25 Years Ago: Our First Issue

When we planned this business, we never thought we would be organizing our 25th anniversary celebration. We also didn’t anticipate this wonderful thing called the Internet, where we are now presenting you with our first-ever issue. We’ve scanned the complete first issue (along with its many imperfections) for you to see.

When we look over this issue, we wince in pain. Despite its crudeness, we think what does stick out—and still holds true—is our passion and our understanding that the regular guy needs to have a car magazine, too. Right from the start, we believed in restoring, recycling and enjoying cars on the cheap. We also continue to believe that you should do your racing at autocross or track events, not on the street.

We hope you get a kick out of reviewing this debut issue, and we hope to bring you a 50th anniversary issue as well. Although by then, we will probably just teleport it to your brain, as the Internet will most likely be another interesting relic along the information highway. — Tim Suddard

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