Low-Buck Tech articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Low-Buck Tech articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Don’t miss any of the low-buck thrills | $2000 Challenge live thread

Here's how to make sure you don't miss anything from the $2000 Challenge.

Part Subaru 360, part Le Mans Prototype, 100 percent winner | $2000 Challenge Results

Congratulations to nocones, creator of the LMP360, for creating one of the wildest $2000 Challenge winners.

Mark your calendars! The $2000 Challenge moves to May

Our annual celebration of cheap speed moves to Memorial Day weekend.

One weekend only: 24 Hours of Lemons to run multiple layouts and directions at Thunderhill

Coming this February and for one time only: Multiple layouts and directions at 24 Hours of Lemons at Thunderhill.

Are you ready? 2023 Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge is coming up soon

Our annual low-buck challenge is coming up sooner than you might think.

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Low-Buck Tech articles

Shop Work: How Dumpster Diving, Junkyard Parts and an IKEA Hack Make a LeMons Winner

How a team of engineers built a Lemons winner with dumpster diving, junkyard parts and a few IKEA bits.

Features: How bad could a Mercedes-Benz Diesel-powered Mustang be? | Low-Buck Tech

Putting a Mercedes-Benz diesel engine into a Mustang is peak LeMons ingenuity.

Features: What Do You Get When You Cross a Radio Flyer and an Oreo? A Race Car, Apparently

As recovering auto journalists, the 24 Hours of Lemons staff appreciates a good pun. Case in point, the Honda del Sol-based OREO Speedwagon.

Features: A Ferrari That Is “Definitely” Not A Fiero

To date, there have been no Ferraris in Lemons. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been several “Ferraris,” but the gold standard of imitation Ferraris are the Fiero-based replicas.

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