Lamin-x articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Lamin-x articles, project cars, conversations, and more

Lamin-x articles

News and Notes: How Lamin-x turned a race fan into a race team supplier

How did Lamin-x become the global powerhouse it is today? It all started with trying to replicate the look of '90s GT race cars.

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Lamin-x project car updates

How To Paint a Race Car Interior | Project LSZ

Our LS-powered 350Z gets more and more track-ready goodies each installment, all in a quest to build a winning time trials car. Brakes, suspension, weight reduction, …

When life imitates art: Lamin-x for our Miata. | Garage Rescue Miata

Many of us have drawings of our cars, but how often do people make their car look like a drawing?

A long, long time ago, our good friend Rob …

How to best prepare paint for protective film? Detailing.

We’d like to keep our Porsche 997 looking good. We also have some Lamin-x paint protection film on order for the car.

[When life imitates …

Why should you install paint protection film?

We faced a bit of a quandary: Our Porsche 997 wore its original, pristine paint, yet we’d like to track the car. How could we prevent sandblasting the …

Do you hate rock chips? Here’s how we’re fighting them.

Our Volkswagen GTI has gone the distance–both on the highway and on track–and its front end was starting to show it. With miles come rock chips, and sadly the …

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