Supra articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Supra articles, project cars, conversations, and more

Supra News

Tonight on GRM LIVE!: Toyota Supra

We're at the North American media launch of the all-new 2020 Toyota Supra.

Your Projects: Two Brothers Build a Time Attack Supra

Siblings can either be the best teammates or the worst critics, but for forum member RyanGreener, the former seems to be true.

Show Us: When Your Tow Vehicle and Race Car Come From the Same Brand

Have a one-make tow rig like our Tundra/MR2 combo? Show it off here.

Your chance to own a Fast & Furious Supra actually driven by Paul Walker on screen

Not only was this Supra used in filming the first two Fast & Furious movies, but it was also driven by Paul Walker.

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Supra articles

Features: Classic Cool: Toyota Supra

Of all the Japanese supercars released stateside during the ’90s, the twin-turbo Toyota Supra has reigned supreme.

Features: Stand out from the pack with an '80s icon | A60-generation Toyota Celica Supra

Before “Fast & Furious,” before the current BMW-based offering, the Supra came from more humble roots.

Features: Toyota Supra Manual: Why it will be amazing at autocross

Thinking about upgrading your autocross ride? The manual Toyota Supra should be high on your list of candidates.

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A decade in the MK3 Supra Time Attack Build.
No Joy In Irwindale for Papadakis Racing.
Online Toyota Parts Catalog?
Just picked up new vehicle!
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