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The BRE Datsun 240Z That Took on the Baja 1000

The Datsun 240Zs run by BRE may be best known for their successes on the race track, but one particular example saw use in the Baja 1000.

What Makes a Car Revolutionary? Peter Brock Has a Few Ideas

What makes a car like the Mazda Miata or the Porsche 911 so influential?

For Sale: One of Three 50th Anniversary Nissan 370Zs Customized by Peter Brock

Not only a 50th Anniversary 370Z, but one customized by Peter Brock, too.

If modern cars are so great, why do we enjoy classic cars so much?

Why do we often prefer older cars over newer ones? Automotive legend and Classic Motorsports contributor Peter Brock has an idea why.

Designing cars before the age of the computer

Classic Motorsports contributor Peter Brock reflects the lost art of clay modeling, plus his time at GM Styling.

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Features: How BRE Got Its Stripes

Sure, you've seen the BRE Datsun livery before, but do you know how the iconic stripes came to be?

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