Grassroots Motorsports Skidpad Challenge Rules

The Basics:
This event is meant to be a fun editorial exercise so that Grassroots Motorsports can show its readers what cars, layouts and modifications tend to grip better. Vehicles found in violation of the spirit of the event may run for exhibition.

Competition Venue:
The competition will consist of a one-day event at the skidpad located in the infield at Turns 6 and 7 at Road Atlanta. Entrants will run on a first-come, first served basis. Only one car will be present in the skidpad at a time. Upon arrival, entrants will proceed to the registration area to check in.

Complete competition and scoring format coming soon. Stay tuned!

There is no entry fee for this competition. However, competitors will need to purchase a Sunday ticket for the Speedfest at the Classic Motorsports Mitty in order to gain access to the skidpad. Entrants must register at least 1 day before the event.

Eligible Vehicles:
Any four-wheeled car is allowed as long as it passes the safety requirements. If you believe that your car meets the spirit of the rules but not the exact letter of the law, contact us to discuss eligibility of your entry.

Classes for the Grassroots Motorsports Skidpad Challenge will be based on SCCA autocross classifications and will be divided as follows:

         $2000 Challenge: Any legal $2015 Challenge car plus any legal LeMons or ChumpCars.

         Stock: Any car legal for an SCCA Street class.
         Basics: 200+ tread wear tires, stock wheel width, 1-inch increase on wheel diameter, upgraded shock absorbers, upgraded anti-roll bar at one end of the chassis,          no aero upgrades.

         Stock-Plus: Any car legal for an SCCA Street Touring class.
         Basics: 200+ tread wear tires, wider tires as per ST rules, larger wheels as limited by ST rules, upgraded shock absorbers and springs, upgraded anti-roll bars,          extra negative camber.

         Track Prep: SCCA Street Prepared and Street Mod
         Basics: Any DOT-approved tires, unlimited wheel sizes, fenders may be flared, spoilers and splitters may be added provided they meet the limitations laid out in          the SCCA rules.

         Race: SCCA Prepared
         Basics: racing slicks, upsized wheels, reworked suspensions, some tube framing allowed.

         Ultimate Street:
         Basics: Any car based on a factory mass-produced vehicle, regardless of preparation level. 200+ tread wear tires. Must be licensed and registered for street use          in any state in the U.S. Proof of registration must be provided.

         Ultimate Street Special:
         This class is intended for street-legal kit and component cars such as Ariel Atoms and other street-legal limited-production specials not otherwise classed. Must          use 200+ tread wear tires. Must be licensed and registered for street use in any state in the U.S. Proof of registration must be provided. Pre-approval by the GRM          staff is recommended for this class.

         Restomod: CAM and pro touring
         Basics: Cars meeting the requirements of any of the SCCA’s Classic American Muscle (CAM) Solo classes.

         Modified: D Mod and E Mod

         Super Modified: B Mod, C Mod and F Mod

         Unlimited: A Mod and all NOC

         Vintage Street: Pre-’74 or continuation cars which are street legal and driven to the track. Must use 200+ tread wear tires.

         Vintage Race Tire: Any pre-’74 or continuation cars which do not fit into Vintage Street.

Want to delve into the rules to see what class you are eligible for? You can find the rules here.

A class must contain at least three (3) entries. If the required entry number is not met, existing entries for that class will be bumped up to the next fastest class. GRM reserves the right to add or subtract classes as attendance dictates.
Unlimited NOC cars require preapproval of GRM staff. Email Rick Goolsby for details.

The following will be required: all lug nuts present; functioning throttle return spring; positive battery tie-down; properly operating brakes; wheel bearings free of excessive play; properly secured seat; and tires free of any exposed cords or other defects. Additionally, all loose items shall be removed from the interior, and open cars running non-DOT race slicks must have approved rollover protection. Cars that do not meet the SCCA’s Static Stability Factor will be relegated to tires with a UTQG rating of 200 or higher.

Teams that lose a wheel or send any other large or heavy item flying from their car will be disqualified from the event.

GRM reserves the right to issue competition bulletins at a later date.

One Final Word:
Remember, this event is all about having fun and being creative. Have a question about the event? Just ask. Final rules, January 13, 2014

Have questions? E-mail Rick Goolsby.

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