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Unofficial GRM Model Contest

Have an unbuilt built kit or two sitting around? Perhaps a stalled project? Now’s the time to crack open the box, uncap the glue, and get to work.

Model Builds: The Current Theme Is All About Motor Madness

What’s going on in the GRM model building community? Engines. Engine swaps. Relocated engines. Custom engines. Engine detailing.

GRM Model Contest Round 5: Post-Apocalyptic Speed Machines

Round five of the Unofficial GRM Model Contest is underway. The theme for this round? Post-apocalyptic, Mad-Max style bruisers.

Model Cars Forum Topics

Model car build: stuck at home edition: Corvette
Model car build: stuck at home edition 2.0: custom Corvette "CoronaVette"
Good sources for Model Car Kits that's not Bay of Es
Model Car "Quick Build" Round 4: Motor Madness!

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