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Live Thread: One week with a Lucid Air

We have a Lucid Air Pure for a week. What do you want to know?

New Road Tour: Grassroots Motorsports Road to the $2000 Challenge

Come for the road trip, stay for the low-buck antics.

What car for a cross-country run?

If you had to drive from one end of the country to the other, what kind of car would you pick?

Have any driving tips for people visiting your hometown?

Sometimes, it's the unwritten rules of the road that make or break traveling by car.

The best part about buying a new project? Having to travel cross-country to pick it up.

Why ship a car when you could plan a trip to pick it up yourself?

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Columns: I'm tired of stopping for gas

Is there a better option than emptying my gas tank just to run a few errands? Or is stopping for gas just a fact of life?

Features: How we survived the Tire Rack One Lap of America

Two guys, one car, nine tracks and 3500 miles. What could go wrong? Tom Suddard (right) and Andy Hollis tackled this year’s One Lap of America, trading sleep for adventure.

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Live Updates: What happens when we drive a broken Porsche across the country?

In our last update, I mailed $15,000 off into the void, theoretically buying a broken 981 Porsche Cayman on the opposite side of the country. What could go wrong?

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Any recommended route options? Nashville to Omaha
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One mini fly & drive, coming up shortly
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