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Live Thread: One week with a 2024 Mazda3 2.5T Premium Plus Sedan

We have a 2024 Mazda3 2.5T Premium Plus Sedan for a week, what do you want to know?

You Need This: Jackson Racing-supercharged NA Miata

This NA Miata features several go-fast upgrades that include a Jackson Racing supercharger.

Lucky Dog Racing League joins Mazda Motorsports Team Support Program

Lucky Dog Racing League is now a participant of the 2024 Mazda Motorsports Team Support Program, which helps make racing easier and cheaper for those that qualify.

You Need This: Rotary-swapped Mazda GLC

Does a rotary engine make this Mazda Great Little Car a Greater Little Car?

Rubbing shoulders with legendary race cars and legends in our scene

What's cooler than seeing a Mazda RX-7 GTO or a Mazda 767B? How about meeting IMSA President John Doonan or the co-creator of the HANS Device, Jim Downing?

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Shop Work: #TBT: Which was faster? NB Miata, NC Miata or Pontiac Solstice?

Back in 2006, we tested two of the newest options to hit the scene, the NC-chassis Mazda Miata and the Pontiac Solstice, to see which one is best for autocross.

Features: 10 lessons to keep your race effort disciplined

Take these lessons that we learned the hard way to keep your racing efforts disciplined.

Shop Work: How to add a used intercooler to a pre-owned turbo or supercharger

We fit a salvage yard supercharger on a 1992 Miata on the cheap. Here's how we used a few pre-owned parts to add an intercooler, too.

Features: Which Miata makes the best race car: NA, NB, NC or ND?

How does the ND-chassis Mazda Miata MX-5 Cup compare to the NA-, NB-, and NC-chassis Cup Cars?

Features: Street Fight: A look back at the earlier days of SCCA Street Touring

What were the early days of SCCA Street Touring autocross like? We were there.

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1996 Miata

The perfect formula for a budget-friendly endurance racer car? We try stuffing a GM LFX V6 into an NA-chassis Miata.

2019 ND MX-5

We seek out to build an MX-5 that’s equally adept at autocross, circuit use and comfortable cruising.