transmission articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

transmission articles, project cars, conversations, and more

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Cars where the automatic is rarer than the manual?

Has there ever been a car that's rarer to be fitted with an automatic over a manual transmission?

Favorite transmission you’ve driven?

What transmission that you've driven is your favorite? Something manual? Something automatic? Or perhaps something else entirely?

Is there such a thing as a bad manual transmission?

Are all manual gearboxes preferable to automatics?

What is your ultimate engine and transmission combo?

If you could mate any engine to any transmission, what would you pick and why?

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transmission articles

Shop Work: How to pick the right gear ratio for your needs

There are lots of ways to adjust gearing.

Shop Work: How Crack Checking and REM Polishing Can Better Prepare a Transmission for Track Use

Transmission internals are subject to intense stresses. Crack checking and polishing can help ensure that those stresses don’t lead to failures down the road.

Shop Work: When is it time to upgrade your clutch?

How well your car performs–and how nicely it drives–can often depend upon your clutch.

Shop Work: What you need to know about torque converters | A quick explanation

What's a torque converter, and what does it actually do? We're glad you asked.

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transmission project car updates

Ever see transmission mounts like these? | Project Elva sports racer

Our Elva sports racer’s rear transmission mounts bolted directly to a plate at the back of the frame. While not the preferred mounting system for a street car, …

Surprise! Guess what was found inside our transmission? | Project MR2 Turbo

Last week, before getting hurricaned by our friend Nicole, we dropped off our MR2’s E153 five-speed transaxle and a shiny new Quaife helical limited-slip diff at

How to bolt a Toyota V6 engine to a 30-year-old MR2 transmission

Thank you, Toyota. Thanks for making such a modular set of drivetrain bits that a transmission from decades ago is adaptable to an engine design still in use today. That …

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Upper RPM Limits on transmission/transaxle?
Rotary RX7 transmission fit any other engine? WTS, Yes mine.
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