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How to EV-swap an NA Miata | Read now with GRM+

Back in 2012, one man decided he'd had enough of paying for gas, so he turned a Mazda NA Miata into an electric car.

Your Projects: Have You Met Ronald the Crappy Miata?

Ronald has been through quite a bit since that changing of hands back in January, including rallycross, hail and an encounter with a van.

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Features: Which Miata makes the best race car: NA, NB, NC or ND?

How does the ND-chassis Mazda Miata MX-5 Cup compare to the NA-, NB-, and NC-chassis Cup Cars?

Shop Work: What we've learned after a lifetime of project cars

What wisdom have we gleaned from years of GRM project cars? We're glad you asked.

Columns: How no power steering and no A/C made me love driving again

Our Advertising Coordinator, Katie Wilson, shares how her first week of Miata ownership went–both the highs and the lows.

Shop Work: How to properly tune an engine

It doesn't take much for a well-running engine to suddenly need a tune-up. Here are 10 steps to find and diagnose that problem.

Columns: What would you do with a nearly perfect NA Miata? | Column

It's not every day you get a free Miata from your family.

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