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Understanding the Basics of Handling and Suspension

A list of articles that cover the basics of a car's handling—and how to improve it.

The Groundbreaking Hydrolastic Suspension Responsible for the Mini’s Otherworldly Handling

The original Mini was groundbreaking in many ways, but perhaps no more so than its unique “Hydrolastic” suspension.

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Suspension & Handling: How adding negative camber can improve lap times and tire life

How to get faster lap times and get more life out of your tires? Adding more negative camber could be the key.

Shop Work: Optimizing the ND-Chassis Mazda MX-5 for the street and the track

Can one car make a great daily while also serving as a competitive autocrosser and a fun track car? If the answer is Miata, then likely yes.

Shop Work: How to master chassis setup, from tires pressures to alignment

Looking for some additional speed? Take a look at your chassis setup.

Suspension & Handling: How to fine-tune your suspension with bump stops and helper springs

Here are some tips on how to maximize the performance of your coil-overs with bump stops and helper springs.

Suspension & Handling: Can replacing the oil in a damper really improve performance?

We decided to put one of our favorite rumored speed secrets to the test.

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When’s the last time you checked your car’s bushings?

How intact are the bushings holding your suspension together? In the case of our 1967 Shelby GT350, we found disintegration of some of our chassis bushings.

We …

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