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Apr 11, 2024
1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Why a vintage race Mustang? Cool sounds, cool vibe. And rather zippy, too.

Mar 25, 2024
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT

Just how futuristic is the Ford F-150 Lighting? Our website doesn't have a way to properly display the specifications for an electric powertrain.  

Aug 09, 2023
2001 Ford F-250

Vans are great and all, but we wanted more power, more space, and four-wheel-drive. We're turning this truck into the ultimate racing hauler. 

Jun 24, 2019
1973 Ford F-350 Ramp Truck

We weren't necessarily looking for a unique support vehicle, but we found one anyway when we came across this 1973 Ford F-350 ramp truck.

Completed Project Cars

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Completed project cars
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