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$2000 Challenge: When $800 could get you a turbo Starion

In 2004, Tom Caimano brought a Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R to our annual $2000 Challenge–back when you could buy one for a fair price of just $800.

Don’t wait: Register for the 25th anniversary $2000 Challenge today

The 25th anniversary $2000 Challenge–our automotive festival that celebrates autocross, drag racing and ingenuity–is coming this April.

One man to race a minivan in every 24 Hours of Lemons race in 2024

Zac Caldwell is setting out on a mission to compete at every single race on the 24 Hours of Lemons schedule–for a good cause, of course.

A V8-powered, mid-engine Subaru Justy | Great moments in $2000 Challenge history

What looks like a Group B rally car and is powered by a (very) tired Mustang Cobra V8? That's right, the Justang.

Live thread: 2023 Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge Presented by Tire Rack

Follow this thread to stay up to date with all the low-buck thrills from the $2000 Challenge.

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News and Notes: Is the Ford Festiva really just a front-wheel-drive Miata?

Cheap speed? How about a turbo Festiva? It kinda uses a Miata engine.

Features: How to barter your way to low-buck racing glory

Not just any 280ZX, but one breathing through a Pinto carburetor.

News and Notes: This isn't a Ferrari, it's a Nissan 200SX Faux-rarri

A real Ferrari in a Lemons race? How about a rebodied Nissan instead?

Features: Neal Losey’s amazing, life-changing year full of Lemons

Neal Losey had a year to remember, racing 37 cars, competing at 18 tracks across the country, en route to a 24 Hours of Lemons national drivers' championship.

Features: This is what happens when budget builds compete against cars more than 10 times their value | $2000 Challenge recap

Going fast doesn’t have to involve piles of money. As Wreck Racing and the rest of our $2000 Challenge teams have regularly shown, creativity goes far.

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A Spitfire without a home
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