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What size wheels and tires for your Mazda RX-8? | Apex Race Parts guide

Not sure what size wheel and tire to fit on your RX-8 (or Volkswagen or Ford or Honda or something else)? Apex Race Parts has a guide for you.

How do you like your classic split-spoke wheels?

What flavor of split-spoke wheel do you prefer? Parallel spokes? Three-piece construction? What about lip style?

What aftermarket parts improve the looks of any car?

Is there a single widget that makes any car look cooler, faster or meaner?

How to pick the right aftermarket wheel | Read now with GRM+

Not sure which aftermarket wheel is best for your application? We have a guide for that.

How much do you pay to get tires mounted?

Regardless of where it's done, how much do you spend to get tires mounted?

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Shop Work: Tips for making your wheels and tires fit better

Getting ready to roll some fenders or considering downsizing your tires? Read this first.

Shop Work: Optimizing the ND-Chassis Mazda MX-5 for the street and the track

Can one car make a great daily while also serving as a competitive autocrosser and a fun track car? If the answer is Miata, then likely yes.

Tires & Wheels: Expert advice on aftermarket wheels | separating truth from hype

Shopping for a set of aftermarket wheels can be overwhelming, but our industry experts are here to separate the helpful info from the hype.

Shop Work: Fitting tires and wheels when an off-the-shelf option isn’t listed

Our MR2 needed new tires, but first we had a question to answer: How would we fit a modern setup under those now-vintage fenders?

Tires & Wheels: How to find the ideal wheel and tire size for your track car

The best wheel-and-tire setup for your car? Some methodical testing can reveal the answer.

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Revealing more about our Porsche 911’s wheel and tire setup

Want to learn more about the wheel and tire combo we chose for our 2007 Porsche 911 Carrera project car?

Here’s a deeper dive into that, including why we chose …

Do you also sweat those cool little details?

Why did we spend nearly $15 on set of valve caps? So our OG Volk TE37 wheels could wear some Rays valve caps?

Will anyone notice or care?

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