Video: Chevrolet Monza, Meet Monza National Autodrome

The Chevrolet Monza may not have been the hottest sports car to ever come from Chevrolet, but its distant NASCAR V8-powered IMSA race car relative may have made up for that.

What better place, then, to ride along with the fire-breathing version of the Monza than at the racetrack that shares its name, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, during the 2020 Monza Historic weekend?

sir_mike New Reader
9/30/20 7:17 p.m.

Takes me back...1973 IMSA race at Pocono raceway.M.Keyser in his blue Monza chasing a Porsche for many laps.Lose time in the infield section but catch up on the oval part of course.Lap after lap until the final lap.Both flat out past the checkered flag...Monza wins...both going to fast to make the turn into infield so went straight onto the oval part of track.What a finish....

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