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You Need This: Wide-body-ish BMW 318ti roller/project starter mix

This BMW 318ti could be the perfect project if you don't mind picking up where someone else left off.

You need this: manual-shift, old-school Toyota Tercel

Is this Toyota Tercel a perfect project car blank canvas?

You need this: A Volvo 142 project ready to be brought back to life

Will you be the chosen one to bring this Volvo 142 back to life?

The most money spent on a single car part?

Try as we might to save money, sometimes the parts we need don't come cheap. What's the most you've spent on a part?

The most expensive mistake you’ve made on a project car?

No, "buying a project car" doesn't count as an answer–because we all already know that.

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Columns: The truth about what defines a project car

What makes a project car a project car? Like most things in our wacky hobby, there's no simple answer.

Features: Make your project car faster | Advice from a Formula SAE team

Need help sorting and developing that current project? Florida’s Formula SAE squad–one of the top teams in the nation–to the rescue.

Features: How to make progress on a stalled project car

How to keep that project from getting stuck in the garage? Perhaps some planning can help.

Shop Work: How to bulletproof a Chevy C5 Corvette for track duty

Not sure how to best prepare a car for track duty? Here's all the work we've put into our C5 Corvette project car since we first got it.

Features: How to assemble a race-ready drivetrain

Assembling a drivetrain for a race car? Here's when you can save a few bucks–and when you shouldn't.

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Installing our Sprite’s throttle pedal

Every car needs a throttle pedal, and the Sprite’s is pretty conventional: A metal rod attaches at one end to a to a throttle pedal hinged at the floor. And …

Performing an autopsy on our Corvette's blown engine

Few things can ruin a track day more than the sound of a horrendous thump, followed by the sickening “clackclackclackclackclack” of iron hitting aluminum. And then lots of smoke and lots …

Can our BMW 435i run with the GR Corolla or Civic Type R?

One of our hopes for our BMW 435i project is not just to build a fun, track-capable car, but to build a car that can actually compete in …

Can we get faster laps in our Mk7 GTI by upgrading the intercooler?

Sure, our Mk7 GTI is both fast and consistent, but only for a handful of laps before the engine heat soaks and lap times get slower.

The solution? …

Live Thread: BMW 435i takes on SCCA Time Trials National Tour

After spending a few days with BimmerWorld to get our 435i prepped for time trial duties, it’s time to take our BMW to its first big event:

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