenge car.

Jan 22, 2016 by rleech
2013 Ford Explorer sport

Family car..

Jan 22, 2016 by chuckles
2001 Ford Focus wagon.

Utility car.

Aug 26, 2016 by jstein77
2015 Ford Fiesta ST

My new play toy! Kind of a stopgap measure until the RS becomes a little more affordable.

Jan 31, 2020 by edizzle89
2000 Ford F-250

5.4 liter, 5 speed manual, 2wd.

Apr 25, 2018 by Indy "Nub" Guy
2002 Ford E-150 Econoline Van

Tow vehicle, people mover.

Feb 17, 2016 by Youngbloodcustoms
1980 Ford F350 Tow truck

4x4 western hydro plow, aerosonic lightbar, challenger sling lift.

Feb 17, 2016 by Youngbloodcustoms
1956 Ford B600 RV

Sold to Toyman01

Feb 17, 2016 by Youngbloodcustoms
1956 Ford F-100

Family heirloom (in pieces) awaiting build

Feb 11, 2017 by smokindav
2014 Ford Mustang GT

2014 Mustang GT base. No options. Recently added Brembo F50 style front calipers and 2-piece floating rotors. Prepping the car for track days. Next on the list is brake cooling …

Jun 16, 2020 by Ironsides
1989 Ford Probe GT

Just your everyday lightly modified Ford Probe Turbo.

Feb 06, 2018 by Ironsides
2014 Ford Fiesta ST

The trusty DD

Dec 15, 2020 by Andy Neuman
2015 Ford Mustang GT

Track Pack

Apr 01, 2016 by BMWGeoff
2015 Ford Edge SEL AWD

My wife's daily... nothing too fancy, it gets the job done.

Apr 06, 2016 by toymans_daughter
1989 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

MM12 Chassis 3.8L V6 Eaton M90 Supercharger White exterior with a red interior. Working on restoring parts of it. Starting with the parking break handle.

Apr 10, 2016 by JThw8
1966 Ford F250

A "pretty" work truck. Still used around here on a regular basis

Apr 17, 2016 by kent66esp
1986 Ford Mustang SVO

Bought new in 1986 as my first family car. Had to trade my 84 CRX (2 seats no room for Jr.) Finally got that minivan and started using SVO for …

Jan 16, 2020 by ultraclyde
1996 Ford F250

SuperCab XLT, long bed, 2wd. 7.3L Powerstroke diesel. Dead stock with 230k miles and growing. BOught to facilitate an upgrade to a larger boat in the future and because I …

Nov 18, 2017 by MrChaos
2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0

1.0 turbo averages 40mpg

May 07, 2016 by Jesse Ransom
1963 Ford Ranchero

Originally a six-cylinder car, now has a 302 out of a '70-something pickup; also has a C4 auto, but hopefully to be replaced with a T5. Rear axle is out …

May 17, 2016 by trucke
2013 Ford Focus SE Sedan


Jun 02, 2016 by Ovid_and_Flem
1996 Ford F250 Turbo Diesel xtended cab LWB

Inherited from Dad who bought ot new. 77K original miles. Never wrecked and everything works perfectly. 20+ mpg highway loaded, towing or empty. Amazing truck

Jun 25, 2016 by jpaturzo
2015 Ford Fiesta ST

2015 Fiesta ST, tri-metallic orange, cloth seats.

Jul 11, 2016 by All_6s_and_7s
2000 Ford Focus ZX3

Purpose built autocross car Sportline Springs KYB AGX shocks and struts MOMO 15" wheels Magnaflow exhaust braided steel brake lines Rear interior stripped out Subtle body kit Falcon Azenis tires …

Jul 01, 2016 by The Canadian
2016 Ford Escape SE

2.0L I4 EcoBoost Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clear Coat

Jun 01, 2017 by Matthew Kennedy
2013 Ford Focus ST

Stock, save for some Rally Armor mudflaps. It's also very yellow. Currently has Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 235/40R18.

Jul 23, 2016 by t25torx
1965 Ford Type 65 Daytona Coupe

1965 FFR Daytona Coupe Replica. Follow this car in the builds and projects forum.

Aug 11, 2016 by therealpinto
1974 Ford Capri

Body modified to MkIII (1978-86) spec, X-pack arches, fibreglass bonnet and hatch. The car currently runs a 2.0 Pinto with YB pistons, rods and oil pump with spray bar. Slightly …

Aug 15, 2016 by BlueInGreen - Jon
2012 Ford Focus

The wife's appliance. It gets driven lots of miles each week. It's a cool yellow color.

Aug 26, 2016 by jstein77
2016 Ford Focus RS

The result of an 8 month quest for something worthy of replacing my awesome turbo Spec V. It was a long road getting here, but the end result is worth …

Sep 03, 2016 by TyGistics
2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Steeda STB and a K&N. Woot.

