5 quick reasons why you want an air-cooled Porsche 911


Need to explain to your friends or family why an air-cooled Porsche 911 is the most reasonable choice for your next car, but only have five minutes to do so?

Lucky for you, we have a video for that–and you’ll have a few minutes to spare.

preach (dudeist priest)
preach (dudeist priest) GRM+ Memberand SuperDork
2/27/23 4:38 p.m.

I wish, but really just want the engine for the 914.

amg_rx7 (Forum Supporter)
amg_rx7 (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
2/27/23 4:50 p.m.

Reason #1 hype :)

1988RedT2 MegaDork
2/27/23 4:55 p.m.

LOL.  The problem isn't convincing me that I want a 911--I've wanted a 911 since before I could legally drive.  The problem is having the disposable cash with which to buy one.

slefain UltimaDork
2/27/23 5:18 p.m.

I just want a 912. I'm a simple man.

Tom1200 UberDork
2/27/23 7:16 p.m.

In reply to slefain :

Have you seen the prices for 912s? Even the previously 912E is now pushing 35-40K range.

I've personally given up on owning an aircooled 911......the bottom end seems to be 40K; I can afford it but not without giving up one or two of the other cars. 

2/27/23 10:13 p.m.

In the burgundy ducktail 911, what is the knob just below and left of the clock?

Datsun310Guy MegaDork
2/27/23 10:43 p.m.

I don't need any reasons.  

Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
2/27/23 10:55 p.m.

I once considered buying a black '88 coupe that was for sale here in town around 2007 or 2008. But I decided to put an LS1 into an MGB instead as I figured it would be less expensive - I think the 911 was about $20k.

Follow me for more investment advice.

Tom1200 UberDork
2/27/23 11:12 p.m.

In reply to Keith Tanner :

Yup, I think we've all done it. I passed on a Targa for 9K and did the D-sports Racer instead.

Nathan JansenvanDoorn
Nathan JansenvanDoorn Dork
2/28/23 2:34 a.m.

I loved my 964, but there came a point that the market loved it more. Someone offered $65k, and I couldn't pass it up. Miss it sometimes, but I wouldn't have bought it if I had an empty driveway and 65k burning a hole in my pocket. 

Paul_VR6 (Forum Supporter)
Paul_VR6 (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
2/28/23 8:25 a.m.
Datsun310Guy said:

I don't need any reasons.  

This but I need to sell everything I own and cash out my retirement funds to afford one. Still maybe a better investment than Keith's V8 MGB  laugh

dyintorace GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
2/28/23 8:31 a.m.

In reply to DWNSHFT :

My guess is a magnetic phone mount. 

porschenut HalfDork
2/28/23 8:34 a.m.

They offer a unique sound and handling that has never been duplicated since.  Wanted to get into them in the early 2000s, but it was not in the financial cards.  Now the performance for the dollar equation has taken the car off the list for so many of us.  Maybe worth having as an investment but not in my portfolio.  

Time to move on.

ZOO (Forum Supporter)
ZOO (Forum Supporter) GRM+ Memberand UltraDork
2/28/23 8:53 a.m.

Five reasons I don't have an air-cooled 911:

  1. January 1, 1997 -- the birth of my son.  In 1997, everything as a parent cost a minimum of $100
  2. January 9, 2003 -- the birth of my daughter.  In 2003, everything as a parent of two cost a minimum of $300
  3. March 15, 2009 -- I bought an Elise INSTEAD of an air-cooled 911
  4. September 15 2018 -- I sold the Elise, and discovered that air-cooled 911 prices were on a rocket ship to Mars.  I bought an E46 M3
  5. September, 2018 -- I sold the M3 and bought an M2.  The M2 was considerably cheaper than any 911 I wanted to own (a Carrera or SC Coupe).  It seems that E46 M3 prices are also now on a rocket ship to Mars.  David Wallens should be set for retirement :)

Don't follow me for  car investment advice, either.

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
2/28/23 9:11 a.m.

In reply to DWNSHFT :

Yeah, it’s a Rennline magnetic phone mount.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t cooperate with my new phone case.

docwyte PowerDork
2/28/23 9:34 a.m.

I've passed up on two air cooled 911's and while I had good reasons I regret doing it.  First time was a local 964 C2 that needed a bit of love but was $40k, yeah that car is $125k now.  Other one was my friends 993 C4S, extremely nice car was offered to me slightly below market value but was still a whole bunch of money.  And yet it's worth twice what that offered amount was now.  Doh!!!!

06HHR (Forum Supporter)
06HHR (Forum Supporter) SuperDork
2/28/23 10:26 a.m.

Test drove a sweet 911SC back in the late 90s.  They only wanted 10k but couldn't swing it at the time, about a year later I bought a 1997 Firebird Formula, still kicking myself for not finding a way to get that 911.

David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
2/28/23 12:11 p.m.

Something else about the car, and I don’t think we mentioned it in the video. (I should go back and watch it.)

For whatever an air-cooled 911 is now worth, it also fits in with cars from a more expensive tax bracket. 

It also goes the other way. Basically, I guess, it fits in anywhere. 

Noddaz GRM+ Memberand PowerDork
2/28/23 2:18 p.m.

Oh, come on.  The pedals pivot from the wrong end.  The A/C is marginal most times.  The heat is better.   The engine is in the BACK and all the noise the engine makes.    Air cooled?  How quaint.

Of course I want one.

californiamilleghia UberDork
2/28/23 2:29 p.m.

My friends all drive Porsches , I must make amends...... Janis Joplin

If you hang around  Porsche people you hear  about  project cars and what to look for , plus a lot of hand me down parts when they upgrade, 

We had a nice Porsche show and swap meet on Sunday at Boys Republic  in SoCal

April 29th is a big Porsche only car show and swap meet at Carlisle , Penn put on by Porsche club of America , PCA 


Tom1200 UberDork
2/28/23 3:23 p.m.

So over the summer I saw a G-body Targa that went for 29K on Cars & Bids.  

If my wife decided to go back to work I could easily justify the 29-32K range. Beyond that my innate cheapness prevents me from buying one.

Of course I may also do something boring like pay off the house instead. 

alfadriver MegaDork
2/28/23 6:46 p.m.

For the same reasons for the issue getting a AC 911 is why I'm happy we got our GTV 27 years ago. $5000 + $10k of work is now $40k. 

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