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Rate It: The Dodge Neon Lives on in Mexico and the Middle East

The Neon may have been discontinued in North America in 2005, but a third-generation model can be had in Mexico and the Middle East.

Your Projects: Saving a Rare, Nitro Yellow Green Plymouth Neon ACR

Before the Dodge Neon SRT-4, and even before the Neon R/T, there was the ACR, a familiar sight at grassroots events in the 1990s.

How to fit a Nissan VQ engine into a Dodge Neon | Your $2000 Challenge Cars

Forum member Run_Away has proved that a VQ engine can fit in a Sentra, but what about a Dodge Neon?

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Buyer's Guides: Buyer Guide: Dodge SRT4

Dodge’s SRT4 was more than a just pumped-up Neon.

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1997 Dodge Neon ACR Barn Find
1998 Neon rallyx car, 2.4 swap, lsd, parts stash, etc - $1500 in SE MI
NMNA: $2500 Shake & Bake Dodge Neon
I thought I'd ask before I broke out the port-a-band...
cheap Turbo PT Cruiser GT, automatic convertible. 2005. FL, NMSA
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