Sep 01, 2018 by Curtis73 (Forum Supporter)
2002 Ford F150-7700

Its a truck. I use it to haul stuff. And things.

Sep 19, 2016 by TheEnd
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Esp build

Sep 21, 2016 by classicJackets (FS)
2000 Ford Expedition

Reliable daily and parts hauler

Sep 24, 2016 by basilmillerbasil1638basil
2003 Ford SVT Focus

Stock 2003 SVT Focus Red 77000 orig miles

Jun 09, 2019 by Nathan JansenvanDoorn
2015 Ford Fiesta ST

Australian 2 door hatch: fantastic, fun commuter.

Sep 30, 2016 by kulddy
1970 Ford Bronco

Under de/re-construction. Got new tins (whole body), 1973 running gear, C4, Pwr Brks, Pwr Str..

Oct 02, 2016 by RevRico
2005 Ford P71

Winter beater, rally cross, family hauler.

Oct 11, 2016 by V8 Road Racing West
1999 Ford Taurus Victory Circle Road Race Stock Car

She turns Left & RIGHT!

Oct 11, 2016 by maschinenbau
1931 Ford Model A Pickup

Hot rod project

Aug 29, 2017 by singleslammer
2015 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost

Daily for my 40+ mile commute in Missouri hill country. Fun chassis that needs a fair bit more power. Should have sprung for the ST. Great car though.

Sep 25, 2018 by singleslammer
1978 Ford Ranchero

This beast was given to me. It is rough around the edges, has zero rubber in the suspension, and doesn't run. Who knows what is going to happen to it.

Oct 18, 2016 by tecwizrd
1996 Ford Mustang GT

Built from the remains of a '98 GT and this '96. Full Tilt Boogie Racing IRS components, Maximum Motorsports front end components. MM full length sfc. Stock engine with the …

Oct 26, 2016 by Stefan (Forum Supporter)
2016 Ford Focus RS

Despite the horrible wait and the lousy experience from Ford corporate, it finally arrived and I'm pretty damned happy about it.

Oct 31, 2016 by Spooki
1980 Ford Thunderbird

Just purchased

Oct 05, 2017 by m_walker26 (Forum Supporter)
2001 Ford Ranger

CoPart refugee

Mar 16, 2017 by sanyarcosean
1966 Ford T5 (German Export Mustang)

I know its history for the last 12 years, and its got some stories yet to tell. 12 years ago it was bought for its owner by her husband as …

Nov 27, 2016 by UnrefinedProject
2013 Ford Fusion

Ecoboost AWD

Nov 29, 2016 by 67MIke
1968 Ford galaxie

68 body on 2005 crown victoria... 4.6

Dec 03, 2016 by Apex Fiend
2004 Ford Mustang

My 16 year old daughter drives it but technically it's mine. Grandpa bought it for her but my name is on the title.

Dec 12, 2016 by supchu5150
2005 Ford Mustang GT

Big, fast, yellow.

Oct 01, 2017 by Tillerman
1997 Ford Pacific Green SVT Cobra

Bought in the fall of 2016 as a weekend fun car for my son and I (co-owners). About 66,000 on the odometer and in very good condition. Essentially stock as …

Dec 13, 2016 by BEJAY1
1989 Ford Probe GT

First stick - 137mph top speed stock internals

Dec 14, 2016 by Flynlow (FS)
1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Resto-mod in the works. Already has 5-speed, disc brakes all around, and a rack and pinion steering box. Future plans are EFI, modern HVAC and lighting, and 100+K miles of …

Jan 04, 2017 by codrus (Forum Supporter)
1995 Ford Probe GT

First car I bought for myself, owned it about 70K miles.

Dec 27, 2016 by Dan
2012 Ford Mustang

V6 - World Racing League, SCCA Bracket Enduros

Dec 29, 2016 by nutherjrfan
2002 Ford SVT Focus


Dec 29, 2016 by Joseph
1969 Ford Mustang

69 Mustang Coupe in Acapulco Blue. Has 351W, C4 transmission and 9 inch rear end.

Dec 29, 2016 by Joseph
2000 Ford Mustang GT

Zinc Yellow with the limited 'Spring Feature' package.

Dec 29, 2016 by Joseph
1998 Ford ZX2

Intrax Springs, DTM wheel, Nitto tires, Pacesetter exhausts, and short throw shifter.

Sep 25, 2018 by therieldeal
1995 Ford Escort GT

Turbocharged - 323 GTR Engine Swap. Converted to Toyota E153 transaxle via custom adapter plate. Running on Megasquirt II. Well over 300 horsepower. Has done the 1/4 mile in 11.87 …

Jan 05, 2017 by TurboFocus
2000 Ford Focus SE

Zetec/MTX-75/FWD Sedan, beat up, in process of adding a turbo. She came to Europe with my wife and I

Apr 11, 2018 by choripan89
1997 Ford Mustang

Base V6 Coupe Racecar

Nov 10, 2020 by choripan89
2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Daily driver/Weekend autocrosser

Jan 17, 2017 by Smokeynbandit
1963 Ford Forsale ford Hubcaps ect.

