Vintage Racing articles, project cars, conversations, and more.

Vintage Racing articles, project cars, conversations, and more

Vintage Racing News

Vintage Racer Group Now Welcoming Cars Through the 1980s

Vintage race that E30 BMW, Miata or CRX.

Is This 1964 Corvette Race Car the Perfect Way to Start Vintage Racing?

Want to get a start in vintage racing? Why not this turnkey '64 Corvette race car?

Vintage racing Miatas | This weekend at Road Atlanta

That's right, the Miata is now old enough to be considered a vintage race car.

If you could race a car from the past….

If you could race one car from the past, what would it be?

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Vintage Racing articles

Buyer's Guides: Looking for an inexpensive track machine? Why not a Rad-era race car?

Looking to make Radwood more of a moving event? How about a Rad-era racer? They’re still out there.

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Vintage Racing project car updates

How to wire a race car | Project vintage race Mustang

Now to tie together our Mustang’s electrical system and wire up the car.

We started with a Bare Bonz Race wiring kit from Ron Francis …

How to protect your radiator–inexpensively | Project vintage race Mustang

Before fitting the grille–it came uninstalled when we got our Mustang–we fit some heavy-duty mesh screen behind it in order to protect the radiator from debris.

We simply …

Installing a lightweight windshield | Project vintage race Mustang

To save weight, we decided to replace our 14-pound glass windshield with a 7-pound polycarbonate piece from Shields Windshields.

Now to install it.

Installing modern, lightweight master cylinders for brake and clutch | Project vintage race Mustang

More under-hood work: We needed to install master cylinders for the brakes and clutch plus a brake light switch.

What about the stock brake master cylinder? Our car originally …

Preparing the shifter, shift boot and shift knob | Project vintage race Mustang

Cobra Automotive recommended that we go with the Roltek shifter mechanism, so we did. But we still needed a few things to finish off the install.

Vintage Racing Forum Topics

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