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File under FOMO: I hate missing events

Few things are worse than having to skip an event because of a sickness.

We’re testing a full lineup of project cars this weekend

Not one, but two days of testing project cars at our official test track, the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park.

Live thread: Track testing our Mustang vintage racer and Mk7 GTI

Follow this thread for live updates while we track test our 1965 Ford Mustang vintage race car and 2017 VW Mk7 Golf GTI.

Live thread: Track testing a manual GR86, C8 Z06 and more

We're heading to the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park to test a Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 and a manual Toyota GR86, plus our VW Mk7 GTI's latest setup.

This weekend: Come see us at HyperFest | Live Thread

Heading to HyperFest this weekend? Us too. Be sure to say hello if you see us.

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Columns: I’ve ruined another perfectly practical car–and I’m grateful for it

Our Mk7 VW Golf GTI is just the latest perfectly good car we've ruined in the name of our hobby.

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Our Mk7 GTI again proves to be an ideal dual-duty car

After a flawless outing for its first autocross event last year, we took our Mk7 GTI back out, this time for a Martin Sports Car Club event at the …

What’s it weigh? Mk7 VW Golf GTI edition.

What does a 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI actually weigh? The VW media kit lists the following curb weights:

  • Two-door manual: 3034 pounds.
  • Two-door automatic: 3078 pounds.
  • Four-door …

Are endurance race pads really the best choice for a daily driver?

In our last brake update, we fitted a set of 3D-printed brake cooling deflectors. Our goal? To keep our very street-friendly pads–Pagid’s new STREET+ line–working even …

Are two-piece rotors worth the extra money?

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Suspension, power, must be time for brakes on our Mk7 Volkswagen GTI, right?

We’d …

Do you hate rock chips? Here’s how we’re fighting them.

Our Volkswagen GTI has gone the distance–both on the highway and on track–and its front end was starting to show it. With miles come rock chips, and sadly the …

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Life would be easier if I just sold this (2015 mk7 GTI 2-door 6spd)
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