Multiple ford hubcaps, forsale

Jan 20, 2017 by RussB
2015 Ford Fiesta ST

H-Street prepared (wheels/tires/Konis/cat-back).

Jan 23, 2017 by kulddy

Tow a house!

Jan 25, 2017 by hegels
2015 Ford Mustang GT

Competition orange 6mt

May 08, 2017 by BTD
2006 Ford Mustang GT

* Ford Racing "K" springs * GT500 strut mounts * Steeda Bumpsteer Kit * Ford Racing Front LCAs * Adjustable endlinks (new in last 5k miles) * Whiteline Adjustable Panhard …

Feb 08, 2017 by Drunkonunleaded
1992 Ford Mustang LX

5.0/T5 Notchback. Full exterior restoration Winter 2014/2015. The rest: TBD.

Feb 20, 2017 by IrishMike
1936 Ford 3-window coupe


Feb 21, 2017 by wabitpooor
1972 Ford Pinto

Former Solo 1 car from So Cal, Now in storage until I get $$ and Cash Flow

Feb 27, 2017 by stevev
1924 Ford Model T "Viscount Vinson" Special


Oct 09, 2020 by BlueInGreen - Jon
1994 Ford Ranger

Basic 4 cylinder/5 speed combo. It's my beater. This little truck has been reliable as a hammer through the winter and we've had some good adventures. Sadly, the Ranger has …

Jan 18, 2021 by KentF (Forum Supporter)
2002 Ford Mustang Coupe named Mistress

Mistress is a 2002 Mustang Autocrosser. 4.2 ltr Stroker (from a 3.8 ltr V6) with all forged internals. CompCam shaft & roller rockers. Stage 3 Heads/Intakes from Super Six Motorsports …

Mar 06, 2017 by Brianrc
2004 Ford Focus ZX3

2.3L Duratec, bone stock.

Mar 23, 2017 by Clarty
1977 Ford LTD

Owned 1986-1988

Mar 23, 2017 by Clarty
1977 Ford LTD

Owned 1986-1988

Aug 08, 2018 by randman2011
2000 Ford Ranger 2.3 2WD

Named Dusty because Rusty was already taken. Manual transmission, manual windows, no tach, no dash vents. Bargain basement work truck and we treat it as such.

Aug 08, 2018 by randman2011
2016 Ford Focus RS

EMS charge pipe kit, Mishimoto intake kit, Turbosmart dual port BOV, JBR shift kit, sound deadening removal.

Mar 29, 2017 by FlaggerX
2002 Ford SVT Focus

97k, zero mods, never raced, never driven in snow, even the cd changer works.

Apr 11, 2017 by bumpsteer
2007 Ford Mustang

It's a V6. It is not fast. It is however, fun to drive and almost all the modifications are done to the suspension.

Aug 23, 2017 by jstein77
2016 Ford Focus RS

This is my 350 Hp AWD Focus in action in its natural environment, on the autocross course. It's competitive and fun to race.

Apr 27, 2017 by fearlesfil
2011 Ford Mustang GT Premium Brembo Brake Package

Kona blue/ black. Boss 302 intake. JLT CAI. Bama 91 octane street tune. JLT air oil separator. Koni Sport adjustable shocks. Vorshlag caster camber plates. Ford Performance anti-roll bars. Route …

May 04, 2017 by SillyFast
1988 Ford Mustang

It is currently a shell of a car. Working on collecting parts.

May 05, 2017 by TheEnd
1991 Ford Mustang

347 T5

Feb 12, 2018 by BTD
2011 Ford Mustang GT

GT500 axlebacks, GT/CS front lip

May 25, 2018 by FIYAPOWA
2011 Ford Mustang GT Track Pack

Bought new in 2010, has been autocrossed regularly ever since. Slow build to competitiveness.

Feb 09, 2018 by FIYAPOWA
1979 Ford Granada

88k mile grandma's car - I bought it from the original owner's grandson (who couldn't get it running). It has the inline six and the slushbox C4 trans. It will …

May 18, 2017 by MachineryWhisperer
2002 Ford Escort ZX2

This was my son's first car. After he got a real job and a real car he sold this back to me for $500 with a blown transaxle, worn out …

May 20, 2017 by Stryder13
1998 Ford SVT Cobra

All stock except for FDR. 100K miles and still going strong.

May 22, 2017 by Color_Blind_4_Life
1982 Ford f-100

Its an old pickup with an inline 6. it gets me around and gives me a lot of mechanic experience... its my first car and i love her to death. …

May 22, 2017 by rustyblade
1990 Ford F250

7.3 idi, ZF 5, 4x4, extended cab, cold a/c, tow-pig, turbo kit incoming.